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Questions / Exporting All Artist Artwork at Full Resolution?
« on: April 24, 2022, 01:25:27 AM »
I use AlbumArtExchange to select my Album artwork before adding things to MusicBee. It works great, no problem.

MusicBee does a great job of matching the AlbumArtist and downloading the correct artwork; Thumbnails and Fanart.

I'd like to export this artwork at the full resolution MusicBee downloads it.

I was digging through the MusicBee folder and couldn't locate where it's saving the artist artwork. I'm assuming it's cached immediately after download and the originals deleted. The only option I've found is to right-click on a fanart and use the "Save Artist Picutre" option, but it only saves the thumbnail and not the fanart/backdrop. For hundreds of artists that would be way too cumbersome.

Is there a way I can export all the artist artwork in batch?

Also, anyone know how I might have MusicBee detect a Folder.jpg for the artist without having to name the file <Artist>.jpg? Folder.jpg works works fine for the Album cover but artist artwork seems to be ignored.

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