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Questions / Add music manually to library?
« on: September 30, 2023, 10:11:29 PM »
So far, what I've seen and experienced it's a really good and I can imagine myself using it over my previous choice (foobar2000).

I have quite a few albums (both single artist, split and v.a. albums) and have some in more than one format (usually .flac and .mp3).
The problem is that if adds both versions of the file:

Since I got my music from everywhere, not all albums are tagged the same, and some are all over the place:

The one above is supposed to be one artist, and 17 tracks (the artist name is "Camellia" but with japanese characters), and the sidebar is showing albums (same deal with showing album artists), but this is just one example

I think it would be faster to add all my albums to musicbee manually and correct them (if possible), than to correct the metadata of all the files.

If anyone has ideas/solutions please let me know. Thanks!

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