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General Discussions / Re: Major weirdness
Last post by smann on Today at 11:53:10 AM   |  Started by gorney
Auto-Organise is found in Preferences > Library and then you can also edit their rules by clicking on the Organisation button.

See this image for setting up auto-organise for albums on your drive: Auto-Organise

You can copy and paste this in the naming template editor for ease: <Album>$If(<Disc#>>1," Disc "<Disc#>,)\<Track#> <Title>

This coding will put everything in whatever folder you specify in the "to folder" section under the Album name and then subsequently by track number and then song title (You can change everything after the "\" to whatever you personally want). And if the disc number is greater than 1, then it will also append the disc number to the folder name as "Disc 2", "Disc 3", etc.

You can replace "<Disc#>>1" with "<Disc Count>>1" to have it also display "Disc 1" for multi-disc albums, but this requires that you have "disc 1 of 2" fully filled out in the tags for all the songs on each album. If the total number of discs aren't there then it won't work, and I know not everyone fills out the full disc count.

Click on the "..." under "naming template" to edit these. This will be all automatic and much easier than manually moving everything, plus it'll automatically do any future songs added to the library. This will only affect songs in the actual MB library and not every song on the whole selected drive.
MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Thumbnail showing primary picture instead of album cover
Last post by boroda on Today at 10:52:01 AM   |  Started by Aelexe
this must be a wish on the wishlist board of the forum. i'll give you +1 if you post it there.
Here's a bizarre one.  I've been importing a lot of CDs lately, and my workflow is this:

1) Rip CD with iTunes (to a folder that's outside MusicBee's library and monitored folders)
2) Navigate to the ripped files in MB computer's node
3) Do some basic tagging
4) Drag files to monitored folder (also in computer node) for importing to MusicBee

What I've noticed in the past day or two is that if the ripped files match files in my library, they will be shown in the other folder with info from the library, including bitrate, tags, etc. (This is prior to any tagging.) Well, some version of the library, I think. In this case, and at least one other I've seen, the bitrate doesn't match the version in the library, either. If I look at Properties, the file path is correct, but the capitalized extension is not.

See below. A general rescan doesn't help, and restarting MusicBee doesn't help. A rescan of that specific file will usually fix it.

Questions / Re: Theater mode the same font as in the main player
Last post by stardepp on Today at 08:18:04 AM   |  Started by stardepp
I figured it out on my own  :)  8)  :D

Open the plugin folder of MusicBee and go to the folder "TheaterMode.List" and open there the .xml file "Artist Pictures.xml" with administrator rights and change all "font="Arial" entries by your desired font, in my case "font="Comic Sans MS".

Screenshots / Re: Config/theme show off thread.
Last post by stardepp on Today at 07:54:04 AM   |  Started by allforcarrie
Theater Mode Artist Pictures Screen Saver

MusicBee Wishlist / Thumbnail showing primary picture instead of album cover
Last post by Aelexe on Today at 06:31:46 AM   |  Started by Aelexe
I have a collection of tracks that each have a unique illustration saved as their primary picture and a common album artwork.

I'd like the illustrations to display in the track information pane when the track is played (while also having the album artwork used when browsing albums, however the album view seems to pull the primary picture of the first listed track.

Here's a rough image of what I'm trying to setup.

General Discussions / Re: Major weirdness
Last post by sveakul on Today at 06:01:20 AM   |  Started by gorney
What happened is that you selected, apparently inadvertently, the option to allow MusicBee to "auto-organise music files", either when you first created your MusicBee Library or afterwards in Preferences/Library/music library.  It's never the default selection.  No sweat because everybody makes mistakes.  If you had your previous arrangement backed up somewhere, you can just uninstall MB, restore your backup, and go again.  If not, someone here can give you advice on how to use the MB Computer Node to best restore your original arrangement.
General Discussions / Major weirdness
Last post by gorney on Today at 05:49:45 AM   |  Started by gorney
This is complicated but I will try and explain it the best I can. MusicBee completely changed the way music is organized on my computer, and I have no idea why.

Before, I had 500 albums in the Music folder on my hard drive:

Now, there are 1,787 folders (now broken out by artist) in the MusicBee folder:

The original album folder I was using is now shells (empty folders with album artwork but no mp3s).

Is the only way to revert to the previous mode to individually drag each album from MusicBee back to my albums folder? ?

I don't know what happened but this is a drag as I preferred my previous arrangement.
Questions / Re: Having certain music types in own folder.
Last post by psychoadept on Today at 05:05:57 AM   |  Started by ndg93
Hi, welcome to the forum!

This is pretty easy to do with MusicBee. I suggest creating a custom tag for this rather than using Comment (you can copy your existing tags over using the Additional Tagging & Reporting Tools plugin), or maybe use Grouping if you're not using it for something else. Here's an old thread on a similar situation, which might help:

Also be sure to check out the wiki if you need more help with templates, custom tags, and so on.
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