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On the dialog that comes up when pressing the delete key, I would like to remove the option to also delete the files from the computer. I would like to access the option to delete from the computer by having to press a modifier key in addition to the delete key, which is more the way Windows Explorer works when bypassing the recycle bin.

I use the delete key all the time, but I don't usually want to also delete the file itself. Problem is, if I do want to delete the file, and click that option, the next time I press delete, that option is still selected. And for me, that is too close to an accident waiting to happen. I'd rather not always be quite that careful about something so potentially destructive.

So I'd like to be able to suppress that option from the default dialog, and require a mod key to actually kill a file.

Thanks for considering!

Questions / Re: Convert format, preserve timestamp
« on: May 24, 2022, 07:28:01 AM »
So those last few posts were really helpful!

In Options, under Tags (1), in custom tag 1, I created a tag with a display name OriginalModDate, and with Copyright for "save to music file as tag."

Then, with Additional Tagging Tools-Copy Tags, I copied "Date Modified" to OriginalModDate. And that was that.

So then, the info in the tag is fully part of the mp3 file, independent of MusicBee, and will be part of any  copy I make of the file - so it appears.

But the info is really in the mp3's Copyright tag, and it is only inside MB where that tag is being aliased as OriginalModDate.

Do I have this right? Do all tags work this way?

Thank you! I don't think I'd ever heard of this one. I downloaded the portable version, and it looks most promising!   :D

Hi. I am looking for recommendations for a program that will let me manage and work with picture and video files the way MB works with audio files.

For years I've used a program called ThumbsPlus, which is still out there and working, and has a lot of nice things about it. But I'm wondering what other MB users are using.


If you right click a playlist, and choose Playlist Settings, you can choose the view to be use for that list. On my setup, the default is identical to Tracks Details, which looks more explorer-like.

Questions / Re: Basic questions about the library and paths
« on: May 10, 2022, 10:16:56 PM »
Thank you Zak! This was very helpful!

Confirming that the two ways of specifying library paths are the same, with the only difference being manual vs monitored, means that things were in fact working as they seemed to. I prefer to scan manually as needed, but wasn't sure if the way I was doing it had the same results as setting it up in preferences. I can see how the two could work together in useful ways.

Maybe I've misunderstood what you're doing, but if "the path had been removed from the list in the File -> Scan window", how will MusicBee know if any files in that folder have been deleted or moved?
Even if there are no new files, you would still need to include that folder to avoid having entries in your Library for files that no longer exist.

I didn't explain what I'm doing too clearly. Your questions in response were clarifying. Cool!

So using the File-Scan window, with a given set of paths, when I moved items from one place to another within that set, and then ran the scan, MB would list the files that were not in their expected location and ask if they should be removed from the library, and I would say yes. At the same time, those files would appear in the library at their new location. That all made sense.

What I also found, or think I found, is that if I remove a previously scanned path from MB's list, and then rescan, MB does not report any missing or misplaced files, or pathless files, and the files that were added from that path remain in the library as before. That was somewhat unexpected.

That then led me to realize that files can be in a playlist but not be in the library, if they are dragged directly into the playlist from Explorer. To get them into the library (and searchable by MB) they need to be added using the send to library command. So playlists can be used like the inbox in that way.

All very interesting...........


It would be nice if the Custom Search window was not modal.

I am building a multi-rule custom search based what I am finding in the main window, and every time I add a new rule, my only options are are to cancel, or to proceed with the search, so I do the latter. But that refreshes the contents in the main view, so I need to start scrolling back to where I last was, as the refresh repositions the scroll. So I'd like to be able to keep the search window open, while I continue to scour for additional rules to add to it.

It doesn't seem like it's necessary that that window be modal. Though I can see how the default assumption is that one would proceed to run the search after updating the rules. But not always! :)

Thank you for considering!

Questions / Basic questions about the library and paths
« on: May 10, 2022, 12:37:34 AM »
I've been very happy using MB for about a month but I realize there are some very basic things I don't understand. For example.....

What is the difference between adding items to the library using Preferences -> Library  -> Monitored Folders, and the folders that can be added via the File menu -> Scan folders for new files?

I've only used the one under File-Scan, and have left the one in Preferences empty. I did this because I thought I'd rather manually  refresh when I know there is a reason to, than have MB refresh either on start or continuously.

That worked well, and when I added or removed items from those folders and then reran the scan, and MB seemed to keep track of things well.

But I was finding items in the library that I thought I had removed, and that MB reports are not in the expected location, even though the path had been removed from the list in the File -> Scan window, and was never in the list in Preferences.

I also find that when I add paths in Preferences, I never see MB scanning those paths either on start or continuously, even after I've removed all items from the MB library leaving it totally empty, or when I've added files to the path that MB is supposedly monitoring.

I'm using a portable installation and have made copies of it so I can experiment freely. But I'm not sure what I'm seeing, or what I should be expecting.

If I seem confused it's because I am.

Questions / Re: Convert format. preserve timestamp
« on: May 08, 2022, 06:21:45 PM »
Using the Date Added is an interesting suggestion. The Copy Tag command will let me copy the file's modified date to the Date Added field, but also to any other field that gets retained with a file conversion.

That won't be of much use for sorting by modified (something I would do mostly in Explorer), but it keeps a record of the date as part of the file itself, should it ever be needed. And I can imagine that some way could be found to modify a timestamp based on a tag.

I would use a tag other than Date Added, since that seems to be filled automatically by MB at least some of the time. But maybe one of the custom tags.

In the tag edit panel, are custom tags and the other tags on the second tab just internal to MB?

Questions / Re: Convert format. preserve timestamp
« on: May 06, 2022, 06:53:40 PM »
Thanks, Zak, for the confirmation that it's not possible in MB. I would think it could be done, as it doesn't seem too different in concept than preserving the timestamp when updating tags.....

Given that all the files I want to do this with all have a consistent yyyy-mm-dd timestamp as part of their filename, I wonder if it is possible to somehow extract that and apply it to the modified time.

I see that the Bulk Rename Utility has some timestamp edit functions, but there doesn't seem a way do that based on a filename string or other input.

It's not too urgent, since the filenames are timestamped, so the files can still (mostly) be sorted by date, but it would be good to have the actual timestamps match.

Questions / Re: Convert format. preserve timestamp
« on: May 06, 2022, 02:25:43 AM »
I again find myself wanting to do this, and wondering if it is possible in MusicBee.

Can it be done?

Questions / Unable to drag into MB
« on: April 18, 2022, 03:03:58 AM »
I am using a program called TreeSize to find duplicates. When I try to drag from TreeSize to MB, it doesn't work. The cursor changes to show the number of files being added to the node, but when I release it, nothing happens. Different nodes, same thing. Reboot and restart, both programs, same thing. I can drag from TreeSize into Winamp, Reaper, Mp3tag, Chrome, the desktop, etc as usual. Any idea why MB isn't happening?

The Groove player that comes with Windows doesn't even let me drag from Explorer. :o

Questions / Convert format, preserve timestamp
« on: April 16, 2022, 10:46:45 PM »
Is it possible somehow to do a batch format conversion while preserving the timestamp of the source? That seems like it might be an option, but I'm not seeing it in the file conversion dialog.

Any way to indirectly go about it? E.g., by first copying the current modified date to a tag, then (assuming tags are preserved in the converted file), copying the tag back to a modified value? Something like that?

The filenames almost all have a some kind of timestamp, but those are not consistent enough in either their format or their position in the name string, to be able to use them in a straightforward way.

Questions / Re: Different libraries with different settings?
« on: April 16, 2022, 10:33:46 PM »
Thanks for these replies. They've been helpful!

When you create a filter, or when you right click one and select Edit Filter, you get an option in the floating window at the bottom left to ;make this filter available to only this library'.

That's the option I didn't see at the time I made the library.

Having multiple portable installs is an interesting option. I think for now, while I'm still deep in newbie mode, I'll stick to a single install (portable) as I'm learning my way around. It seems that filters will let me simulate close enough a second library, which I can spin off at a latter time if I want. As long as the basic tags get written to the files themselves and are not held only in the MB database, then I shouldn't lose any of the tagging work I'm doing. Or so it seems.....?

So good to have this capability!  :) 

Questions / Different libraries with different settings?
« on: April 16, 2022, 03:20:28 AM »
I created a new library to work with audio files that are not part of my main music collection. This worked well, but a couple of things were unexpected.

The main library had some filters that I created for subsets of the whole library, with specific search criteria. These appeared as folder items under Music at the top of the navigation panel. When I created the new library, those same filters were there, even though they'd be meaningless to the new file set. The playlists from the main library were not in the new library, nor were (I don't think) the paths in the Scan Folders For New Files dialog, as I wouldn't expect them to be in a new library. But the filters were retained. I deleted them, because, why not?  :-\  

Later when I reopened the main library, the filters were gone there too. Which I also didn't expect, but maybe I should have...? It's not clear how it works, or why it would work as it apparently does.  :-\  

I also found that changes I had made to the displayed fields of the new library's Music node that were specific to its purpose were propagated to the main library. I really didn't expect that one!

I would have thought libraries would be separate from each other, or could be made more or less that way. But I'm not finding options related to this, or enlightenment in the wiki.

What is it I'm missing?

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