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Files of 16 and 24 bit-depth appear just fine. However, 32-bit depth files show no value in the column of the header for bit-depth.


And here's confirmation that the file is indeed 32-bit:

Plugins / Re: UPnP/ DLNA device support
« on: February 10, 2022, 12:12:23 AM »
I recently had to re-flash my Raspberry Pi with Volumio. Previously, it worked great and I controlled my music from my desktop with musicbee. However, now Musicbee cannot see the Pi as an output device. The Pi can see my library, but not the other way around.

I wish I remember how I got this working originally.

I am perfectly aware this plugin is no longer being officially maintained. However, I don't think it suddenly broke for no reason, so I just wanted help from anyone still using it.

Here's the output log:

0; 1 Initialise - 2022-02-09 05:42:00 PM
46; 2 GetNetworkAddresses -,dns=True,name=Ethernet 2,speed=1000000000
46; 3 GetNetworkAddresses -,dns=True,name=VirtualBox Host-Only Network,speed=1000000000
46; 4 GetNetworkAddresses -,dns=False,name=Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1,speed=1073741824
47; 5 GetNetworkAddresses -
69; 6 ProcessMessage - device 'uuid:7dde1d06-6d37-1e31-0080-0005cdab2342:Denon AVR-X2400H',valid=True

For some reason it sees my Denon, even though it's not on. And it doesn't see the Volumio, which has IP ending in .175


Looks like Volumio temporarily disabled that feature in 3.198 until they can fix something.

So not an issue with the plugin! :)

MusicBee: 3.4.7805
Windows: Windows 11 Pro, Version 21H2, Build 22000.282

Ever since upgrading to Windows 11, I have noticed that the hover-over for Musicbee is broken. It used to show pause, stop, play and previous/next song.

Now, it does not show any of these. Example:

This does not seem to happen 100% of the time, but it's definitely the majority.

EDIT: Image linking broken, here's the image:[/

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