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Questions / Re: Can't Import iTunes Library
Last post by wellsie on Today at 07:10:36 PM   |  Started by artspolice
I've not been able to import or export my iTunes library into MusicBee, and I don't know what the problem is. Would really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance.

Try looking in your Inbox. It may have put the files there instead of into your Library. There should be instructions in the Wiki or Help sections on moving them over.
Portable Devices / Re: Wifi android device synching
Last post by skeevesmith on Today at 06:57:44 PM   |  Started by Steven

just checked again after I read your post.
Cleared app storage, so I could start from a "blank slate".
Selected "internal storage" from the start (even though I have hardly any space left on internal and want to keep my music on SD).

Worked like a charm. Didn't even do a wired sync or selected internal storage in MB on my PC, Just changed my sync settings from a configured device to include only the single playlist, did a preview and synced it to the internal storage with no problems

Cleared app storage again, started anew, selected "removable SD card", and preview/sync buttons stopped working again.
repeated steps to sync internal storage, worked again.
Tried back and forth about five times. Now going to see if it still works after rebooting PC and Phone

I'm willing to place a small bet there is some sort of issue with SD card acces in Android 10.

Edit: Confirm it still works like described above after rebooting several times and setting up the app. also reinstalling has the same effect as clearing app storage.
Reverse sync doesn't work due to the GMMP unlocked version error (even though I have it unlocked) but that seems like something else entirely so don't care bout that now at all.

I would like to carefully draw two conclusions;

1. I think the issue exists on the phone side of syncing. Nothing to do with network or MB on the desktop.
2. The issue only seems to manifest when syncing to SD card for me

I can vaguely find something about storage acces being a little bit different in Android 10, so that might also be something to look at, although I have several other old apps, some not updated for over a year, that can read/write to SD card just fine.
That makes sense. I do have a decent sized storage for my Note 10 + but I know in the future when I get a new phone I would rather just transfer my SD card then have to resync everything.... maybe they will figure out how to get this to work....

I have the same issue with my s10 / android 10 update.  Seems to be several large threads on reddit along the same subject:

Portable Devices / Re: Playlists not syncing
Last post by skeevesmith on Today at 06:36:59 PM   |  Started by ignatious
I have this same issue.  This reddit thread touches on the problem.
Portable Devices / Re: Empty Playlist on Phone
Last post by skeevesmith on Today at 06:35:48 PM   |  Started by Erla
I saw his same issues on reddit.  No easy fixes at this time.  Am int he same boat.
Last year I asked "I can't transfer/sync my MusicBee Playlist to my Sony Walkman NW-A45." I somehow figured it out, but I'm sorry for not replying.

Anyways, if you know how to export Music on the Sony Walkman with Albums sorted by year (no playlist), I would appreciate.

And I'm not sure what format Sony requires. I asked the same question on the Sony forum with no replies yet.
Maybe it's not even possible, but was wondering if anyone here knows what general export settings COULD change the sorting order on the mp3 player.

PS I don't check this forum to often, so it might take a two or three for me to reply.


I noticed when editing the CUE file in notepad there is a status bar at the bottom of the window.  I opened the CUE files in question and noticed the status bar at the bottom of the window (showing the cursor position, magnification, etc.) indicated "Unix (LF)" or "Macintosh (CR)" instead on "Windows (CRLF)".

I copied and pasted the text of the CUE file into an RTF document which I opened in Word.  I was then able to search for consistent keywords (TITLE, PERFORMER, INDEX, etc.) as well as unbalanced double quotes ("), proper FILE name, etc.  I then saved the document as a text file using the defaults in the "Save As" dialog. 

I renamed the text file with a CUE extension making sure the filename was the same as the MP3 file.

Drag and drop the new file to the Music Bee "Playing Tracks" window and it works!  View>Refresh in Music Bee will show the tracks in the main widow.
sorry for never replying... but I figured it out by ready somebody's else post.

Bug Reports / No Search for Digital Podcasts
Last post by sharilynnsmith on Today at 05:53:39 PM   |  Started by sharilynnsmith
When trying to search for a podcast via the Digital Podcasts and NOT through iTunes which I refuse to use, the search box disappears.

I'm not sure if this is a bug, however to find what you're looking for is impossible without a search function.

Yes, I know how to add manually however why can I search via iTunes but not the other?

Thanks for any consideration.

Questions / Re: Unable to dowload more than 2 podcasts simultaneously
Last post by skorphult on Today at 04:03:08 PM   |  Started by Stef
My experience is that it is the supplier limiting connections.
I had the same issue, only 1 download at a time, in the earlier application I was using. But it was with some sources and not for others. The failure is frustrating since there is no "retry" in the download list, only option I found was go to the feed list and request a new download.
So I would like to have a real queue where MusicBee only tries to download 1 podcast at a time. With some podcasts that are being broken in 2 or more, it would be great. Not to mention bandwidth considerations.

But all in all, MusicBee is great.
Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that just now and still didn't get any results. I see the same whether it's a soundtrack or not. Anything with Various Artists does not pull up any results. I'm a little surprised because in iTunes they all appear with the artist name as "Various Artists" and iTunes is one of my sources.

Any other suggestions? Is this working for others here? I could have sworn it's worked before lol...
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