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Is it possible to watch VOB files?

When I'm trying to start a video, MusciBee says that for VOB files a codec is needed. I have K-Lite installed, but this doesn't work.


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I?have installed video codecs and can play video on main window.
However, I use multi-display, and can't play video when moving MusicBee window to second or third display.
On other video players such as vlc, video can be played on second or third display.
I tried other codec such as shark007 but can't play in the same way.

In addition, when video play is finished, the message "the file is not a valid audio file and cannot be played musicbee" is shown.

OS: Windows 7 Home Edition Service Pack 1 64bit


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i'm not doing anything with the Video plugin in musicbee until i see what the plugin developer delivers for the next version, so for now its not being supported


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 :( I am trying out MusicBee, currently using Winamp.

I am trying to get the video plugin to work but on both my destop and netbook I get stuck.

When I try to enable video support in preferences plugins I get the following message:

"the video support plugin could not be loaded - locate in Windows Explorer, right click / Properties / Unblock.

I followed these instructions but still get the dialogue in MusicBee


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It seems that Video Plugin can cause bugs:

IMHO, using LAV Filters instead would be a better choice:
More info:

Despite advantages mentioned in reply no. 14 in this topic it would improve CD-Ripper and Converter experience.
LAV codec can be used to convert a mp4 file to mp3 for example.

Any chance to consider implementing LAV Codecs for MusicBee 2.1 final  ???

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So is it still available for those of us who do know codec packs are actually good & aren't crazy? I would rather like to at least be able to try using it even if there might be an issue, but it looks like you removed the link. :( 
Seems like it works for enough people & I've always had K-lite, which I guess means a better chance of it working for me, so if it's not too much to ask, could I be pointed toward where it might be or something?  ^_^
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unfortunately the guy who developed the bass video plugin that my plugin is based from does not appear to be spending time to support it, i feel it wasnt fully ready, and also i cant justify the time needed to support it so i am doubtful it will go anywhere.