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I know you are tagging from MusicBrainz, so I suggest using the zxx language tag for "no lyrics", which will already be tagged on files with correctly configured works. That will be saved in the file, and you can easily create an auto-playlist to find the files and mark them as having no lyrics in bulk.

I have an auto-playlist for identifying instrumentals, which pulls in anything that's been marked as no lyrics ("Lyrics?" starts with N) as well as anything with Language = zxx. I display the Lyrics? column in that playlist so I can easily see if there are ones that I still need to mark.

I will have to research this...  I've never seen that tag even though I've used MB Picard to fully tag all my files as I like.
Thank you for the info...

A request which would only waste Steven's time. You already know there's a check box for 'no lylrics' so I suggest using it. In another thread it's already been explained to you how to create a highlight rule to display tracks with no lyrics.

You can create a custom tag for 'instrumental' and search using that. Then when you have all the instrumentals displayed, mark them all with 'no lyrics.'

The tools already exist to do this.

In addition, you can add
<LYP_NoLyricsText>Spoken Word, Instrumental, or No Lyrics</LYP_NoLyricsText>
to MusicBee3Settings.ini (found in the AppData directory where MB is installed)
which will display this in the lyrics panel:

1. I address issues I'm having, and also put it open for discussion so a solution can actually be found and had in which can work with MusicBee.
You can call that "wasting someone's time" if you want, I call it addressing an issue I have found with dealing with my music files and in relation to lyrics and this program.

2. And I responded to you in that other thread that your solution doesn't actually address the issue I was talking about.  It's a nice new way of "seeing" what files might not have lyrics, but doesn't at all address what I was requesting and had a problem with.

3. Okay, now we are getting into something productive to the thread...
So, are you saying I can add my OWN custom Tag to all my Instrumental music files, and then of course I can highlight them all and of course it the "No Lyrics" choice?
Great...  This sounds like a reasonable manual solution... as a workaround.

Someone else mentioned "Genres"...  Would this actually be the ideal solution?  I just add the term there?  It's a good idea...

Ultimately, eventually like we have for other things, it would be good for there to be a function in place per my OP.
For the program to automatically ignore files that have the words "instrumental" in them when doing a Lyrics Search.  Or if there's another way.

But, thank you for providing a solution...  I just have to make sure I've got those words in all my files.

A lot to unpack here...
(Most) people read left-to-right, so controls in any program are arranged left-to-right. It has nothing to do with left- or right-handedness.
Taskbar buttons are added from the left, menus are in the top-left of the program window, browser tabs are on the left...
You could trace this all the way back to Xerox PARC.

Yes, I'm aware of the concept...  However, in this case I feel the Play Buttons simply belong on the Right, due to the common use of the player is in a "larger" formatted window, or in the middle if the bar is a "larger" one similar to how MediaMonkey does it.

Shift-click on the Pause button will perform a Stop command.

Okay, I still like to have a Stop Button.  The skin I'm using above has it too "small".

If you have a particular skin you like but want to tweak, ask the author of that skin, or tweak it yourself.
You don't get to say something will look good for ALL skins - you immediately contradict yourself by admitting that this isn't true.
The point of skins is to change the program's appearance. Having a built-in setting that can't be changed defeats the purpose.

I know, I'm just speaking about problems and improvements that should occur with the default skins.  This thread isn't about "skinning" in general or what I would personally like.
I've been a web designer for 30 years, and the "black" Audio Icon just doesn't provide good viewability and contrast.  A RED one would.
I said for most of the default skins which are either White or Black/Grey. The Red Icon would work well.  Obviously there are exceptions and I'm speaking "in general".

Who said I was asking for a "built-in setting that can't be changed"?

I'm not sure what you're asking here, but have you looked at the highlight playing tracks settings in the Now Playing Preferences? They might help.

That was exactly what I was looking for...  Weird it being a "setting" though and not just the default functioning.  LOL
Though, I guess somebody didn't want it to highlight if they were messing with other files in the playlist, so they asked/wanted it to be a setting?

Thanks  :)

Apparently not.

Seriously?  You just "needed" to say that?  Obviously, I'm talking about other things that I find MusicBee being superior over MediaMonkey or otherwise that I'm not discussing here.
That doesn't mean there can't be improvements still...  I know what I like and want and to be able to do, so I'm addressing and reporting such.
It's what this place is for...

Emphasis is mine, but consider how this looks when a few days after registering on the forum you start speaking on behalf of 1000s of other people, many of whom have been using MusicBee for almost a decade.

Well, the new skins hasn't been "for a decade", they appear to be fairly new...  So, I'm reporting the biggest problem I had on using the program in relation to the skins.
As well, I'm 50 years old, have been using programs for a LONG TIME...  I know what works and doesn't work, etc.  I'm reporting my initial observations and issues.
That's all...

If nothing else, I can assure you that this change would not be fine with everyone.

Obviously, I'm using the "royal" everyone...  Being able to SEE what's happening IS in my view something "everyone" would like.  Proper Contrasts between elements, the lack of them, is a pet peeve of mine.
While the Red Icon isn't a "huge" deal, it's just a little peeve that I wanted to throw in since I was talking about a really big issue, the progress bar, the lack of proper spacing and size elements.

Immediately jumping online to complain about the stuff you don't like as a self-admitted newbie, isn't especially helpful.
For one, maybe it just takes a little getting used to - maybe after a few more weeks what you thought was a major issue isn't an issue at all.
For two, as pointed out, the actual click target is larger than what is displayed. Pixel-precision clicking is not required.
For three, try replacing the progress bar with a wavebar control, which has a configurable height and is arguably more useful because it also displays the song structure.

Like I said, I'm fine with how I've configured the ABOVE Theme and settings...  But I'm addressing an actual problem.
Further, like I said above...  I'm NOT a "newbie" when it comes to using programs, etc.  So, you can claim I'm "not being helpful", completely discounting my perspective if you want, but THAT is "not helpful".
I'm addressing first-come obvious problems...  Thank heavens I found the setting to put the progress bar on the TOP and Enlarge it...  So, I'm happy now...
That doesn't change the FACT that the bottom bar has problems in the latest skin revisions...  So, I'm reporting the problems, and then Devs can choose to address them or not.

tldr; Suggestions for improvement are welcome - and sometimes vigorously debated - but this reads like a list of demands.

Believe what you will...  I don't "demand" things being new to a program, I report my experience...  That's what I did here.
It always fascinates me how some people are so "protective", unwilling to see other perspectives and experiences.  I told my experience, that's my truth.  I can't help it if you don't like it.

Also, I checked out your skins and basically, NONE of your dark skins have the Play Group on the right side, so that didn't work for me.

To readers (other than leeuniverse) stumbling upon this thread looking for a dark skin with the player controls on the right side, these are my skin contributions that have exactly that:

A Sophisticated Bee (At Night)
Jistme the NightBee
Juke's Joint
Sportura Pinstripe
The Blue Bee and the Sea
Tron Punk
Tweakers Bee (At Night)
Void Black
Void Blue
Void Green
Void Red
Zen Hive

Almost ALL of those you list above are "unusable" for one reason or another.
So, I'll explain...

A Sophisticated Bee (At Night) - Entirely RED, I don't find such a thing usable.
Elemental - Was likely the ONLY contender, was actually interested in using it, even tried it, but you literally made the Progress Bar/Slider a "dot"...  Thus, you made it UNUSABLE.
Jistme the NightBee - Orange to the level I want to blow my brains out.
Juke's Joint - This wasn't at the Plugins Website, I'll look for it.
Sportura Pinstripe - Also not at the website.

Sting - Okay, this one I DID miss (think it seemed too "grey", and the text too grey (aka not enough "contrast between elements), just tried it, and I would prefer the buttons actually showing, that's just irritating, and indeed, not enough contrast, though, this one "could" be usable, just I prefer more contrast so I can actually "see" things.  But, I could use it if I absolutely had to, though, still don't like the progress bar being so small, you've removed the "enlarge progress bar" function, but it's usable at least.
The Blue Bee and the Sea - ALL BLUE...  seriously?
Tron Punk - While interesting for fun, not useful for long-term use.  Contrasts are just too much.
Tweakers Bee (At Night) - This one might be usable Not into the green and red contrasts are just too much.  But, I might have used this, but you can't position the Progress Bar on the "Top" nor enlarge it.  The progress bar being at the "bottom" is my biggest complaint of all the default skins.  It's just not at all a "practical" design like I address in the OP.

Void Black - Looks like I missed this one...  It's actually almost perfect.  I could actually use this one.  I want to congratulate you on this one!   :-*
However, there ARE some changes I would need done.
1. Would like the "Music Note" Icon to be RED, as I mentioned in my OP.
2. The "Text" needs to be a bit "whiter".  It's a "little" too "grey"...
3. Really don't like the Play Button being on the "Top" like that, would prefer them all being in the same Row and the Play Button be at the end.
4. Would also like the option to put the Progress Bar at the Top and to Enlarge it if possible potentially.  Also, would like to see the progress bar "Notch".  It's just a nice thing, and it helps know your spacing in that section.

That's it, if you make these improvements this might literally be the BEST skin we have...   :P   I've tried/looked at them all.

Now, as to #4...  I want people to notice something.  You've without realizing it provided the "proper spacing" from the bottom Border of MusicBee with the Progress Bar.
In other words, what I address above with there being a spacing problem with the progress bar in almost ALL default skins in relation to being FAR too close to the bottom border, you've actually addressed the issue EXACTLY how I'm asking it to be fixed.
Do you see and feel the visual and usability difference between your progress bar and the default skins?  I hope so people now do...

Your progress bar is usable, the default skins with it being completely on the bottom (which it's supposedly "middle" LOL) is entirely UNUSABLE.

Void Blue, Void Green, Void Red - More unusable color craziness, everything one color.
Zen Hive - Likely fun for Holloween, but not for regular use.

In conclusion...  I appreciate your work, as you do you get better, but like I said originally, basically NONE of your dark skins are usuable, save as I've already addressed above.
No offense intended, cause I know you put work in, and what people do becomes personal to them, but this is simply my view as a power user with things, a perfectionist, who's familiar with website design for example in how designers don't do proper contrasts with elements, etc.  You've done similar, not in all cases as mentioned, but just throwing "colors" into something isn't proper "skin" creation methodology.  It's about "design" and artistry.  You've done some as I've addressed, and well done.  But improvements are needed.

You wanted to know "why" I said what I said, since you had to respond, so I've addressed my observations to you, so you can understand where I'm coming from in my judgment.
Take care...

I know there's a checkbox when saving lyrics within MusicBee itself in which you can say a particular file has no lyrics, and then it's ignored.
But, I'm looking for a more "song file" centric solution...  The above isn't necessarily "permanent" the moment you remove your database what you set is gone.

One way I was thinking this could be done is if a music file has a tag in it that says "Instrumental", could there be some sort of "reading" function put within MusicBee which reads that information and "ignores" the file in relation to missing lyrics?  For example, maybe a solution is to have it part of the "Show Files with missing Lyrics" function, since it already looks for missing lyrics, it can also check to see if that particular file is "Instrumental" or not?

Is there an existing tag which exists which says Instrumental that's supposed to be in files?
Would we have to be sure to add one?  (I'm a newb messing with audio files)
What are our potential solutions...?

Anyway, I have a lot of instrumental music, and being likely a bit OCD, I just don't want to be bothered with them.  I want them out of sight out of mind when I'm addressing files that actually need lyrics.

Thoughts?  Thanks

What I'm recommending is something that "would" please everyone...
Having difficulty clicking the "progress bar" because it's so close to the edge, is massively so SMALL that it's hard to click on, is NOT a "me" issue, it's a basic usability issue that EVERYONE would encounter.

I think you shouldn't try to speak for everyone.
No other user has raised these two things being an issue.
And there are many options available to change them.

So it's my "imagination" then that the slider is soooo "massively close" to the edge, and so small that you don't think people have to be "far" too careful to not click outside the border, as well to be so careful to click it in the first place due to it being so small?

Just because people haven't complained doesn't mean it's not an issue...  I'm complaining... BECAUSE it's an issue.  So Hello...
Also, just because there are "workarounds" like I show in the above pic how I've formatted my bar to make it at least workable (which others are likely doing), thus I CAN LIVE with it now, doesn't mean the "default" skin design shouldn't be changed to be more "user friendly" which is WHY I'm addressing the problem.  Do you not understand this?

Also, I checked out your skins and basically, NONE of your dark skins have the Play Group on the right side, so that didn't work for me.
But again, thanks for trying to help.

You can set a highlighting rule to show which tracks are updated. I use one for lyrics and it shows at a glace which tracks don't have lyrics. And when updating lyrics, if lyrics are found for the track(s) the highlight goes away.
Preferences > Tags (2) > tag handling > highlighting > define rules

Note that you'll also need to display the 'highlight' field in the tracks view so that highlight shows.

While that IS a creative method to let you know files that don't have Lyrics, your solution STILL presents the same problem I'm trying to fix.
As you stated the highlighting is "removed" automatically when lyrics are found.  So, there's no actual way to "track", see, review, and edit these files. They just disappear into the void of files with lyrics.

So, either way, we need the functioning I've addressed.  Though, I appreciate the additional method to see what files don't have lyrics when you're looking at your list.
Of course, it doesn't really help me, I don't use the Track view.  So, for me doing the "find missing lyrics" function, which then lists them out is easier.
Now, obviously, in time a person will know what files don't have them, but we need a better system, something like I've stated.

Especially since what I'm requesting doesn't "just" apply to Lyrics, but Tags also.  You can create a "list" showing what files are missing tags, and we would have the same problem.  When they are updated they just "disappear", thus it's important we are able to review what's been updated.


Everything described in the OP is how i would expect MB to behave

So you expect file data to remain after it's ALL deleted?

I mean, reading the help files, Selecting All/Delete is how you've said the database is "cleared", so I did that.  The playlist isn't clearing ONE file.
So, I don't understand your statement?

Why?  There's not supposed to be a "Library" due to my deleting ALL files from the database.
It doesn't look like you actually deleted the files. If you did, that song wouldn't show under 'Playing Tracks'.

What, you want me to make a "video" for you PROVING I selected ALL files and DELETED them in both the Main Window and the Playlist Window?
And then after doing that the bottom right image remains, and then upon Restart of the program there is ALSO the item in the Playlist window when it wasn't there after being deleted?
I tested this several times...  Not going to make a video just for your skepticism.

try Tools/Advanced/Compress Library, and restart MB after running it.

Why?  There's not supposed to be a "Library" due to my deleting ALL files from the database.
So, that's a pointless exercise.  I'm reporting a bug, a file/playlist item is still being listed when all files/playlists are supposed to be deleted.

I mean, sure, maybe I'll get rid of it running your compression thing, if that's what you're trying to have me do, but it doesn't hurt anything.
It's just something that shouldn't exist after deleting all files from the database.  So, just reporting a bug.

But thank you for trying.

What I'm recommending is something that "would" please the vast majority... so it's not an "everyone" issue.
The basic functioning of something should satisfy the majority who use the thing, not have "frustrating" things about it.  Such things should be fixed, which is why I'm mentioning the above things, removing frustrations.  And not being able to properly click on the progress slider easy IS a frustration thing.

Having difficulty clicking the "progress bar" because it's so close to the edge (you can click off the program), and is massively so SMALL that it's hard to click on period, is NOT a "me" issue, it's a basic usability issue that EVERYONE would encounter.
Sure, some might not care, but this is a basic functionality issue that impacts the majority.  The above screenshot of a theme and positioning etc. I've found at least works, but like I said, the "basic" setup should be better, hence why I'm addressing it.

I'm coming at this as a "newbie" in using this program, and that was the FIRST thing I had issues with, is clicking on the dang progress bar.  You shouldn't have to be a "surgeon" to click a basic slider.  BTW, the little "notch" also made the slider actually "taller" without it "looking" taller so it is MUCH easier to click on to change the position.  So, it's NOT just an "aesthetics" thing, it actually allows the process of changing the progress bar easier while not making the progress bar huge and thus ugly.

I wanted to use one of the skins that's bigger, first I see they are "too big", so I get wanting a small bottom bar.  Second, there are few skins that have the bigger bar, and they ALL didn't have the STOP button.

As to the Red Audio Icon, this change would I'm sure be fine with everyone.  The black/grey icon is just hard to see, to see what's playing etc.
So, this would be a change I'm sure the vast majority would be fine with as default.

I'll try to check out your skins.  I wasn't having success finding anything in the Skin site.  Old, no downloads existing, etc.

Currently, when you search to auto-update tags, the file just "disappears" from the "Files with missing Tags/Lyrics" list window when it finds and updates the tag.
This is NOT a good way to do this...

What you should do instead is have a new "column", a "Status Column" when the list window is created as I show in the picture.
So, when the search is done, the column just "updates" the Status of the file in question, instead of the file being auto-removed from the list.
Why is this important?

1. Allows us to "see" what was actually updated, because when doing multiple files we have no clue what was updated when the file just "disappears" from the list..
2. Allows us to "review" the files tags that were updated or otherwise to make any corrections that might be needed, updated etc.

So, please make a function change in how this process works...  Much appreciated.  Thank you.

1. Please switch sides of the Play Button group with the other group of function buttons, per the picture below.
Most people are Right-handed, so the play group would be better on the right side.

2. Please add the STOP Button by default...  While we can add it with most skins, the button often isn't the right size, too small etc.
A stop button is important because it's better to "edit" a file when it's NOT open/in use by another program, especially if you're using another program to edit/delete the file.
"Pause" doesn't fully "release" the file, and this can cause potential problems.

3. You've made the Song "scroll-bar/slider" far too close to the bottom, and you've removed the "slider", the little "notch" we need to grab to move the slider manually...  Basically, you've made the slider really hard to use to both click on and to slide.  I get trying to make the bottom bar more "streamlined/thinner", but you've gone too far in these what look like new skins I'm guessing (new to MB).
I've tried every single skin, and the ONLY way I've been able to make the slider even functional for me, and to have a decent skin is to put the bar at the TOP and Enlarge it, etc.  But even then it's just not formatted like it should be for a proper slider.  The skins in which the bottom bar is still "big" are missing the STOP Button option in the right-click menu.

Although I'm entirely for making the bar using less space, for example, I can see how the old skin can be made less "tall" thus using less space, but as I mentioned, you've made it "too small" that you've caused a loss of functionality in the slider, and it's really hard to actually click on and use.

4. As the other picture shows, please make the "Song Playing Icon" for ALL skins "Red" (save the ones in which the colors wouldn't match such as a PINK highlighting with one skin).  The red will look good in ALL skins otherwise and be easier to see which song is playing etc., white or black skins it doesn't matter, it WILL look good.  I couldn't use skins I wanted because this nice red icon wasn't being used.

5. Also, please make it so the song that's playing is "highlighted" automatically in the Playlist when we start the song, like the section in the Left Bar is highlighted.  We of course can highlight another playlist item when we manually click on it still to know it's the file we are currently seeing/working on.  But, this minor visual change would be nice.

Thank you for this wonderful program...  Tried MediaMonkey and I thought it was actually better, and there are a couple of things I will address, but your program just works like it should, is so configurable to exactly how I want.  So thank you for the work on this...  MediaMonkey literally destroyed half the tags in my files with their "auto-tagging" even though I thought I had disabled every such setting, and had I not had a backup that was only partially changed, I would have been far worse off.  Literally, 100's of hours of time lost.

Skins / Re: Alva
« on: October 07, 2021, 11:13:31 AM »
Want to try out these skins but their downloads are dead...

When you remove all tracks and the playlist (select all, delete, and clear list), the bottom right section of Track Information remains.
Further, upon restart, that information shows up again, but also in the Playlist, even though I "cleared the playlist before restart.

See the below pic...

Also, I did this several times with the "stable" release 78**...  However, I didn't notice this happening, though I wasn't overly paying attention, so maybe it did, but I think I would have noticed it?  So, might want to verify whether it's a new bug or not with beta.


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