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MusicBee Wishlist / Sort-order hotkeys
Last post by Axxonn on Today at 03:19:34 PM   |  Started by Axxonn
Loving MB as always, so much so I spend a fair bit of time creating new sorting methods (with varying degrees of success in my code writing). Instead of right click then scroll down 2 separate menus, would it be possible to implement a few hotkeys to flick between orders, or maybe an action button next to the tabs?

I currently use ctrl+1, ctrl+2 etc. to switch between album views which is really useful, perhaps similar could be done with the 8 custom orders? I see the 'send to external application' keys go this method, but I'd be happy with a top 5, 3 podium spots, even if a few became recreations of the simpler default orders. Or do both of course  ;)

I did have a dig through old posts, this one from 2012 suggests there was something added, and another user asked if there could be an on/off toggle for a default order, but for the life of me I can't find anything related to it in the program options.
MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Podcast: option to NOT CHECK a given podcast subscription
Last post by klint on Today at 03:18:45 PM   |  Started by klint
Thanks Steven, looking forward to it (and to translating new strings for 3.4 ;) )
Questions / How to play songs by artists in "now playing" tab
Last post by Zelda7 on Today at 03:15:08 PM   |  Started by Zelda7

I usually don't use the whole library on musicbee, I rather drag what I have on my computer to the "now playing" tab. But I've noticed with the new version that the songs are always played according to the date I added them. Even if I order the columns by artist it keeps playing the songs by "#", meaning if I want to make a playlist by artist I HAVE to add everything alphabetically myself or it won't play that way. It's not bothering with albums but for individual songs it's weird.

Why is that ? I'm sure in the previous version you could choose the order the tracks were played just by ordering the columns.

Is there a way to change that ? I don't know where to search in the preferences.

Thanks !  8)
Questions / Re: How does one stop the taskbar flashing
Last post by hiccup on Today at 03:10:37 PM   |  Started by Sethos
Personally I would advice to use a portable install
But would any of that change the behaviour of the flashing or is that just a personal setup choice?

It's certainly a personal preference of mine, but as an unsubstantiated guess it might also have an affect on Windows flashing the taskbar or not.
I have been using the portable version for a long time now and never had issues with flashing of the taskbar.
(I surely had issues with that with other software and for other reasons)

But now that you have had MusicBee installed as a full version, registry settings have been added, etc.; switching to a portable install now may not solve this for you.

But again; if you want to use MusicBee as just a folder player it would probably be better to stick to a player that works for you and you are comfortable with.
Plugins / Re: MusicBee Remote (Remote Control for Android)
Last post by frankz on Today at 03:00:53 PM   |  Started by kelsos
Have you read the OP of this thread?
Warning! Although it is possible to use the remote through a 3G or remote internet connection, the suggested operation model over a Wifi LAN connection. Use it only if you know exactly what are you doing. Support for the NAT configuration of your router will not be provided.

Also, the website that post directs you to offers very detailed configuration instructions.
The very few 192 kHz files I have, I always analyze.
Recently I got one with not much live above 30 kHz except a tremendous spike around 80 kHz.
Likely the refresh rate of a CRT monitor!
Down-sampled it to 96 kHz to get rid of this trash.

I have music files on my home server and send them by wifi to a network switch which has an ethernet port wired to the back of my Hegel Roost amp

Likely the WIFi is the bottleneck.
Many ways to skin the cat
-Try moving stuff, sometimes you simply get a better reception
-WiFi repeater
- Homeplug (Ethernet over the powerlines)
-PC (with external HD if needed) wired to the same switch as the Rost is connected too. Allows you to do the DLNA thing as well.
- USB to SPDIF converter or USB DAC

Skins / Beatz Three
Last post by Clarence on Today at 01:13:18 PM   |  Started by Clarence
2 Base Themes

6 Player Colours

1 Player Style

The final skin in the series from the Old Farts Skinning Collective, a collaboration with fellow 'oldie' fred.

Beatz Three:




Other skins in the BEATZ series:
Beatz Zero
Beatz One  
Beatz Two  
Beatz Three (This thread)
I disabled this option - but don't see/hear any difference.

Also this should maybe in worst case take some minutes on an SSD to crawl once the music folder (50GB) - but in contrast my problem is always, also after 5 hours...
if you have a large library, "Preferences/ Library/ on startup check for updated or missing files" can take some time
OK, tried it:
Bitdefender: I whitelisted in Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 in the AV modul the folders of my music (which are set in musicbee options library folder) and the folder of musicbee portable (where also the library is stored).
But I could not see any difference (also not after Windows restart).

Also if I disable Bitdefender AV-Shield completely (as far as it is possible) - I can't see/here any difference.

Windows Defender: Why to whitelist also in Windows Defender should help I do not understand, as it is deactivated while Bitdefender is installed. But I figured out out to exclude folders (first had to activate Defender additionally to Bitdefender, then defined whitelist. But it seems not not beeing used as only ONE on-access-sanner can be active at once - Windows tells me this is Bitdefender, as it should).
So also no difference here.

Any further ideas? (despite buying a different SSD which is quiter and has no "coil wine noise" :-/ )

In which way Musicbee is doing background tasks while being idled? "monitored folders" is set to "scan on startup only".
Is there any device-seeking mechanism active (which I would conclude from the permanent registry accesses stated above: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\ACPI....) which could be deactivated?
I also tried to delete all "known devices" in Musicbee - without any change.

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