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I'll add my voice to this. scrobbling would be great.  :)

By the way...
If you want to download all your scrobbles from and upload them to, LastScrape GUI works really well.

Once that is done, you can go to your profile and click on Edit > Connections to other services > Connect to a account. Your scrobbles will then be forwarded.

One other thing. Some time ago when updated their website, they removed RSS Feeds. I found RSS Feeds to be very handy, especially when using Firefox as I add it to me Live Bookmarks and can quickly see what I have been playing recently. You can still use RSS Feeds by reading xiffy's RSS Feeds Blog.
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I read somewhere that libre uses the same API as
So does this mean it's as simple as changing the url/ipaddress it scrobbles to?

Here's a list of how to configure clients for, maybe it helps:

These are the libre URLS i guess:
Change the 'extensions.lastfm.api_url' pref to ''
Change the 'extensions.lastfm.auth_url' pref to ''

By the way, how can i learn to make a plugin. Do i need to have C++ knowledge or something? (I don't by the way  :()

So, can we get the source for the plugin.