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Icons / Beecons – 250+ icons for your toolbar buttons
« on: November 05, 2022, 12:03:26 PM »
Now you can have a dedicated icon for every toolbar command.
If you wish to support my work as a creator, consider buying me a coffee


© original icons by / customized and tailored for MusicBee by T010

How to use
- unzip and copy all icon files to the App Data directory where you installed MusicBee. This is usually found in the path C:\Users\{User}\AppData\Roaming\MusicBee\Icons
- open MusicBee
- right-click the toolbar (where the tabs and searchbox reside)
- click Configure Toolbar
- pick a command for the button via the dropdown
- click the ... button to browse and select your preferred icon for this particular toolbar button
- optionally, click the + button to add a new toolbar button and repeat above steps
- click the Update button to save

I took upon me the tedious task to find or create a fitting icon for every toolbar command available. I'd like to share with you my progress so far. I know about graphic design but not so much about music technicalities; if you see an icon you think is better represented by another symbol, feel free to critique my work.
Some icons will have alternate versions for the same command.

Proudly presenting Centrol Dark + Light, a bitmap skin in two color tones, with centered media controls. An accompanying toolbar icon set is in development.

Please consider this a Beta release, if you find any visual bugs please post your findings, preferably with a screenshot of your MusicBee layout.

Tip: Use MusicBee's built-in automatic Time Of Day skin switcher setting to alternate between dark and light versions throughout your day.

Edit March 23, 2023
Now also available as Black version!

Centrol Light / Centrol Dark / Centrol Black

Download panel layout file:

Credits to diego and mvana for providing their skin source files; credits to for their icon set.

Centrol Light / Centrol Dark / Centrol Black

Skins / Bitmap skin Progressbar stretch issue
« on: August 31, 2022, 09:53:47 AM »
I have this issue where the image used for the progressbar track is being stretched (for 125% Windows scale but issue also occurs on 150% scale) in an undesireable way.
Now I have to admit I do not understand the way the stretchY1 and stretchX1 parameters work, but both are set to value 7 (copied from existing bitmap skin, using same image dimensions). Changing this value does not seem to have any effect for me.

I do provide 100% 150% and 200% variants of the progressbar track image.

Top is the erroneous result, bottom is what is desired:

Skins / How to allow for 'Progress Bar on Top / Bottom' on bitmap skins?
« on: August 25, 2022, 08:13:48 AM »
I'm basing my bitmap skin on another bitmap skin which already had the progressbar in the middle. But (most) non-bitmap skins have the option to set the progress bar to either Top/Middle/Bottom where the Top/Bottom ones span the entire window width.

Now I can't seem to figure out which code I need to apply to my skin to allow for the Top/Bottom variants fo the progressbar. Tips please?

Side question: how to set the TrackPosition to not be split on either side of the progressbar, but rather combined on one end of it?

Icons / Mobee – fresh app icon set
« on: August 24, 2022, 08:10:51 AM »

Mobee brings you three new app icons – pick your favorite!

The .ico file contains various sizes from 16x16 up to 256x256 to make sure it looks crisp wherever it is displayed on your system.

in the Misc section of the Add-ons page

Skins / Find a skin element's code akin to browser's element inspector?
« on: August 19, 2022, 10:23:20 AM »
I'm using someone's skin files to fully customize it to my liking, however I noticed the skin file does not contain every available skin element's code. Is there a way for me to find out the specific xml code for a certain element when I browse around MusicBee and see some element that I need to style, much like a webbrowser's element picker tool?

Skins / Bitmap skin support for 125% Windows scale?
« on: August 19, 2022, 10:16:27 AM »
I'm in the process of creating a custom bitmap skin but one thing that nags me are the blurry custom icons. Yes, I do provide 3 dpi variants for each image (100% 150% 200%)

My Windows is set to the recommended 125% scale on a non-retina monitor, but MusicBee accepts only either 100% or 150% scale images, while upscaling -- and thus making unsharp -- the provided 100% image if Windows is set to 125%.

Could there be an option/update to MusicBee that either allows skin creators to provide a 125% version of each custom icon, or an update that makes MusicBee downscale any provided 150% icon to the 125% Windows scale.

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