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This is something that has survived many versions of MusicBee for me and I can't figure out what I've got set up wrong on my main install that prevents Right Click -> Search -> Locate in Playlist from working.

For reference, I've got two MB installs pointed to a networked library with networked music files.  I copied the settings and layout from the main install over when installing the second.

On the second install, Locate in Playlist works fine and always has.

On the main install, it never has.  The list of playlists for the song comes up, but when I click the playlist name nothing happens.  All other similar search options work as expected.

The main install is on the same computer as the library and music files, but everything is referenced by network address just as it is in the second install.  The main install is on a desktop computer that is many times more powerful and capable than the laptop the second install is on.

This is not a major problem obviously, but it is something that's always bugged me.  I don't even know where to start in figuring out why it's not working.  I don't know what to look at.  Maybe copy back the settings from the second install to the main one?  Is this something that would even have anything to do with settings?  Maybe it's something that's not even internal to MB.

Both installs are Win 10.

No Avast on either computer, by the way.  Strictly Defender with the appropriate MB directories white listed.
Questions / Re: Way to reorganize my genre tags in my library
Last post by exm on Today at 05:03:26 PM   |  Started by exm
Thank you, I am going to check on this approach!
General Discussions / Re: Official MB appreciation thread
Last post by LateJunction on Today at 04:45:08 PM   |  Started by greenday1987
I see a lot of 'thank you' threads for Steven and his wonderful player and thought we should have a single official thread for doing so.. So here it is. Thanks Steven!

I'm a new user as well as a very old person. I'm struggling with understanding how to use MB - which is very different to saying I am struggling with using MB. I have to say that I am  impressed with this product - it is so much nicer to use than the obvious alternative which I thought I was forced to use when I was given a discarded iPod Nano. I think I am probably not the right sort of user for this product: I'm just so technically out of date - by at least 30 years I guess -  so it is particularly gratifying to experience the promptnesss and courtesy with which my irritating questions are being answered. As somebody who used to manage an application development group 40 years ago, I am just amazed that MB appears to be delivered by a single individual - that is super human performance, especially bearing in mind it is a library manager as well as a player and format converter. It puts into sharp contrast the efforts to deliver an iTunes alternative under Linux - like Amarok and its forks; like Banshee; like Rythmbox; like many others. MB seems more functional, better integrated, nicer to use than any of these  -even if I would have to use WINE!; fortunately I can afford the security risk of using Windows for the management of my audio assets.

So I owe Mr. Mayall my sincere thanks and respect.
Questions / Re: musicbee album layout query
Last post by redwing on Today at 04:38:41 PM   |  Started by green_scarf
If you choose vertical layout, it's placed in the left side of the main panel.
Questions / Re: Way to reorganize my genre tags in my library
Last post by redwing on Today at 04:36:47 PM   |  Started by exm
See this thread too:

If you really want to use tag inspector for files in different format, you can bulk copy tags to a set of dummy mp3 files, edit tags using tag inspector, and then copy tags back.
Questions / Re: Way to reorganize my genre tags in my library
Last post by exm on Today at 04:13:58 PM   |  Started by exm
The problem with this approach is, that when I have multiple genres I can only remove or edit the entire genre tag of all the tracks that have the genre, but I can not pick out a single genre. For example I could have:

The Tag "Trip-Hop\\Pop\\Electronica\\Texas" in one Album and "Country\\Texas" in another, and I wanted to remove the "Texas" tag because after all this isn't a kind of music, I can not do so, unless I remove all the other genre tags as well, or if I retag the albums individually, which can become quite a chore if it's more than two albums I'm talking about. On the other hand, using the tag inspector might work, but this is dependent on the tag format and musicbee apparently does not help me to sort my files in this regard so it's a guessing game.
Questions / Re: musicbee album layout query
Last post by green_scarf on Today at 03:59:24 PM   |  Started by green_scarf
so when trying to add a column browser i am only allowed to chose to place it in the main panel and not the right panel or the left panel...

is this something that is changeable? - i would like to add the column browser to the left panel
Questions / Re: How to Display Both Album Artist & Artists in Compact View
Last post by redwing on Today at 01:34:14 PM   |  Started by larsonDigital
If you have enabled "Draw controls on picture" option, try disabling it.
With that option enabled, you can't customize displayed fields.
Thanks redwing!

My "Track Information" button is greyed out.  Is that because of the skin I currently have (Dark-Fine Tuned, Kelley Green)?

Bug Reports / Can't read a wav file
Last post by Laurent on Today at 01:07:31 PM   |  Started by Laurent
I have some wav files than MusicBee can't read at all (just high-pitched white noise), but PotPlayer can perfectly (actual music).
Any clue why this happen ?
Is there any limitation to wav format playback in MusicBee ?

I can send file by WeTransfer if you want to have a look on it.
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