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"Minimize to Tray" (along with a bunch of other minimize options) already exists in general preferences.
Great point!
So what's the request for? It appears that this is already implemented. Unless the OP (and the others) want MB to exit and then sit in the tray. In which case MB can be pinned to the taskbar and remain there whether opened or closed. So again, this request is not necessary as far as I can tell.
Download the latest MusicBee v3.4 patch from here.
Unzip into your MusicBee directory and overwrite existing files.

Check out the MusicBee Wiki.
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I registered just to agree with this and maybe elaborate for better understanding.

I have been using Musicbee since January 2021, and I love it, but this one feature (or lack thereof I guess) is so frustrating.

The missing feature is the ability to close to notification tray.

This means that minimizing the window will minimize it to the taskbar normally. If you are using the app, want to minimize it, but know you are going to come right back to it, its still right there in the taskbar next to all your other currently in use applications (bottom left).

What we all want is the ability to press the close button (X) and MusicBee will hide itself in the notification tray. This is nice to not clutter up the taskbar when many other things are open, but still keep the app running so I can listen to music while working on other things.

Currently, the feature to "Minimize to taskbar" exists, however this only affects usage of the minimize button, which means it is no longer possible to minimize MusicBee to the taskbar, so if I want to hide it, the only place it will go is to the tiny button in the bottom right, something I cannot quickly access with keyboard shortcuts (Windows Key + T > Tab > Arrow keys to select musicbee > Space to open it)

Also, even though the minimize to taskbar feature works, if we accidentally click the X, it exits the application, instead of minimizing it, pausing our music, and now we have to reopen it, play my music again.

Obviously we are all here to nitpick and be extreme about it. The feature is a very small addition, but I think it is a must-have for an application that runs in the background on my computer 24/7.

Applications that support this feature:
* Adobe Application Manager
* AutoHotKey
* Battle.Net
* Discord
* Epic Games Launcher
* EVGA Precision X
* Google Chrome (And all chromium based browsers)
* Logitech Options
* Microsoft Teams
* Microsoft Skype
* NVidia GeForce Experience
* OBS Studio
* Origin
* Rainmeter
* Rockstar Games Launcher
* Spotify
* Steam
* Tixati
* Ubisoft Connect
* Windows Bluetooth
* Windows Math Input Panel
* Zoom