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Okay, I have one more burning proposal, and then I promise I'll try to chill for a while.  (Hey, what do you expect when I'm spending so much time on the wiki?   :D )

This was mentioned in another thread, but I wanted to flesh it out a little.

Now that we've got these great artist photo functions for the compact player/playing track panel, it seems like they could be extended to the other artist photo locations.  So, for instance, you could paste an artist photo in the left sidebar the same way you do album art, or you could save one of the pictures that scroll by in the gallery.

It also seems like it would be great to have these same options for the right sidebar artwork panel (as mentioned in the other thread).  It would make the artwork panel a lot less redundant.
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+1. i had been thinking about asking for this myself.


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I use the artist photos gallery in the left panel. Double clicking enabled for open the real size image and the chance to save artist picture would fit very well.