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Questions / Re: Send to: Active Playlist
Last post by Steven on Today at 08:47:50 AM   |  Started by starionx
perhaps i didn't describe it will in yesterday's post but is exactly how its implemented.
I will definitely add a new separate hotkey for the playing track.
The last point about sending all files if none is selected is probably an oversight
also if more then one disk save artwork to  all  disks of the album
sorry i meant same album
Questions / Re: Send to: Active Playlist
Last post by redwing on Today at 08:24:57 AM   |  Started by starionx
Then it has changed to something else from its original functionality:
I thought the value of the shortcut is when you come across a good song playing, you can instantly add it to your favorite playlist.
Adding selected files to a playlist can already be achieved in various ways.
Anyway, I still don't understand why it adds whole tracks in the current tab to the playlist when no files is selected.
Bug Reports / Re: Artwork Issues
Last post by redwing on Today at 08:10:45 AM   |  Started by JJF451
Also use Artwork Manager under Tools menu. It will tell you the count and location of pictures for each album/track.
Questions / Re: Displaying time in hh:mm:ss
Last post by redwing on Today at 08:06:51 AM   |  Started by cplloyd42
You could post the request on the wishlist board. BTW currently it displays in mmm:ss format, not just in seconds.
Questions / Re: Selecting a top-level folder in navigator does NOTHING
Last post by redwing on Today at 07:58:05 AM   |  Started by chhodgkins
If you want to browse non-music files, use a file manager or Windows Explorer.
Questions / Selecting a top-level folder in navigator does NOTHING
Last post by chhodgkins on Today at 06:26:38 AM   |  Started by chhodgkins
This wasn't always the case, but now it is.
In the COMPUTER section of navigator in the left (where I can explore all the folders on my computer), if I click on a folder that has many sub-folders of music, but no actual music files, the main panel shows nothing. Even if I go to Manage Folders -> Include files from sub-folders, still nothing. This is driving me crazy, I basically can only view music in my Inbox.

Any hints?
Beyond MusicBee / Re: Recommendations for HD Media Player?
Last post by frankz on Today at 06:15:58 AM   |  Started by Edwardorange1909
Look at BluRay players with apps for the services you want.  I have an (old) LG that does all of these things, including playing files stored on my computer and thumb drives, and I'm sure things have only gotten more compatible in the 7 years since I bought it.

Mine is a LG BD570 if that helps.
+1 if the option could be "same album" rather than "same folder."  Not all of my music is organized by folder, but it is all properly tagged by album / album artist.
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