Author Topic: Run MusicBee 3.0 under Linux (Mint 18)  (Read 12839 times)


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Although Linux has several different music players available, they just don't cut the mustard. I quickly started yearning after the versatility and general appeal of MB. Now it's time to bring some of that MusicBee goodness over to Linux :)

How I got MusicBee 3.0 to work on Linux Mint 18 "Sarah" (MATE):
(I don't see why it wouldn't work on other distros as well)

Download the portable windows version of Musicbee.
Install PlayOnLinux.

Start POL, navigate to Tools -> Manage wine version
Under tab x86, install version 1.9.17
Click Install, and in the lower left corner, click "Install non-listed program"

Choose to install to a new virtual drive. Name it and then select all three options.
Select Wine version 1.9.17, then 32-bit and install if it needs something.
Wine configuration screen should pop up, select Windows 10 as the Windows version, then Apply & OK.

Select the following libraries;

If any of the libraries give an error, just skip it --you can add it after installing.

Choose the Musicbee portable installer.
Install it to the virtual C:/ drive.

If any of the libraries refused to download or install, right click on MusicBee, Wine configuration
Go to Libraries tab, and from the drop down menu, select the missing library and add it to the list.

Everything so far seems to work, only tool tips are a bit wonky.
For a less cluttered look, deselect "Skin window borders".

That's it, enjoy MusicBee on Linux :)
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Did you find a solution for the tool tips?

On Ubuntu 16.04 the tool tips are annoying. Sometimes at every right mouse click a full screen tool tip ist shown :-(


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I never managed to get it working, Linux Mint 18.1 (Cinnamon).

All libraries installed fine except xmllite that would not install because of a (local/server) files mismatch. I've tried running the MusicBee installation anyway, but nope.

So I went another route: Running MusicBee in a VM using VirtualBox. It works flawlessly. I was worried the audio wouln't work properly but everything's fine. I've updated my RAM from 4GB to 8GB and no stuttering at all. I dual boot Windows 7 / Linux Mint so I have a portable installation of MusicBee I share with both Windows 7, and Windows 10 in a VM in Linux Mint.

It looks like this.
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Awesome. One of these day I want to completely get rid of Windows--except for a couple MMO's I play online (Mortal and Eve.)

Otherwise, bye bye corporate spyware/bloatware.

A couple of years ago I downloaded MINT and ran it from a USB drive.It was awesome. Linux is so awesome.

It would really be cool to have a MB for Linux!