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Questions / MusicBee can't play from NAS source, other musicplayers can
« on: November 26, 2022, 03:06:00 PM »
Hi all

I've got problems using MusicBee version 3.5.8296 to stream from my monitored NAS music folder.

Keeps saying 'the source file for track 'x' could not be found.

MusicBee has permissions to read on the folder, it scans it well but still won't work.
Log isn't sayign anything either. I've tried 10 times, adding/removing library, rescanning, doesn't work.
I have a strong suspicion it does play well with tracks a level deeper (so \\NAS\music\ALBUM) ) but not with the individual music which is in \\NAS\music.

Meanwhile I tried MediaMonkey yesterday and it did work! Same folder, but it does work..

What can I do ? I want to keep Musicbee

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