Author Topic: Is it possible to pre-listen a song while another song is playing?  (Read 2319 times)


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I think the pre-listen function on spotify is a very useful option. You only have to click on a song and hold down the mousbutton to listen to a part of the song. This works even if another song is currently playing. After releasing the mouse button it returns to the playing song.

I wonder if this is possible with MB too. If not, please add it to the wishlist.



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It's not possible now, but it has been raised before.

A possible work-around in the mean time could be to set up a different "lightweight" player like 1by1 and use the Send To command to preview a track while another one is already playing. I think that would only work with DirectSound as the output.
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This is probably the only feature I really like in Windows Media Player. Would be a cool addition.