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MusicBee Wishlist / Playlist undo \ back button
« on: March 20, 2009, 05:17:36 PM »
I often find myself accidentally queuing up a track, etc. I didn't intend to and sometimes losing my now playing list.  I know MB has a pretty extensive history list, but it would be nice leverage this to also allow an "undo" feature for the playlist that would restore the playlist's previous state (which the number of previous states remembered could be customized), or at least some sort of "back" button (maybe this button only shows up in the history list or maybe in now playing's "file" or "play" sub-menu).

MusicBee Wishlist / Send-to menu enhancements dealing w/
« on: March 20, 2009, 04:53:25 PM »
It might be nice to be able to use tracks in one's local library to create stations or base an Auto-DJ list from.  This could be done with the send-to menu in the right-click context menu.

My thought is that you might have a "" branch that would give you the option to create a station based on the selected song's artist or genre.  The station could either be automatically created and sent to the now playing list or it could auto-populate the create new radio station box, bring up that dialogue and let the user confirm and finalize the station.  If it goes straight to the now playing list, you might give the user the option to save the station under the radio stations library heading.

In as similar fashion, there could be an Auto-DJ entry on the send-to menu.  This would use the selected track as the seed track.  If there were branch options from the Auto-DJ menu, they might be 1) tracks only from the local library, 2) tracks also from, etc. . . .  I suppose you could also have this just auto populate the auto-dj content pane and the user could confirm the options and manually send the list to the now playing area.  I guess this would also mean adding the capability to Auto-DJ to use a specific track for seeding.

I've noticed that right click menu's are not available when selecting on artist, album, genre, etc. in the track finder part of the content pane.  It would be nice to add right clicking to the those items, not only to implement what I mentioned above to use e.g., an artist as the seed for or auto-dj, but also to allow the other right click menu options to be applied for all the subitems that fall under that particular artist / album / genre / etc. being right-clicked.

Just some thougths.  I am currently enjoying the newly bug-free implementation of both as stations and for Auto-dj.  Keep on keepin' on.

MusicBee Wishlist / Copy to device queue
« on: March 19, 2009, 07:42:44 PM »
The copy to device queue functions well currently, but it prevents use of MusicBee to do anything else, like find additional albums to send to the device or playback other music while songs are being copied to a device.

My thought is that you could integrate the queue into the screen shown when selecting the root of the device tree listed under the "devices" tab (see screenshot here, such that the queue would take up the lower half of the pane and the device infomation remain above.  When you send something to the device, the content pane would automatically bring up this device info / transfer queue view, but one could navigate away from this at any time to do other things.  If you wanted to get fancy, you could give a percentage indicator to the right of the devices name under the "devices" tab on the left so you could see the progress of the transfer.  In the device info / transfer queue screen, you could also give indicators in a column for each track to see it's status, e.g., waiting, converting 20% . . ., transferring 20% . . ., done, error, etc.  If you want to see a more visual example I can send some screenshots of how Winamp handles copying to a device.


Another GUI thought - add a button to the right of the shuffle button (but with space between the two buttons) in the lower right corner to switch to mini-player mode.  You might also add the ability to set a hotkey to switch between mini and full player modes.

MusicBee Wishlist / Hotkeys - Allow use of Winkey
« on: March 18, 2009, 06:42:39 PM »
Could you enable use of the Winkey as part of hotkeys, for example such that Winkey + Alt + Home = Play/Pause?  Thanks.

Thanks for letting me know about the current transcoding capabilities.  Like you mentioned you can make some fairly accurate assumptions, or actual queries, for ipods and MTP devices, but USB devices could theoretically accept anything.

Also concerning activesync, I'm not sure if you have looked into this yet or not, but both WMP and winamp activesync device support forces files to be placed in <Artist>\<Album>\ directories with no possibility of customization, and that is artist, not album artist.  When deleting files from a device, at least winamp does not delete empty directories - leaving quite a mess on devices especially when multi-artist sountrack albums are synced.

Other syncing ideas (which you might already have implemented) is options on artwork handling, such that when syncing files it automatically handles artwork based on the user's choice. For example your computer libarary might have artwork for each album stored as a .jpg in the album folder, but for the portable device you would like the artwork embedded in the file (if the format supports it).  Another idea is that in syncing playlists, that MusicBee also creates a playlist on the device that can used to play back the songs from the device.  I haven't found many music players that can successfully transfer a playlist and the respective files to a device and create a playlist on the device correctly referencing the files on the device for playback from a program on the device (in this case I'm speaking of the Windows Mobile platform).

Thanks again.

One thing that Winamp really does well, and I imagine MusicBee could do quite easily, is on the fly transcoding.  For example, each portable device could have a sort of profile or settings memory with MusicBee that remembers what type of files that device can play back and possibly what maximum bitrate of files you might want on this device.  Then when sends files to this device from the library, and if these files are in unsupported format and/or too high of a bitrate, MusicBee would automatically transcode and transfer based on evaluating each file against the preset conditions.  This would be great is someone kept files in FLAC / lossless format on their desktop and did not want to maintain a second portable library to transfer to their portable device.

In regards to the panel locations - 1) History: I would like to see the History view show up as a selection under "Library" in the left panel, and when selected, show up in the content panel in the middle. 2) Player Control Panel - also add the option to locate this at "Top Pane" (between the menu items and the rest of the main content panes).  I do prefer the control panel at the bottom but other might prefer it at the top considering they might be coming from the likes of iTunes, etc.  I guess you could ultimately make the panes drag and drop but I imagine this could reduce stability, so I think the current method works well.

Thanks, getting better all the time.

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Visualizations, ActiveSync support, and more.
« on: March 12, 2009, 03:29:48 AM »
Steven, thanks for the reply.  Glad to see you take suggestions very seriously.  A few reply comments to add:
5. In my particular situation, we have shared music folder (from a general use desktop in the office) mapped as a network drive.  To add this folder in MusicBee currently, I would have to map a folder one up from the music folder.  If I try to add the currently mapped shared music folder as a network share in MusicBee, it tells me the folder is already mapped.  It just seems a bit confusing, but I am not sure what performance implications this has.
8. As far a sources go, I'd agree with staying with the free licenses and not violating any TOS's with screen-scraping / etc.  I believe Songbird and Amorak use wikipedia as an info source, among others.  Perhaps continuing to use only musicip, but with the ability to edit the search fields - so that if for example the artist tag has unnecessary characters or featured artists, it doesn't throw the query off.
8.1. While we're talking about musicip, is this what you use for autodj to build playlists with similarities?  Just out of curiosity.
10. I think Songbird now allows some Firefox plugins to be used, but I know it took a large group effort to modify firefox plugins to work with songbird (or modify songbird to accept unchanged firefox plugins).  Just an idea.

MusicBee Wishlist / Visualizations, ActiveSync support, and more.
« on: March 10, 2009, 06:28:26 PM »
Great player, just found it yesterday and am quite impressed considering its short history.

A few wish-list items:
1. Implement the BASS_WA extension that allows winamp visualizations to be used.  I imagine this could be done as a frame in the player window, as a seperate window, as a desktop background, and/or in fullscreen.
2. Implement the BASS_ASIO extension to output high quality streams to allow bit perfect digital output.
3. Allow additional internet radio station directories, i.e., icecast, etc.  Also allow dragging and dropping links from external browsers onto the musicbee window to open and play a file / playlist / etc.
4. Portable Device support for Activesync connections.  I have a windows mobile professional 6.1 phone that can connect via active sync.  Winamp has a plugin for their relatively new PMP interface that can utilize this activesync connection (which is different from their MTP or plays-for-sure device plugin).  I can mount my phone as a usb storage device but that disables the activesync constant connection and syncing with Outlook, etc.
5. Ability to select root-level mapped network drives for library monitoring.  I can know I can work around this, but this is somewhat annoying.
6. Auto disable of crossfade if the next track is from the same album and the next track on that album
7. Option for auto-tagging defaults, in particular track / disc number padding.
8. Additional sources for track info, i.e., all-music, wikipedia, last-fm, ?gracenote? although I do appreciate using the musicip / musicbrainz source but it doesn't always have the correct info.
9. Mini-player ability to dock as a toolbar in the windows interface (sim to winamp).
10. since you are using XULrunner (horray!), rather than the IE Trident engine, perhaps you can integrate or allow the integration of, the ad-blocker plugin for Firefox.

These seem like a lot, but I have been a longtime Winamp user and tried many others including foobar, QMP, VLC and other mplayer/mencoder based players, WMP, iTunes, and more.

I often get the error window, but it is not often consistently reproduced, or is often fixed by restarting MusicBee.  Should I be submitting these error logs somewhere to help out?  Could there be a plugin that transmits error messages / etc. back somewhere across the internet to help with debugging?

Thanks for your quality work.  Looking forward to more.

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