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I'm not at all sure if this will help, but have you tried the Media Control Overlay plugin?

I hadn't tried this nor did I know there was a plugin system to be honest. This seems to have fixed the problem for me amazingly. I'm surprised this is something in a plugin and not incorporated into the main application itself at this point.

Thanks a bunch for the suggestion The Incredible Boom Boom!

Bug Reports / Re: Logitech Keyboard Media buttons not working with MusicBee
« on: December 30, 2022, 11:15:37 PM »
Nothing to add beyond I am also bumping into this, reporting it more for posterity's sake than anything:

Tried MusicBee versions 3.4.8033 and upgrading to 3.5.8384 (from Running Windows 10 (pre 22H2 update). Recently started using MediaBee again after many years, I can't be sure but I think it used to work with this keyboard many years ago.

All controls work when focused on the app, when unfocused play/pause, forward and backward don't work but volume controls continue to work.

Haven't found a fix yet for myself.

EDIT I thought this was a thread for the TK820 but the original poster had another logitech keyboard having re-read it, regardless the problem is identical to what I'm experiencing with my TK820 keyboard

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