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After insuring that my recent dl of MusicBee was the latest, 1.4.4443, I attempted to upgrade to the mp3pro codec that I successfully installed in MediaMonkey. So far it is a no go as the copy/pasted file in_mp3PRO.dll located @ C:\Program Files\MusicBee\Plugins never shows up in the player path Edit\Preferences\Player\input plugins as a selectable or configurable file. I have also attempted using the player to add the file directly from the Winamp folder. I have a full install of version that I never use. My 100k plus song library is entirely 96kbps cbr mp3pro 22.050kHz sample rate. I left MusicMatch when my 15k song library overloaded it. I left MediaMonkey when my 112k library overloaded it. So far MusicBee is doing fine with the size of the library, but not so much with the codec plugins.
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It is possible to play mp3pro with MB, although it's a bit tricky.
In WA it is necessary to check the option "Enable (use mp3pro decoder for all .mp3 files)" in order to activate the plugin.

I don't remember well, but there was some problem with normal mp3 files, either with playback quality or with plugin tag editor, I might be wrong,though.
Anyway, this trick does not work in MB, which always plays the files with mp3 extension (including mp3pro files) with default bass library.
So, one can use a bit "modified" version of the plugin which recognize a different extension than mp3, say mpp, mp1, mpa, even mp3pro :)
This trick I've used in WA and it works here in MB as well.
I've experimented a bit with different extensions for mp3pro files (using respective plugin) and found the following pros and cons:

*.mpp - it can be played, however
 - the original tags (ID3v1/2) are not recognized
 - technical details of the file are not recognized (bitrate, frequency, duration) are not recognized
 + new tags can be added to the file, they are appended at the end of file as APE tags
 - this extension is used for old musepack files, so maybe this is the reason for the flaws above, just the bass plugin things that this is a mpc/mpp file

*.mpa - it's playable,
 + the technical details are obtained, except the sampling frequency, which is displayed as twice lower, i.e. 22 kHz
 - the original tags (ID3v1/2) are not recognized
 - new tags cannot be added to the file, they are stored in MB library instead
 - this extension is used by mpeg1 audio files (I think), but I doubt that somebody has such files in his library

*.mp3pro - the same as *.mpa, except that the extensin is "unique"

*.mp1 - maybe the best solution so far
 + technical details are recognized, just the sampling rate is wrong (22 kHz)
 + the original tags (ID3v1/2) are recognized
 + new tags can be added to the file as to a normal mp3 file
 - the extension is not "free", but again, I doubt that somebody has mp1 audio files

I've put a zip file with these modified plugins here , try and choose the best way for you.

Ah, something more, this workaround will work with stored files only, not with streams (obviously), which have mp3 extension.