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the file format has no bearing what so-ever on whether a track can be loved or not, and trying now its working fine.
If you have a account, then the file must have an artist and title as a requirement to sync it with
Also if the file has 0 duration, it would also not update.
So if none of those apply then it will remain a mystery as to why it doesnt work for you.

Thanks for clarifying that!
Now figured out what's going on. It's due to an ASR preset auto-applied to m4a files. After disabling the plugin, it's working fine. I'll report the issue to boroda74.


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Okay, one more request.  :)  I agree with what you said here:

To be really effective i think the entire mini-player would need to change colour based on the album cover and i am not sure most people would want that in a mini-player ie. to me its something that should not be too distracting.

I personally don't like the color adaptation, but it works okay on neutral backgrounds.  And I know there's sort of a skin override, but I think the mini player visualizer should be fully skinnable like in the main panel.  With Compact Player, the visualizer is right on top of the picture and it makes sense to have it adapt, but with mini player, the picture it's drawing the color from is separated from the visualizer.  So it would be better if skins could override it, else we're really limited in the colors that will work for mini player.   (Also, there are some main panel visualizer color combos that I *really* like and would like to see more of.  I think human-chosen colors look better than computer-selected colors in general.)
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