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Questions / Creating "Appears On" as a Virtual Tag in Music Library
« on: February 09, 2024, 07:49:59 PM »
Simple question: I want to make the "Appears On" in the virtual tag so I can have it in my album view. I know I could simply use Music Explorer, but the header uses a lot of space.

Sorry if I'm not being clear, my English is sucking today.

Questions / Re: Virtual Tags, Skinning and Highlight
« on: September 19, 2023, 05:34:58 PM »
You would have to recompile the bitmapped skin with a (player panel) ban icon that matches the colour of its equivalent in the main panel (red).
The ban icon in the main panel has no override as yet (hasn't been requested before as far as I know).

So basically, I can change the icon on the player to match the sidebar icon, but not vice versa, right? I think I will let it be like that.

Beyond MusicBee / Re: Brazilian music
« on: September 17, 2023, 08:33:59 PM »
Hey @hiccup!  Let me start this post by saying that I am not, by any means, an expert in music or genres. I've been listening to music casually since I was 14, but I started to learn about it on a deeper level only last year.

I need to begin by explaining that Brazil is a large and diverse country. From the indigenous to the Portuguese Empire, from slavary to Italian and German imigrants, from dictature to freedom, all of it reflects directly on our culture, and so does our music. So yes, labeling musical genres can be tricky.

So 'MPB' literally stands for 'Música Popular Brasileira' (Brazilian Popular Music) and is derivated from Bossa Nova, which is derivated from Samba. That's why it can be confusing, especially for someone who is not from Brazil, to identify these genres easily.

MPB was created with the purpose of 'brazilianizing' Bossa Nova by blending traditional with contemporary elements. The ability to blend sounds from different regions of Brazil makes MPB hard to put on a box. One of the characteristics of MPB was the subliminal lyrics against the dictature (1964), which addressed social injustices, making MPB not only a musical genre but a movement as well.

(PS: Not all artists used their music against the system, since some of them still defend the military dictatorship to this day.)

(...) does it describe a certain era of Brazilian music, and is it not used for modern music anymore?

The answer is yes... and also no.

Yes, MPB is a term that is used to describe Brazilian pop music during a certain period, especially during the dictatorship, when the genre was primarily derivated from bossa nova with the aim of 'brazilianizing' the genre by mixing it with traditional and folkloric elements from different regions. and often using its lyrics against the system.

And No. See, just like any other genre, MPB has suffered its alterations, especially after the end of the dictatorship (1985), by blending with foreign genres such as funk and even reggae.

So, is MPB a dead genre? No. It's different than it was before? Yes.

(...) what is your opinion on properly labeling Brazilian music with genres?

Labeling Brazilian music by genre is crucial.

As I said earlier, Brazil is a multicultural country, and our culture and music come from different places and people. 'Funk carioca', 'axé', and 'sertenejo' are worlds apart, and understanding them is really important.

The artists that I named in the aforementioned post will give you a clue about the Brazilian music I have in my library. (...) I just started listening to your suggestion Bem vindo, amanhecer by Saudade. It also seems good example of the 'genre problem'.

Now it gets tricky; for me at least, it's hard to explain why a genre is that genre. As a Brazilian who grew up listening to Brazilian music and its varied genres, it's easy for me to listen to 'Axé' and say, 'Oh, it's Axé, or listen to 'Sertanejo' and say, 'Oh, it's Sertanejo'.

This is something natural and automatic for me, so my best advice to you is to look into Brazilian sources of information, even if it's Wikipedia. Make sure that you are reading the Brazilian version.

Take a look at the albums that you have and not only the artist page, since a lot of them played a lot of different genres throughout their careers. In time, you will see the similarities and understand the genres.

(Which I would say is not easy since there is not a lot of information on the internet about the releases from that period of time.)

But of course, if you make me a list of the albums and artists that you have, I'll be more than pleased to help you with this since I am myself a Brazilian source of information. :)

Description: Using icons to highlight rules on album covers or even in the main and side panels is great; it gives you freedom, and it works perfectly. But what happens when we use an icon on the Artwork Expended Panel View with the auto-pick colors panel enabled? Let's take a look at these examples:

(I used real album artwork instead of a single block of color to show the issue as realistically as possible.)

As we can see in the screenshots, even using high-contrast colors like red, black, white, or gray doesn't guarantee that the icon will be easily visible in all cases. This happens because album artworks can contain any color, so picking a fixed colored icon in this case will not solve this issue.

My suggestion is to have the possibility of using a character as an alternative to icons in the Highlight Rules Editor.

You see, Musicbee already has the ability to understand when an album artwork is bright or dark (although I don't know exactly how the code works), and it automatically adapts the contents of the Expended Panel based on the brightness of the background. When the background is bright, the texts are black, and vice versa.

So by using a character as a highlighter, not only will it behave like the rest of the contents in the panel, but it will also be placed at the same positions that an icon would be. Let's see how this could work:

(An extra space called 'char' with an input field, with '🅴' as an example + a button that opens the font editor.)

(Expended Panel View with the auto-pick colors panel enabled; the highlight 'char' auto-adapts and matches other contents.)

Final notes: My idea is to implement a 'char' system instead of applying this rule to the existent icons because, in my head, it would be easier since Musicbee already does this to string values.

If you guys think this could be a cool feature, leave a '+1' and comment on what you think about it. As we all know, Steven is a solo developer who has a life outside of this project, so this feature may or may not be implemented on the software.

Questions / Re: Virtual Tags, Skinning and Highlight
« on: September 16, 2023, 07:45:44 PM »
If the icon color doesn't work for some skins, then either find another icon that works with more backgrounds OR...
don't use an icon and chose a color that works best. I've pretty much settled on red, yellow, and green as the most visible with the skins I use. It will display as a vertical line in Track Details and Albums and Tracks views. And as a triangle in the upper-right corner of the album art in Album/Artwork views.
Keeping in mind that my issue is with Highlight in the Expended Panel View when auto-pick color panel is enabled (both base features of MB), changing my skin (or my icon) won't make a difference since the outcome would be the same.
Your examples are effective, but they don't apply to my issue, unfortunately.

About the highlighting in the Expanded Panel:

You could use a high contrast icon (black/white), but using a font character would be best since it will receive the same auto-colouring.
While you can't set a character in the highlighting rules, you can create a virtual tag for it, which would result in something like this:
I actually did use it like that for a while before trying to make the highlight icon function work with auto-color; it's a good workaround for sure. The problem is that, as a workaround, it's not perfect. Since title length is variable, the icon would never be in the same position.

I'm going to cross out this issue from this post and probably do a clear and presentable post on the wishlist thread about it.
Thank you guys.

I've always wondered what the actual Brazilian people consider to be MPB exactly.
For non-Brazilians like me it's probably mostly some vague melting pot that is often misused.
But that is probably a topic for another (beyond MusicBee) board.
Since I care about Brazilian music a lot, I think I will start one this weekend, and explain to you why you are completely wrong about not caring that much about the other artists that I mentioned. Each and everyone of them should have statues in your country ;-)
And I will there ask for your help to explain the things that I don't understand ;-)
(Hit me up so we can talk more about it; I'll be glad to help you. PS: You did choose these albums on purpose, didn't you? 😝)

Questions / Re: Virtual Tags, Skinning and Highlight
« on: September 15, 2023, 09:35:38 PM »
(am I taking liberties by calling them by their first names? ;-)
Nah, it's OK; we Brazilians tend to call them by their first name too (even the ones that have like 10 other people with the same name, lol). TBH, I'm not a big fan of MPB; it's not that I dislike it, but I don't listen to it on a daily basis. But I LOVE Elis; she was a force to be reckoned with.
(I'd like to recommend you listen to the 'new MPB' scene artists like Saudade's 'Bem Vindo, Amanhecer' album; it's really good.)

Done, it's here.
That's a really good tutorial; it will for sure help me with some issues, but do you know if there is a workaround for the issue I highlighted in purple? Is there a way to make the icon adapt like the rest of the characters?

Questions / Re: Virtual Tags, Skinning and Highlight
« on: September 15, 2023, 07:45:34 PM »
Glad to help someone from the country that gave us some of the greatest music ever.
Wow, that's a huge compliment. Thank you! Now I'm really curious to know what your references are and who your Brazilian favorites are.

You may find this useful in case you want to learn more about functions for virtual tags.
So... this was the topic I was reading earlier yesterday, lol. Reading it now, it makes a lot of sense (now that I know how it works).

I'll post a Tips&Tricks topic on this highlighting in a short while. // I'm guessing more users will find this useful.
That's great! I'm looking forward to it! Can't wait to cross out everything from my question list. 😅

Questions / Re: Virtual Tags, Skinning and Highlight
« on: September 15, 2023, 05:57:26 PM »
Assuming your custom tag for 'explicit' is <Explicit>,

    • Create a virtual tag:
    - label:
Explicit album
    - formula:

    • Then as a highlighting rule for your Albums view use 'Explicit album' has a value.  

OK, so this worked exactly how I needed it! I read the whole virtual tag post and couldn't understand how $Sum() worked, lol. Now that I know how to get it to work, It will help me a lot with other statistics tags, thank you!!

Questions / Virtual Tags, Skinning and Highlight
« on: September 14, 2023, 10:59:46 PM »
I want to start by thanking Steven for this wonderful software and the community. Even though I had never posted anything here before, this forum helped me solve a lot of issues and also improve my settings and library, so thank you guys! 🧡

Now, let's begin the questions. I have a few of them.

As marked in red: Is there any way to remove the play/pause button? (the one that is in the expended panel — I think that's how it's called.) by checking a box inside of MB or by tweaking it in the skin's.xml?

As marked in yellow: The ban button in the bottom player is red-peachy colored, but in the right panel, it's red. How can I make it match?

As marked in purple: I use an icon as a highlight for the tracks that are marked as explicit; although it shows perfectly in the right panel, it's really difficult to see in the expended panel when the album artwork color is bright, since I use the 'auto-pick panel color'. Is there any way to get around this or use a character instead of an icon since they auto-adapt based on the background's brightness?
Wishlist post

As marked in blue: Now this is the tricky one. I use the $Contains() function for my 'Parental Adivisory' tag, so when the tag contains '1', it gives me a 'T' value. The issue is that it only shows me the result based on the first track of the album. I want to know if it is possible to display a result based on the entire album (using MB or a plugin) just like 'Album Tracks Count' works.  (I really want to keep it as a 'Virtual tag' since I don't want to create a new tag only for the album parental rating.)

So this is it. I hope you guys can help me with this and that I didn't break any rules by posting every question in one post. I just didn't want to flood the forum. 😅

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