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I would love to see a couple options implemented in the general settings, this shouldn't be a terribly difficult task.

1. Option to Close to Notification Tray
- Nice to have the option to prevent accidental closure. It can always be closed with right click in tray.
2. Option under Single Click and Double Click Menus to Minimize to Notification Tray.
- This is so its possible to open the main window and re-minimize it to the notification tray without using the task bar.

Thanks! I've been playing around with MusicBee and really love the speed and efficiency w/ just the right amount of stock features. :)


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I've been using MusicBee for a long time, and I still haven't gotten use to this One thing..... I constantly close the application by mistake, then have to re-open it, then minimize it the right way. Grrrr. I probably do it a few times a day when I am using it. Tough habit to break.

It's tough because a few other Audio or video programs I use just as often give me the option to set X to mimimize to systray.

If it's in there already, can someone tell me where to find it?

If not in there yet then I'd like to +1 on wishing for this option....

Thanks for an awesome player....


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You can minimize it to the tray, that's on the top of the first tab in the preferences. Closing to the tray isn't closing, it's minimizing instead of closing. Personally, when I close an application I expect it to actually close, as do many users. Perhaps a "minimize to tray when closing" (or whatever wording other apps use) option could be on the Minimize To drop-down menu.
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I understand what you're saying. "Most" apps you'd want to close when you click the "X".

But I have a few programs that continue to work as background tasks, and when I hit the "X" they minimize to the tray and NOT close. Monitoring programs like Anti-virus programs, Camera Recording programs, Downloaders, other music players, etc.... 

I love this program and seeing as I listen to music while I actually do other tasks, I thought it would be a great feature if this could "X"'d to the tray as well.

It's not a big deal. Yes, I can hit the minimize rather than the "X". In fact, after using this for over 10 years, I should know better by now.

And Yes, I can re-open it and have it set to start where it left off.

I just think it would be more convenient to "X" to the tray like I am use to for all my other programs I have running in the background.

Maybe I'm wrong, but would it really hurt to have the option? I can understand not having it if it's too hard to implement, and/or not really wanted or needed by many....

I wonder what others think....

Was just a Request, as this IS the wish list....


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for "Close to notification area"

I already have MB set to auto-start with Windows and "minimise to Notification Tray" + "start minimised" options set.
This would complete the options  ;)

PS "Close Application" even already exists as a right-click option from the icon!
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i think 'close window' (not application) wont close mb from icon menu if this wish is done, but Steven might add 'close mb' item to mb tray context menu.


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i vote to have the close to tray option   :)


I Just had a ton of windows open and I closed it again by accident. Pisses me off...... >:(

It's REALLY frustrating when you work with as many windows as I do. I know it's ME, but it happens way too often. I'm just glad my anti-virus and VOIP don't close like that....

Wish Musicbee could do something, it's been a while since the request. Or explain why it's impossible...

Maybe a plug-in could do it?
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Wish Musicbee could do something, it's been a while since the request. Or explain why it's impossible...
New options/features are implemented by Steven (the only developer) based on a number of factors, including but not limited to, the number of people asking for the option, the ease of implementation, and how much time he has available.

From 2013 until your 2017 post there was no one who expressed interest. From your initial post until now there have only been two or three people who said they'd like it. Not an overwhelming response for a user base of tens of thousands.
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not really what I'd call a critical issue
but would be great to have

particularly when coupled with the plugin "music bee remote" which allows control of music bee through phone


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Ahoj - I'm the freshman.
I decided to switch to a new (more stable) musicplayer.

So literally the VERY FIRST feature I tried to figure out was the "minimize to tray on close" function.

Well I ended up here... and i have to say I'm quite a bit shocked to realize this feature hasn't been implemented for the past 7 years.
Though MusicBee is recommended and decsribed as nicely designed throughout the web... though it kills my well trained UX.

Yeah, if the dev could add a checkbox which swaps out the "X" function, that'd be nice. And definetly helps with the "Ah f**k man, sorry folks I accidentally closed the musicplayer ... AGAIN." - issue.