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can you share the panel layout that is been shown on the pictures?

Here you go

I work in vector so I can scale up or down infinitely. I did find I made a mistake during design however, so I now have to redo every icon  :-\ End result will be nicer though.

Here's a little comparison of how MB handles the downscaling of icons. You're looking at a MB toolbar at 125% Windows scale. Left hand is using a 20x20 icon (so not up- or downscaled by MB) Right hand is using a 32x32 icon (so downscaled to 20x20 by MB). Can you tell the difference? I notice a every so slightly sharper icon on the Right hand side.

(hmm, image gets compressed, differences unnoticeable due to bad quality) Sorry I can't find a way to upload the original quality image. Take it from me, using a 200% 32x32 icon and letting MB downscale it (at least, tested on 125%), gives sharper result than using a native 20x20 icon (for 125% Windows scale; untested at other Windows scales)

It looks like you designed the icons at 32x32 px.
But MusicBee's toolbar icons are 16x16.

While many of these icons will look o.k. when resized to 16x16, not all will.
Wouldn't it be better to design them at 16x16, so you can control optimal end-results?

I understand the concern, however the image you see above is scaled 200%.
I do indeed design at 16x16. Then again, the plan is to export as 32x32 only, and let MusicBee do the downscaling. MB does a nice job in testing it so far on my 125% scaled Windows. Should there be any blurry icons regardless, I can always export additional assets at 16x16, 20x20, 24x24 in one simple click.


I updated first post with newer and 200% scaled version.

a slim version for the player controls

Thank you. Can you please post an image of what you mean by this?

would you consider taking requests for common external tools? Like Picard, mp3tag, Album Art Downloader, etc?

I could do that (if it's not too many) if there is such demand; please list all relevant tools. And if you'd like the icon to be just the tool's logo or if you'd like the small "send to" arrow included with it.

I took upon me the tedious task to find or create a fitting icon for every toolbar command available. I'd like to share with you my progress so far. I know about graphic design but not so much about music technicalities; if you see an icon you think is better represented by another symbol, feel free to critique my work.
Some icons will have alternate versions for the same command.

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Adjustable Mouse Wheel Scroll Speed
« on: September 15, 2022, 07:21:57 PM »
I prefer the slower speed for regular scrolling but could use the faster speed at certain occasions. Could the Alt+scroll be made to inverse the selected scroll speed?

So if in preferences 'Normal' speed is selected, doing Alt+scroll will slow down the scrolling (MB already does so currently), and if 'Slower' is selected, doing Alt+scroll will speed up the scrolling (MB doesn't do so currently)

It's a solid color all around, and the borders I see are not as pronounced as yours. The brightness of the edges also slightly vary as you change the slider for the cover display size. I'd guess it's a rendering issue, not a source file issue.

This is what I see using a 135x135 image:


In the Music Explorer "Profile" section, the borders are visibly different from the other views:

Updated Dark and Light versions are available through the same download link. If you find more bugs, let me know.

missing element in your xml file - TagEditorPanel.MenuLine.

provide the unknown artist image at 135x135
Tried but it didn't fix the outline

column browser in the Dark mode has a red outline

Thanks for your feedback so far. There are indeed some debug colors in the skin for code elements I could not understand which part of the interface they impact. Hence the beta label; updates will be available soon

Proudly presenting Centrol Dark + Light, a bitmap skin in two color tones, with centered media controls. An accompanying toolbar icon set is in development.

Please consider this a Beta release, if you find any visual bugs please post your findings, preferably with a screenshot of your MusicBee layout.

Tip: Use MusicBee's built-in automatic Time Of Day skin switcher setting to alternate between dark and light versions throughout your day.

Edit March 23, 2023
Now also available as Black version!

Centrol Light / Centrol Dark / Centrol Black

Download panel layout file:

Credits to diego and mvana for providing their skin source files; credits to for their icon set.

Centrol Light / Centrol Dark / Centrol Black

Skins / Re: Bitmap skin Progressbar stretch issue
« on: September 09, 2022, 01:39:51 PM »
I understand the theory of your explanation, it just does not seem to have any effect whatever value I insert.
However I have solved my above issue by adding some transparency to the progressbar image, in some magical way it then renders closer to the desired design.

Skins / Bitmap skin Progressbar stretch issue
« on: August 31, 2022, 09:53:47 AM »
I have this issue where the image used for the progressbar track is being stretched (for 125% Windows scale but issue also occurs on 150% scale) in an undesireable way.
Now I have to admit I do not understand the way the stretchY1 and stretchX1 parameters work, but both are set to value 7 (copied from existing bitmap skin, using same image dimensions). Changing this value does not seem to have any effect for me.

I do provide 100% 150% and 200% variants of the progressbar track image.

Top is the erroneous result, bottom is what is desired:

Small "Banned" icon in tracks list can not seem to be skinned by custom image: (the larger one in Player Controls panel can be skinned)

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