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Bug Reports / Sync Play Count Off
Last post by Esnaider on Today at 04:17:01 AM   |  Started by Esnaider
When I sync the play count from there's two tracks that I have barely play more than a couple times, but the play count says over two hundred times, I keep resetting and syncing,even deleting the tracks and adding them again and nothing works
Bug Reports / Re: Inconsistent handling of multiple values for Publisher tag
Last post by Bee-liever on Today at 02:42:45 AM   |  Started by Bee-liever

Just a little one; thought it might be slipping between the cracks  ;)
Questions / Re: Release Type, Samplerate & Bitrate scripting
Last post by The Incredible Boom Boom on Today at 01:38:51 AM   |  Started by PROblem
The solutions to your questions can be resolved by studying the Functions page.
In the tag editor window click "Show in Main Panel" at the upper right.

Note: That's for the regular tag editor - as far as I know the auto-tag by album screen was never able to be docked.

I was able to due this before, but after re-installing MusicBee today, I cannot seem to do this. It was nice and handy having it part of the regular panels. And I know about the vertical tag editor element, that is not what I want.
Any help would be appreciated.

Localization / Re: German
Last post by Roadrunner on January 21, 2021, 11:56:38 PM   |  Started by OrB
Und weiter gehts:

Download der Version 3.4 für die MusicBee-Betaversion 3.4.7687: (German-3.4.lng)

@:finalsound: @stardepp: Gerne!

Grüsse Roadrunner
Bug Reports / Re: New album not added in library in monitored folders + editing album tag issue
Last post by darkred on January 21, 2021, 11:25:44 PM   |  Started by darkred
The 2nd issue is fixed by pressing F5 (refresh).
( Thanks to hiccup for the tip here )
Bug Reports / Tag Handling - 'send to clipboard' tags field converts character across sessions
Last post by zkhcohen on January 21, 2021, 11:24:28 PM   |  Started by zkhcohen
v3.4.7692  P

Specifically, I use the 'send to clipboard' tags field with tabs copied as the actual character, rather than the non-working HTML code, escape sequence or hex code:

Tab (0x09):

Tab converted into space (0x20) after restart:

This does function as expected until restarting MB.

Unless support for Unicode Control Characters is within scope, is there any possibility for a fix for this particular issue? Tabs are extremely useful when copying data to spreadsheets OOB, without having to alter delimiter settings.
MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Use Google as source for Artist Biography photos
Last post by darkred on January 21, 2021, 11:17:16 PM   |  Started by darkred
Thanks for your reply.
MusicBee Wishlist / Playlist Explorer - Customizable per-playlist settings-view
Last post by alec.tron on January 21, 2021, 10:18:48 PM   |  Started by alec.tron
Hello hai.
Another random idea, since playlists are a strong point in MB, but the management/overview aspect could potentially be enhanced (just a wish for the wishlist, as I find myself struggling with the playlists settings regularly, that are often hard to set, lock & check)

As a picture says a thousand words, there's one below, and this should be pretty self explanatory. Although the "..." might need an explanation...which I could imagine could be useful to:
- in the top row, give options for which / and how many of the playlist/autoplaylist settings to show in a visual way, i.e. in the mockup, Lock and Sorting would be set to show as columns.
- whereas the '...' in each row next to a playlist, one would have access to all of the playlists settings in a drop down menu, and be able to switch them right there

Maybe others and Steven might find this wish-for and pursue-worthy, and hopefully not too hard to implement - alas, I have a hunch, this would/could be. (then again, I was thinking something like the Hierarchy explorer would take weeks to months to implement as well... :D)

Mockup with non fitting, random icons.... happy to do some proper ones, if wanted ;)

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