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I wonder if I understand your problem correctly.
If I select 10 tracks and using "Edit" and enter "10 tracks" in e.g. the Comment Tag, all 10 will be saved on pressing the Save button.

Might it be you are looking for methods to copy the value of one tag to another tag in the bulk?

So, it DOES Save for you then when you select multiple tracks?

So, then it appears my issue is that the Multi-track Save "doesn't work" unless you've actually "changed something" in the Editor?
In Mp3tag for example, you can select multiple files, and even if you haven't changed anything you can SAVE all the files, for example if you've switched from ID3 2.3 to 2.4.
The files will then all convert to 2.4 from 2.3.

This is the same kind of thing I'm needing to do in MusicBee.  Convert all the files over to 2.4, which will in turn also create the double year tags.
Though, in my case the files will already be 2.4, but they just need to be saved in MusicBee so the double year tags can be created since MusicBee is the only one that creates them.

So, sounds like the Save functionality needs to be adjusted to be able to save multi-files even if the files haven't been edited.
MusicBee WILL save just "one" selected file even if nothing been edited, but I'm not able to save "more than one" at a time.

Appreciate your help, looks like we've found what the issue is...  Can you confirm?

So, now we need to know if there's a way around this, or if this is a feature improvement needed to MusicBee?

I see.
Indeed the "/" was chosen as a delimiter in 2.3 and it has become famous as the AC/DC problem.

Because of this workarounds has been formulated

I'm afraid you have to choose between your Scylla and your Charybdis.
Not all software reading 2.3 will recognize the NULL as a separator.
Not all software will read 2.4 properly.

Exactly...  Wouldn't be having a problem though if MusicBee didn't force the Null separator on multi-values on ID3 2.3.
I had everything perfectly set up, good to go, then I discovered this problem.  They could simply do as other do and allow you to save what separator we want to save on 2.3, more for example I like the most common which is the Semi-Colon and Space.  It worked perfect across all the applications, I was good to go, now I'm tooting myself in the head, on top of the abuse we got for just trying to explain the problem, and why it IS a problem that should be fixed.

Anyway, thanks for trying...  :)

My problem now since I can't fix the real problem is how to save all my files in MusicBee so I can get their unique year tags entered into my files.
I really don't want to have to save each one one at a time, over some 4,000 files.

Maybe this article is as dated as my knowledge but support of 2.4 is (or was?) rather poor.
So I wonder if you gain anything by migrating to 2.4

Appreciate the help, and yes, I've been working with the Picard Dev's in order to figure out workarounds to help me have consistency between programs, because I DO use Picard to create my initial metadata for my files.
But to answer you I have to explain "why" I'm needing to go to 2.4, but be aware my saying so sadly will cause certain "advocates" here to personally attack me rather than understanding the problem and trying to help.

So, the simple answer is MusicBee is forcing the NULL aka double back-slash separator when Saving in the Tag editor for those tags with multi-values, and Bee is doing this with 2.3 files also even though the NULL separator is NOT actually supported for 2.3.
So, I'm trying to switch over to 2.4, and it's causing all kinds of problems in my ability to edit files across applications (Mp3tag and Picard, the actual professionals when it comes to tag editing).  I've had to switch from using the Semi-colon and space, which is the most common standard to the back-slashes, and NONE of the tag editors do what MusicBee does in forcing null, they save/use what WE want to use as a separator, so that's causing issues trying to figure out "work-arounds" for various things.

Believe me, I wanted to use 2.3 for compatibility reasons, and I had set up everything perfectly.  I use Picard to get my primary data, then I edit as needed in Mp3tag, and then I use MusicBee as my player and use the editor as needed to add missing things.

However, when another individual on the forum brought up the subject of their separators being changed on him when saving in the Editor in MusicBee, I then discovered MusicBee was doing this with my separators as well (had noticed it happening but hadn't had a chance to look into it yet), and everything is now messed up.  I was wanting to use 2.3 so I (nor my sons) wouldn't have any issues playing the music files on whatever device, but doing so prevents me (and others I've talked to) from being able to use the MusicBee editor, and while I would do that, there are some things such as Lyrics and other things in which using the MusicBee editor is useful.  All because MusicBee choses to be "outside the norm" in relation to Tag editing.

I'm not the only one with this problem, others are highly disappointed about it just as I am and have contacted me in PM, on other forums etc telling me the same frustrations.  When the other guy and me then tried to explain that this was an issue, we were given an education about Null separators, which was understood, but when we further explained that this is a problem and how, we were continually abused, treated as if we didn't understand, so several attacked the two of us who tried to raise these issues, and the other one they attacked has been using tag editors for 20 years, so he wasn't a newbie, and me after the initial explanation was well aware and understood what the NULL separator was, but they continued to personally attack him and me as if we were "disabled" and thus deserving of being personally attacked, when we tried to explain that this "forced" standard needs to be changed, especially since it's one nobody else forces on people, that it causes several problems, but us trying to explain the problems just further enraged the abusers who continued doing so across more than one thread.

Anyway, now you know, and here comes the personal attacks, justifications for it, etc.  Rather than recognizing the problem, and encouraging the current process to be changed, especially since NULL separators are NOT the standard for 2.3, yet they would continually say it WAS the standard, and then berate us when we explained it wasn't.  But, they do this instead of helping me and others so we don't have the problems anymore.  BTW, the other editors don't even force it on 2.4.
I didn't want to mention this because it would derail the thread and get it closed like they've done with others, but, you asked, so this is why....

Let's hope they can hold their personal attacks and just focus on the issues mentioned...  But, I won't hold my breath.

So, I'm proceeding to convert all my files over to ID3 2.4 from 2.3 and hoping to **** every player me (or my sons whom I'm passing my music collection on to) use don't have issues with the 2.4 standard.
While I can add the NULL separator between multivalues in Mp3tag without a problem, Mp3tag has no way to add the special double "Year" tags as MusicBee does (per this pic).

Per Steven this is being done on purpose for this reason:

TYER is intentionally written in addition to TDRC, even though TYER is not a v2.4 tag. The reason i have commented in the code is for backwards compatibility which i recall was an issue for some people.

In other words, there being two years is because there are two different "types" of Year tags, and this is needed for some people for the year to be displayed.

Anyway, MusicBee is the only tag editor that I know of that adds these so I'm needing to save multiple files at a time in MusicBee so these tags are created.
However, it seems MusicBee can't save "more than one" file at a time?  I can of course save "more than one file" at a time in other tag editors, but again they can't create these null separated/different standard year tags, they will only create "one", whichever one they use (which I also can't seem to know).

This would be useful in general when people switch from 2.3 to 2.4, so all files can be converted over to the new standard.  So, this isn't just as issue with these particular tags.  People in general would need to save many files at once to convert their files.

So, how can I save more than one file at a time so all my files are converted over to the ID3 2.4 standard, and per my issue these double year tags are created...?



Only three literal quotes from you that I found about you recently describing MusicBee on other fora:

"MusicBee decides they want to be special"

"Anyway, MusicBee has decided to be the odd one out, and this has caused me MASSIVE problems… and no amount of trying to explain the problems to them that what they are doing is causing issues with both viewing and editing with EVERYTHING else out there, has been able to change their minds to change how they save separators with those who use 2.3. They think it’s the “ID3 standard” to save/replace separators with the NULL backslashes, when it’s NOT actually the standard for 2.3. It’s only supported in 2.4."

"but then MusicBee decides to screw me, and unfortunately, they don’t care they are doing something that’s NOT Standard, and is screwing those like me who like to edit their tags manually and for them to be consistent."

Where is the lie in me saying that you are:
- untruthful in what you write in your posts
- making incorrect insinuations and discrediting MusicBee's users and its developer
- claiming you have 'discovered' factual bugs, while you are merely whining about things that you don't understand or personally agree with.

Are you having a recurring issue with the Caps Lock on your keyboard?
Pretty much all your post here and at MusicBrainz are polluted with you shouting random words here and there.

Also, try to refrain on using phrases as 'I have discovered' and 'I have solved' that you seem to be very happy to use.
Perhaps try: "I have learned" instead.

Ask questions and you will get support here.
Act like a dick and you will be treated as one.

Reasonable people know who's the actual ****....  See what I added above in further response to you.
For some reason, even though I've posted like a 100 times in the last couple of months on the Mp3tag and Picard forums, and yet I've only made a small # of posts here, I've never once had issues at those forums.

So, what's the common denominator here... me or YOU...?  You can't take criticism of issues people are having with MusicBee or people reporting problems.  You engage in personal attacks, due to some irrational need to be the "great protector" of MusicBee, instead of dealing with the issues being reported.

BTW, every one of those quotes you took from the Picard forum about MusicBe are 100% True.
I've said nothing factually inaccurate about MusicBee, as well, I was providing CONTEXT to my problem, and asking THEM for help, since YOU would NOT help and the MusicBee Dev CHOSE to also not help by not making how MusicBee SAVES with 2.3 in the actual "Standards" of 2.3.
All of this is factually correct...  So, you falsely attribute "malice" where there is none.  Thus you LIE.

And guess what, my problem was solved by people actually helpful, unlike people like YOU.
MusicBee in contrast has chosen to make it so both me, the original poster of the other thread, and others like us who also use the ID3 2.3 standard CANNOT USE MusicBee's Editor.  So, you can complain about me and he, or those like us, pointing out an actual problem all you want, but those who personally attack and don't help fix problems are the actual "problem".  So, enjoy.

I also still don't understand why MusicBee is using the NULL value for 2.3 creating duplicate/multi-tags on save since any player that requires 2.3 cannot read multi-tags, and who knows how it will "break" the players reading ability due to that.
That has been explained to you, but you choose not to accept the explanation, and keep complaining about it both here, and on other fora, misrepresenting what has been discussed here, and discrediting MusicBee and its users and developer.

I've had to work with the Picard people to figure out how to use "Scripts" for the force creation of Multi-tags,
You had to 'Work with'
You mean that they also had to explain and help you with things you didn't understand yet.

I find it problematic that every time you don't understand something, or don't agree with something, you create a 'bug report'.
While they are actually mostly matters that you don't have a full understanding of, or are a repetition of you complaining about how MusicBee decided on doing things that you personally don't agree with.

It is good practice for any bug report to be to the point, raising a specific reproducible issue that actually breaks functionality.
Please try to understand, respect and stick to such good practice.

'Bugs' is for actual bugs.
'Questions' is for things that you don't understand, can't figure out and need help with.
'Complaints' is not available at this moment. But perhaps your input to this forum justifies considering it to be raised.

I'm not interested in your personal attacks and misrepresentations...

Move along...  I'm here reporting actual issues.  You're here just causing problems.
I understand perfectly well how the NULL tag works, you however don't comprehend that it's NOT supported by 2.3, and ANY player that requires it also DOES NOT support it, as well NO OTHER Tag Editor creates multi-tags except some do when using 2.4, but ZERO do when using ID3 2.3.
Anyway, I've explained everything, and you make it personal as if my reporting a problem means I have something against MusicBee and the Developer.  Stop LYING.

I've now reported TWO bugs with MusicBee's functionality in this thread... so, I don't need your "lecture".
1. MusicBee Creating duplicate YEAR tags on save is not a "feature" (there is no multi-tag purpose for the YEAR tag).
2. and neither is MusicBee's Editor not displaying the "Original Year" tag under the Tags (2) Tab in MusicBee's Editor, when those values ARE within my music files.

(Note to the DEV if you read this...  The zipped files I sent you (or above) will also show this last issue that's NEW that I've discovered.)

So, stop causing problems...  You living in happy laa laa land with no problems doesn't mean there aren't problems.  Neither does it mean I'm "attacking" MusicBee or its developer.  I'm reporting problems, PERIOD, problems which wouldn't exist as I've said before had MusicBee not been using the NULL (multi-tag) save for 2.3 when it's NOT supported by 2.3.  Again, Picard doesn't do it, and Mp3tag doesn't do it, Mp3tag doesn't even do it on 2.4...  Mp3tag saves whatever Separator people have chosen to use, instead of "forcing" NULL on them.  So don't tell me "I'm" the problem...  I work with these 3 programs, I'm reporting actual problems and compatibility/consistency issues.

One other thing, the other thread that brought this issue out, the Original Poster of it, he's been working with digital music files for 20 years, but you all abused both of us as if we were ignorant.  We aren't, but you are...  Because you can't claim to be "following the standard" when what you're doing is NOT the "standard" for 2.3.  No player that requires 2.3 reads multi-tags, and thus anyone using ID3 2.3 would not WANT multi-tags, thus MusicBee NOT following the actual Standards, is not "me/us" being the ignorant...  If we were, then other Editors, the actual EXPERTS in Tag Editing would do the same, but NONE do so.

MusicBee is the ONLY exception of the some 12 editors and programs I've been trying.  So, I don't need you telling me what I do and don't "understand"....  I know what I do and don't know, and you couldn't be more wrong, because the actual experts in tagging DON'T agree with you, I know because I've talked with them both openly and in PM, as well have used their programs, and if they agreed, they would be doing the same as MusicBee, but they don't.  Mp3tag, which is considered the gold standard of tag editors doesn't even force Null Save for 2.4.

So, what does that tell you?  You've been engaging in nothing but ideologue protectionism, as if any criticism of MusicBee means we don't appreciate MusicBee and the Developer.  Well, it's NOT true...  Reporting problems, wanting them to be be respected and understood, and then wishing for them to be fixed is not "us" being the problem.  But you are in your personal attacks, contributing nothing to helping to fix the issues.

Not a single person at Mp3tag or Picard in which I've posted MANY issues, as well as questions, FAR FAR MORE than I've done so here, have they engaged in personal attacks, made issues personal, as if I'm attacking MusicBee and it's developer etc.  They've listened, explained how I can fix issues or problems I'm having, they've taken feedback to fix issues I've found, including me creating TICKETS in their Bug systems, etc.  So, what is YOUR problem?

I know in Picard DATE shows the Year, then also the Month and Day often if that's been entered.
In Mp3tag that Tag shows as YEAR.  Mp3tag doesn't show "two" dates for me, it only shows YEAR.
So, in both Picard and Mp3tag those values are showing only as "single" values, as DATE in Picard and YEAR in Mp3tag.

When you drag the file showing two YEAR tags into MP3TAG, it only displays one YEAR tag, correct?
There's no DATE tag in that same file?
What are your "Write" options set to in MP3TAG? (CTRL + O -> Tags -> Mpeg)

1. No...  As shown in the screenshot above, that's from Mp3tag.  Mp3tag is showing two YEAR tags, which is ONLY created after saving with MusicBee.
MusicBee isn't showing an extra YEAR tag because those fields are "hardcoded" in the program to display only one year tag.
Also, I double-checked Picard and it only shows the DATE single tag, so it's not interpreting that extra YEAR tag that shows in Mp3tag.

2. No, Mp3tag shows Picards DATE designation as YEAR.

Here, I'll just include the files for anyone that wants to look at them. (pw: musicbee)

3. Here are my OPTIONS in Mp3tag.... as you requested.
They are all the Default settings, save if I change the primary ID3 used 2.3 or 2.4.  So, I haven't changed anything else otherwise.

Also, I've only saved the file initially in Mp3tag to change the code to 2.4 since I was using 2.3 originally.
And THEN I save the file with MusicBee and it creates all the NULL duplicate Tags, including the duplicate YEAR, as this thread is about.

I also still don't understand why MusicBee is using the NULL value for 2.3 creating duplicate/multi-tags on save since any player that requires 2.3 cannot read multi-tags, and who knows how it will "break" the players reading ability due to that.
I've also further discovered that even Mp3tag not only doesn't "force" save of the NULL on 2.3, they don't even do so on ID3 2.4.  In other words, they keep whatever separator values you are using even when using ID3 2.4.
ONLY if your tags are already saved with the NULL value does it continue to save with NULL, as well if you "manually" change the separators to double-slashes \\ THEN Mp3tag WILL save with the NULL value creating multi-tags.

I've had to work with the Picard people to figure out how to use "Scripts" for the force creation of Multi-tags, because they don't do it for 2.3 either, and for 2.4 they ONLY use the NULL on save creating multi-tags for the GENRE tag.  Other tags you either have to manually open up the EDITOR for a tag (it won't create the null directly in the tag) and put the values on different lines, or use a SCRIPT to create multi-tags for those tags you want them to like I mentioned.  I have to do all this stuff whether I still decide to use 2.3 or go with 2.4 in order to create consistency/compatibility with MusicBee and my other editors.

I initially
- create the main tags in Picard,
- edit/adjust tags in Mp3tag,
- and fill in missing info such as Lyrics, edit images, etc. in MusicBee,
But then MusicBee forcing saving in NULL even when using 2.3 or even 2.4 has entirely messed up compatibility and workflow with the other editors.
I shouldn't have had to do all this...  MusicBee shouldn't even be saving with the NULL value for at least 2.3, nobody else does it, and ONLY Picard does it automatically in 2.4 for the GENRE tag, and the reason they only do the Genre tag is because some editors don't like "mutli-tags" in other Tag fields, they only like them in the Genre Tag, such as the ARTIST tag field, which MusicBee does also change to Null multi-tags.


Anyway, I found a NEW BUG in MusicBee's Tag Editor... when looking at it just now.
The "Original Year" Tag under the Tags (2) tab is not showing the ORIGINALYEAR or ORIGYEAR tag that's in my file.

ID3 year tags use TYER (YEAR) for the release year and TDAT (DATE) for the month and day.
In MusicBee, these tags appear in the Tag Inspector as...


Are you sure they're leaving Picard and/or MP3TAG as a single value tag?

I know in Picard DATE shows the Year, then also the Month and Day often if that's been entered.
In Mp3tag that Tag shows as YEAR.  Mp3tag doesn't show "two" dates for me, it only shows YEAR.
So, in both Picard and Mp3tag those values are showing only as "single" values, as DATE in Picard and YEAR in Mp3tag.

Now, Picard does have "Original Release Date" and "Original Year" Tags.
In Mp3tag those show as ORIGINALYEAR and ORIGYEAR.

It's possible there could be "hidden" tags that Mp3tag nor Picard will display, I've discovered that occurs with certain types of coding that creates tags.
For example, using TagScanner I discovered some tags that had "website links" in them, and neither Picard nor Mp3tag showed this info.  (Oh wait, Mp3tag DID show it under the Extended Tag Viewer now that I'm remembering, if I'm remembering right, but Picard didn't show it, and I asked them about this and it was a known limitation of Picard.  They haven't included ALL potential coding structures into Picard which might exist in files as Tags.)

So, bottom line is unless there's a "hidden" tag that's flushed out by MusicBee adding a second YEAR tag, the ONLY "date" related Tags that's in my files when using Picard and Mp3tag is:

Sometimes also when using Picard as I mentioned above ORIGYEAR will also show in Mp3tag, not only ORIGINALYEAR and YEAR (or in Picard they call it Date).
But, I've tested this, and both of these tags are showing when there are "2" YEAR tags after having saved in MusicBee, so the ORIGINALYEAR and ORIGYEAR tags aren't being turned into a second YEAR tag.


1. When MusicBee creates "multi-tags" it's also duplicating the YEAR tag, even though there is ONLY a single value in the tag, so it shouldn't be creating an "additional" year tag.  It should see the YEAR Tag already exists and doesn't create another one.

I have the ID3v1 box also checked in Settings, so I have both 2.4 and v1 tags in my files.  It might be possible that MusicBee is creating the additional year tag from the v1 info, though I haven't tested it, by unchecking the v1 box to see what happens.

2. Also, there might need to be a change in functionality for the display of multi-Artists...

Players sometimes don't like Multi-Artists in the ARTIST Tag, especially using the NULL separator, aka multi-tags of the same tag, this is especially a problem if the ID3v2.3 standard is used, and players require it.  (this and many other issues is why multi-tags should NOT be used for those using ID3 2.3, because players that require 2.3 don't support it, and this can cause the players to have problems not knowing what to do or choose with all these "extra" duplicate named tags.)

So, MusicBee next to each song shows the artists for that song, but it ONLY lists them there if you have more than one artist in the ARTIST Tag.  If you have multi-artists listed in the ARTIST(S) Tag, they don't show there.  So, for example, if you have just the main Artist in the Artist Tag, and then you list the extras in the ARTISTS tag, MusicBee doesn't show ANY artists next to the song, unlike when you have multi-artists in the ARTIST tag, like the below pic shows.

So, a change in function might be for MusicBee to also check the ARTISTS Tag to see if there are other artists, so they can be listed.  If they are "duplicates" of what's already in the ARTIST tag, then nothing needs to happen.  But, if they are different names then it might be good they are listed next to the song like the below pic, which as I mentioned is showing the Artists I have in the ARTIST Tag.


1. Nobody is questioning the "technology" so stop engaging in strawmen, please.  We are questioning an "incorrect implementation" of the technology, that is NOT standard among those who are the experts in the standard.  Thus, it needs to change.
Yes, initially the OP thought it was a bug, but we now know it's not, it's actually an incorrect implementation, applying the ID3 2.4 standard to 2.3, and it's NOT supposed to be.

2. Stop engaging in personal attacks (aka Hiccup).

3. Nobody else does this, "force" the saving of the NULL (\\) backslashes on Save with ID3 2.3...  Period, including the actual EXPERTS on Tag manipulation.

Logic test for you...  If the experts don't do it, such as Mp3tag and MusicBrainz Picard (and others, I've tested multiple tag editors and players), what makes you think MusicBee is following the "proper standards/methodology" as you keep falsely stating?
MusicBee is the ONLY ONE doing it...!  That means proper standards are NOT being followed.

Why?  Because it causes issues for those of us who use 2.3, as we've shown, because it's NOT the proper standard and methodology, is not supported in 2.3.
What is so difficult to understand here?


Precisely as I stated above. The ID3v2.3 tag specification is a fossil and should be treated as such.

Are Mp3tag and Picard "fossils"...

I think THEY understand the proper methodology and standards more.
They don't "save" with the \\ when using 2.3, "forcing" those separators on their users.  Maybe you should listen to our complaints, they exist for a reason.

That's my last word...  It needs to change, they and everyone else I know don't do it for good reason.  Neither should MusicBee.

The Incredible Boom Boom said it perfectly.  MusicBee does not handle this in a controversial or even disputed way.  

Clearly, that's not true per what we've addressed above...  Nobody else does it...  Mp3tag doesn't do it, MusicBrainz Picard doesn't do it.
Nobody else that I know of does it.  And if they do, it's simply wrong...  2.3 just shouldn't be doing it per the issues I've already addressed, as well is it's not officially supported by 2.3.

Why not use another character that isn't reserved for a specific purpose here instead?
A comma ", " would seem reasonable to me.  :-\

A "comma" isn't used by almost ANYTHING that's modern to interpret multi-artists and to simply display properly.  The Semi-Colon is the standard method.
For example, if I don't use the Semi-Colon, MusicBee doesn't show me ALL of the Artists in the Artist display.

Like I've said above, I've done 100's of variations trying to figure out the consistent separator system among programs and players, and the semi-colon is it.
Again, I'm talking about 2.3...  You guys do what you want for 2.4, I'm not dealing with that yet for compatibility reasons.

BTW, and just to be clear...  Finding out that MusicBee had turned all my separators into back-slashes after spending many hours and 100's of files Editing/updating of my Images while using MusicBee, because it was easy that way, to see my images, and then to copy/edit/replace them, it really pissed me off that I then had to use Mp3tag to COMBINE all those multi-tags, and replace the slashes with the semi-colon for all my files.  Thank heavens Mp3tag has Actions that I can do this sort of batch editing, but I shouldn't have had to in the first place...  Those using ID3 2.3 shouldn't have their separators touched.  Period.

You speak of "official" things, well again, nobody else does this, and the official standard is multi-tags aren't supported with 2.3.  As well those who are following the standards even more strict, such as Mp3tag, they DON'T save (replacing) your separators with slashes.  The ONLY time they do so is if you have slashes there already.  They respect the user's 2.3 separator usage.  MusicBee is not respecting this.

Anyway, those of us who use 2.3, we need this changed for 2.3.  This isn't going to "hurt" anyone else, so honestly, I don't get the pushback.  We've explained all the problems it causes.  This is not a "preference" thing, it's an actual issue.  Nobody else does this, period, and it's for the very reasons we've explained.  It causes problems.

The semi-Colon is the common standard for especially 2.3, and near-total consistency among programs, viewers, and players (that I've found so far), and I literally can't edit my files with MusicBee when that standard is being broken.  Picard, Mp3tag, and others respect my 2.3 separator wishes, MusicBee is not.

The bottom line with this and null \\ separators is that for ID3 2.3 MusicBee should NOT be "saving" with that Separator...
It should accept what the user uses and has entered.  The multi-tag is simply not properly supported, and my experience proves that.

2.4 do what you want...
But like I said, I've done literally 100's of variations and multiple different Tag Editors, players, etc. and the ONLY thing that's "consistent" is the Semi-Colon/Space separator (; ) for Genre and Artist etc. Tags.

So, I would ask strongly for this to be changed for those who set 2.3.  If you don't, I literally can't use MusicBee to EDIT anything...  Which is BAD.
Most people may not care that their tags are changed from the system they use and the proper system that's compatible consistently, and viewed consistently the same across programs and devices, but some of us do.
I've waisted too many hours on this....  This NEEDS to be fixed.  Thank you.

MusicBee is following the ID3 standard for tagging.
PUBLISHER (TPUB) is only supposed to be a single tag with a list of publishers.
GENRE (TCON) is supposed to be a multiple-entry tag with each value separated by a null frame.

Hello, I believe if we are using ID3 2.3 (which I am) MusicBee should NOT be saving with the NULL \\ backslashes.

In fact, this is also causing me a serious problem, because Mp3tag and MusicBrainz Picard DO NOT do what MusicBee is doing, and it's causing me all kinds of issues with displaying Genre tags in various places, in the programs themselves, etc.  It's how I ended up confused as heck as to what Tag Separators I should be using, and after some 100 hours of testing with all the different programs and tag variations, and questions on the subject at different forums, everyone said the SEMI-COLON was the most consistent and compatible separator to use.

.... and they were correct, including display in MusicBee.  More specifically, I do the Semi-Colon for all my general tags, and for Multi-Genres and Multi-Artists I do Semi-Colon and Space.
MusicBee interprets this well...

If I try to put \\ on my Genres in the different programs, NIGHTMARE's ensue in those not displaying well.

Mp3tag WILL create multi-Genre/Artist Tags if you within the program use \\'s.... and save,  But you're doing a "manual" bypass then.
Using the Semi-Colon or a few other things Mp3tag WILL save using those Separators, it will NOT "override" what you've put in the Tag like MusicBee is doing, saving the backslashes instead as separators.  Neither will Picard.  Picard unlike Mp3tag won't even create multi-tags if you save with backslashes...  It will all just be ONE Genre etc. tag text as entered.

Bottom line, this IS a BUG in MusicBee....  When ID3 2.3 editing is done, the program should ONLY be saving what we put in there and under ONE Tag.
I've noticed MusicBee doesn't do this for OTHER Tags also... such as Artist, the \\ backslashes are put in there on Save.  This should not happen.

So, this needs to be fixed ASAP...  2.4 is what's properly compatible with Multi-Tags... not 2.3.
BTW, I've noticed that when saving "Artwork" in MusicBee the proper saving is done, blackslashes are not added to the other tags, that I've noticed anyway.
Crap, that's wrong....  Son of a ****...  So THAT is how I've noticed some files still having \\'s when I removed them all.

So, I was wrong, even when saving Artwork backslashes ARE saved, replacing likely ALL other Tag Separators.  :(
The test I just did at least did so on my Artist and Genre Tags....

BTW, anyone that wants to verify what I'm saying, see here:
This guy is long brilliant all things Tagging etc., plus, I've verified it from experience, Picard and Mp3tag don't save with backslashes when ID3 2.3 is used.  They ONLY save what you've used as a separator.

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