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Log sent. There's some real debug this time.

Sent two logs this time and some more info on how i do my things.

Info sent.

- Are the files already in your library, or inbox
I edit the files in a separate folder outside the library. The target folder is the library itself that's being monitored by Musicbee.
- is your library already auto-organised
Everything is organised by the "Move to organizing folder" function. Although a lot of organisation was done by foobar. It shouldn't be the issue as i get this problem without having foobar open.
- is the target folder under a monitored folder if you have that enabled
- also can you confirm you will run a debug version if needed
I don't know where you can download it but i will.

When using the "Move to organizing folder" function on Musicbee 3, It stalls at the first song. That song is successfully moved to the new folder but the whole operation stays at "Organizing...". I can close the window of the operation but Musicbee stalls after that. I can only close Musicbee via task manager and sometimes the close button. Musicbee gives me that the operation is still going when i can do the latter.

The "Copy to organizing folder" function isn't affected. The issue is most likely that Musicbee can't delete the music files from the source folder. The source folder wasn't locked by any other processes.

My Musicbee version is: 3.0.6079.

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: MIDI playback
« on: July 18, 2016, 08:00:36 AM »
I saw the bassmidi file in the latest patch, so i tried if it had finally MIDI support and it has! Converting MIDI to wave works fine too.

General Discussions / Re: GUI changes for v3.0
« on: March 20, 2016, 10:32:24 PM »
Every bug i've reported is confirmed Fixed on the latest patch (3.0.5923).
Thanks Steven!

General Discussions / Re: GUI changes for v3.0
« on: March 20, 2016, 04:51:59 PM »
Found some little UI glitches in the Windows Theme.

1. The media buttons in the Artist Picture and Album Color Mix section in compact mode have a white background inside the circles. Which makes the buttons harder to look at compared to the Musicbee3 theme.

Image: (see the red circle)

2. Borders glitches out when using the Hide Caption bar option in compact mode. This doesn't occur in Musicbee 2.5 using the same theme. Rebooting Musicbee fixes glitching borders, but those reoccur when turning off the Hide Caption bar option. This glitch also occurs in the Album Color Mix and Big Album sections of compact mode.
GIFs: (after rebooting Musicbee 3)

3. If you show the main menu in the caption bar and switch to Theater mode, a part of the main menu caption bar hangs, resulting a white space at the right side of the caption bar.

It's better shown in a GIF:

Note: I have those glitches on Windows 8.1. It might or not occur on other Windows versions.
The Musicbee version is 3.0.5922.

General Discussions / Re: GUI changes for v3.0
« on: March 18, 2016, 11:57:25 AM »
I've found 2 bugs on the latest MusicBee 3 patch (3.0.5920).

1. While on the Windows theme, scrolling through now playing on playlist mode makes certain lines of the playlist stay while scrolling down. This issue doesn't exist with the Musicbee3 theme. It also exists when having the Album images column off.

Here's a GIF of this bug in action (Warning, it's 2MB big):

2. When using the Now Playing Assistant, if you search for a song that's somewhere in a big playlist and click on the result. The song number of the result will be played in the playlist instead of the actual song (song #2 in the playlist will be played instead of result #2).

Here's a GIF of what i mean (around 600KB big):

Those issues aren't present in the latest stable version of Musicbee 2.5.

Navigation through the Now Playing playlist isn't very pleasing. There isn't a way to go through the results of the search as it only selects the first result.

If you search though the Now Playing panel (you can do that by typing the search in the panel), you can cycle through the results with the "Next" button in the search bar itself. This button should also be in the search bar when searching the Now Playing playlist. There should be also a hotkey for that button if there isn't any.

This would searching through the Now Playing playlist much easier and people (and me) need to use the Now Playing assistant for the sole purpose for searching a song in it.

What version of MB are you running? And what skin are you using now?
2.4.5342 (2.4 RC3) with windows skin.

This is the searchbar I'm talking about.

I would like to see a full screenshot of which one you refer to.

Well, MusicBee doesn't jump results for me. It just selects the first result and that's it.

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