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Questions / Re: Opening pdf/launching Acrobat?
Last post by phred on Today at 03:16:26 AM   |  Started by tonyfoord
Steven is correct. It's only clickable in Details or Details (2)

Bug Reports / Re: MuiscBee exception dialog
Last post by Steven on Today at 02:07:19 AM   |  Started by boroda
future versions will no longer automatically copy to the clipboard
Bug Reports / Re: Recommendations Appears to Choke On "&" In Artist
Last post by Steven on Today at 02:06:46 AM   |  Started by frankz
I had a look at this and MB is doing the correct thing by encoding the & character in the request but nothing seems to work on the results, so unfortunately it will remain unsolved
Screenshots / Re: Config/theme show off thread.
Last post by BluMndy on Today at 01:06:52 AM   |  Started by allforcarrie
How do y'all make good Configs?? Mine looks like garb
Questions / Re: What happened to different/same artist shuffling?
Last post by Steven on Today at 01:02:37 AM   |  Started by leevancleef
there is a bug when saving the same/different setting in the "Now Playing" settings where the results are the other way around but on restart its fine.
For auto-playlists i cant reproduce any issues so can you post a screenshot of the playlist settings
Questions / Re: Opening pdf/launching Acrobat?
Last post by Steven on Today at 12:49:32 AM   |  Started by tonyfoord
i think clicking is only supported when the PDF indicator is displayed in the Track Information panel
Plugins / Re: Additional Tagging & Reporting Tools
Last post by tdstr on December 08, 2023, 09:31:57 PM   |  Started by boroda
Hi boroda,

Recently I just messed up a ton of track titles in my library. Long story short, I can fix them by restoring their ID3 tags via iTunes, but it's going to corrupt the genre field in the process. Unfortunately I didn't have any good MusicBee tag backups prior to this incident, but I backed up my library right after messing it up, so is it possible to restore *just* the genre field and nothing else? I've been able to do it on an individual track basis in the Tag History window, but I want to extrapolate this for the full library.

Here's what I'm looking for, as seen in the Tag History window:

It's possible to do it track-by-track but there's gotta be a way to do it in bulk. There are ways to import the full tags from the backup I have (I'm able to consistently switch between iTunes tags and MusicBee tags) but I just can't figure out how to only import the genre field.

Thanks for the help!
Questions / Re: Is it possible to restore a just single tag field with Advanced Tagging Tools?
Last post by phred on December 08, 2023, 08:32:01 PM   |  Started by tdstr
Please post this in the thread for the Advanced Tagging Tools plugin so the plugin developer can see it.

I'm locking this thread.
Bug Reports / Recommendations Appears to Choke On "&" In Artist
Last post by frankz on December 08, 2023, 08:27:24 PM   |  Started by frankz
I noticed that when an artist has an ampersand in their name, the Recommendation module is unable to find them.  For example

This artist exists at at the following URL:

There are similar artists listed for this artist at this URL.

I haven't tested to see if any other characters are affected.
Questions / Opening pdf/launching Acrobat?
Last post by tonyfoord on December 08, 2023, 07:57:12 PM   |  Started by tonyfoord
I;ve just found the new (to me) feature to show pdfs that are stored in music folders - which is great and something I've wanted for ages. I've upgraded to the latest Musicbee (3.5.8698) and managed to find the settings to get Musicbee to show in the main panel if an album has an associated pdf. At the moment I see this as a Y below the artwork, title and artist in the main view and also as a Y above the track list when I view this for an album. But nothing happens if I click on the Y. Is this how I should be opening a pdf? Are there any other settings I need to make or some other issue that may be stopping this from working?

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