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Questions / Re: How can you mark "album played"?
« on: December 30, 2020, 09:47:23 PM »
hiccup's screenshots above show exactly which preset to copy and which boxes to tick.  I'm not sure what further confusion there could be, but here's my copy where I set the occasion tag to explicit with a keypress.  Obviously, you change Occasion to whatever custom tag you are using for this purpose and "Explicit" to whatever term you're using to denote a listened track/album.

I select a song, hit CTRL+E, and it sets that field to Explicit.  If you want to mark a whole album, you select all the songs and then hit whatever keyboard shortcut you set for this preset in MB.

I found my mistake, it was pretty commonplace :)
I didn’t know that after checking the "assign key combination" it was necessary to restart MB :)

I expected to see exactly the preset that I configured in the list, but it did not appear until the program was restarted.

I also discovered that you can import pre-made presets. And there I immediately found "add" my name "to the" ... "tag.

I did it. Like a heavy load off your shoulders :)
Now I can mark the albums I listened to and sort the albums by the listened ones with one press of the keyboard shortcut.
At the same time, the highlighting functionality allows you to see which of the songs I have listened to and which have not.

Thank you for your help!

Questions / Re: How can you mark "album played"?
« on: December 30, 2020, 08:54:12 PM »
hiccup's screenshots above show exactly which preset to copy and which boxes to tick.  I'm not sure what further confusion there could be, but here's my copy where I set the occasion tag to explicit with a keypress.  Obviously, you change Occasion to whatever custom tag you are using for this purpose and "Explicit" to whatever term you're using to denote a listened track/album.

I select a song, hit CTRL+E, and it sets that field to Explicit.  If you want to mark a whole album, you select all the songs and then hit whatever keyboard shortcut you set for this preset in MB.

somewhere I probably did not specify something correctly, can you help? :)

Here are my screenshots. I apologize if it is not very clear, I am using Russian

In this screenshot I show that the value of the "played" tag is always empty.

then I press CTRL + Shift + D to open Advanced Find and Replace.
Filled in the data as in your screenshot.

and here are the settings

Then I go back to the track from the first screenshot to set the tag value.
To do this, I press the same CTRL + Shift + D combination and again get into the preset selection menu. But in your case, the following should happen: all tags with the value "empty" should be overwritten with "yes".

Maybe you need to press a different key combination? But after I created a preset and ticked the "assign a keyboard shortcut" (by the way, what does "5/10 left" mean?) I went to "edit" - settings - shortcuts - found an additional search and replace there "and assigned the combination CTRL + Shift + D. At first I thought that the name of the new preset should appear in the list there, but I did not find it and decided that it was necessary to select this.

Where did I go wrong?

Questions / Re: How can you mark "album played"?
« on: December 30, 2020, 07:58:20 PM »
In the advanced search and replace section of the plugin, you set up a preset to search for anything in the custom tag you have created for "listened" and replace it with "Yes"  Then you check the box to the right of the dialog "Assign Hotkey for this preset."  Then, in the MusicBee hotkeys settings, you set whatever keyboard shortcut you want to type to run this preset.

Instructions for using the plugin and screenshots of the dialogs are at the link I posted previously.

thanks, I was able to tweak this script a bit, but I have additional questions:

when I press the keyboard shortcut that I set for "additional find and replace", a dialog box appears where I need to select a template and click on "apply".
Is there anything you can do to press the keyboard shortcut after selecting a track / album and immediately overwrite the necessary tags?
Otherwise, it is then no better than the script - select a track - press "change / or Shift + Enter - select the tag" listened to "- change the value to" yes ".

And the second question, and the more important one: I cannot write an algorithm in which every empty field "listened to" will be replaced by "yes".
For the sake of experiment, I tried to write in the tag "no" or another value and make a replacement algorithm, everything gets. But it is important for me that the algorithm is built on empty fields. After all, initially this field is empty.

How can you tell the script to work for such fields?

Questions / Re: How can you mark "album played"?
« on: December 30, 2020, 02:22:31 PM »

I haven't used an icon for highlighting so I can't advise on that but a simple google search shows that there's a size limitation (16x16) for a highlighting icon.

sorry, but I could not find such a suitable action, using which, with a keyboard shortcut, I could assign the tag "yes" to the field "played". Can you help?

Questions / Re: How can you mark "album played"?
« on: December 30, 2020, 12:37:01 PM »
You would probably be best off creating a custom tag for listened status (that you set to yes when you listen sufficiently for your needs) and then creating a highlighting rule or filter that measures the value of this tag.

The additional tagging tools plugin gives you the ability to set a tag value based on a keyboard shortcut.

Thanks for the advice! I've created a listened tag, added a column to my view, but don't know how to set up the yes and no options? Of course, the "yes" tag would be enough for me, but I would like to do it not through "change" - "tags (2)" - "listened" - "yes", but with the help of a keyboard shortcut.

Can you please tell me where you can find the additional tagging tools plugin? I didn't find anything similar under

And another question. I wanted to see what the view of my listened collection would be like, every listened song would be assigned an icon, but for some reason the icon was not displayed.
I set up through "tags (2)" - "highlighting". There I indicate the icon in the png format, I save the script - "played in the last ... days". If I specify the rule - "highlight the played composition with a certain color (text), then everything is displayed correctly. But the icon is not displayed.

Questions / Re: How can you mark "album played"?
« on: December 29, 2020, 10:37:30 PM »

You can manually edit play counts and use highlighting rules to have them marked however you want. Exactly how to do this best depends on what library view you're using, but if you run into a specific question we can better offer specific help.

There are also some mobile players, notably GMMP and Poweramp, that you can use to sync your plays on the phone back to your PC with the MusicBee Wifi Sync app.

I'm just crazy about MusicBe :) It's fantastic!
During these couple of days that I understand it, I learned how many interesting things.
I master automatic playlists, set up filters, and it's very convenient.
But I haven't figured out yet, how can you quickly mark the albums you've listened to?

I've already learned a little about the highlighting rules. Configured so that the text of the composition played by 20% changes to "gray". It's great. This is a good indicator of what has been heard.
But how can you highlight the album itself with a color or an icon? It happens that I cannot listen to the entire album, or it is enough for me to listen to 2-3 songs on rewind and understand that now I do not want to listen to it, but I need to see the next time that I have already started listening to it.
Please tell me how would you approach this problem? You say there are different ways and you asked how my library is presented. But I don't quite understand what you mean?

I configured it like this:

- created 4 main super genres tabs + music tabs + playlists
- left panel - performers (no grouping)
- central - albums and tracks

In this center pane, I've added the fields "played", "last played date", etc.
How would you mark "the album has been listened" to make it convenient?

Ideally, would that be:

- set up so that you can click on the album (or select all the songs in the album) and press some key combination. I see that there are such methods in the settings and I already use them.
- if the key combination does not work, it would be nice if it could be done in 2 clicks.

The purpose of these actions is to get a visual display, and most importantly with the ability to sort / filter albums by "listened / not listened to".
I have a lot of music that I haven’t listened to, which I acquired 5 years ago, but I didn’t get it.
And the collection is so large that I began to notice that I forget that I was already listening, and I have to listen again. But I would like to take the time to re-listen to what I have not yet listened to.

Questions / Re: How do I organize my music collection?
« on: December 28, 2020, 08:37:04 PM »
If you move your files with MusicBee, it won't lose track of them for playlists, play counts and so on.  There are a variety of more and less automated ways to do this.

Thank you! I will study.

Whether you want to use the folder structure or something else to navigate your library, you can get rid of the lengthy scanning by importing everything into your library, which will get all of the scanning out of the way at once. Then you can manually rescan as needed, or setup automatic rescanning with a monitored folder.

Honestly, though, I suggest you spend some time with the wiki and discover all the other ways MusicBee offers for navigating your collection, such as the column browser, thumbnail browser and so on. There's even a standalone folder browser you can display in your library.  Here are some good places to start:

Thank you very much for your feedback! I will definitely study it.

Questions / How do I organize my music collection?
« on: December 28, 2020, 05:27:57 PM »
Hello everyone!

The question arose of how to organize a music collection using MusicBee in less time and steps.
The whole question is rather not how to organize, but what to do with the new music.
The point is that I have already organized my collection. It is divided into 5 main super genre folders and an Inbox Music folder.

As I usually do when I receive new music:

- new music goes to Inbox Music for me to listen to.
- after I decide to leave it, I move the folder physically to the desired supergenre and then to the subgenre.

Before the album gets there, a lot of listened music is already collected in the Inbox Music folder, which requires moving to the necessary folders. It takes a lot of time. But even immediately after listening, I am not used to moving to the desired folder.

Now, when I got acquainted with MusicBee, I discovered the "Inbox" functionality. But so far I have not been able to understand the whole principle of work.
If I specify in the settings "put all music in the inbox", then this is good, because I can listen from this folder to what I have not yet listened to. But the fact is that at the moment of the first listening, I rate the tracks and sometimes put them into playlists.

The problem is that when I decide to move the album to the desired genre folder, the connection from the track with the playlist is lost.
Please tell me how you can make sure that this connection is not lost when moving?

Also, please share your history of keeping your music collection, and how do you organize new albums? Do you store them first in your inbox, or do you immediately put them in the right folder? Or maybe you have your own ways?

Questions / How to display albums / tracks by rating?
« on: December 28, 2020, 05:11:11 PM »
Hello everyone!

I am just mastering MusicBee. I am interested in the question: how can you filter albums or individual tracks by rating?
For example, I don't want to add the track I like to the playlist every time. It's easier for me to rate a track, for example at 4 or 5, and then from time to time open those rated tracks with one click as a playlist.

I know that something similar exists in Auto-DJ, but I have not studied this section well yet. Maybe you can create some kind of tag, virtual (how to do it?) And display it in any section?

For example, as a more granular setting, I would like to receive filters like this:

Heavy Metal Tracks - Rated 4
tracks in the genre of Progressive Metal - rated 4
tracks in the genre of Progressive Metal - rated 5
Progressive Metal Albums - Rated 4

Once I collected a collection by country. It was interesting for me to get acquainted with music in Spanish, in Czech. I created folders "Spain". "Czechia" and physically organized the music there. Now that I realized that it is better to do this in MusicBee, and physically store the files in one folder.
Now I'm thinking how to collect these filters by country and by estimates?

Questions / How can you mark "album played"?
« on: December 28, 2020, 04:54:54 PM »
Hello everyone!

I'm new to MusicBee and have never used a media library like this before. I used to mark the albums I listened to using programs that can change the color of the folder. For example, for your favorite albums - yellow, for good ones - green, for those that I have listened to, and perhaps will still listen - black.
This was convenient when I was using Windows Explorer. But later I started using FreeCommander. There, everything is conveniently displayed as a "list". But the disadvantage is that the icons and color of the folders are not displayed in this view.
And so I dropped these marks.

Then I just started putting down the "_" sign in front of the album I listened to. For example, _Iron Maiden ... So at least I understood that I had already listened to him. But this is not very convenient. Since different names in the files make it difficult to find, and if you rename an album after a track has been added to the playlist from it, the connection with the playlist is lost.

And so I came to MusicBee. I love this program, but I'm still learning it and can't find a way that I can make the "lost" marks.
I see that there are fields such as "last played date" and "played".

But the problem is that MusicBee records that the album has been listened to only if% of the tracks have been listened to. And in cases with "lost", the track needs to be played for some time (I did not record it).

And also, it often happens to me that I listen to an album on my smartphone. It turns out that it may not be played on the computer at all.
I also need that when opening the artist, I could immediately visually see which albums I was listening to, and which ones are yet to come.
Ideally, so that you can click on the album and select "played" in 1-2 clicks (or even better, so that you can do this by pressing some key combination ".
I suppose that you can somehow come up with your own tag and put the value "lost" through the "change tags" function, but maybe there is some easier way?

Hello everybody!

For a long time I played my music collection by launching it through Windows Explorer and Total Commander.
First, I will explain what kind and structure of library folders I use:

Library structure:

Inbox Music
Heavy metal
  Hard Rock - Heavy -
  Death metal
  Progressive Metal
Post rock
Progressive Rock

Display view: I usually use the "list" or "table" views. I'm so used to it. And the big advantage is that I have navigation buttons "back", or rather "exit the current folder to the root". In the "table" view, this can be done simply by clicking on the line above. And in Music Bee you need to use the back and forth arrows. But they are not the same thing. By pressing the "back and forth" arrows, I move through the history ", and in order to go to the previous root folder, you need to scroll up, collapse the directory and go to the desired folder. This is not convenient.

In order to start playing a track, I went to the desired folder, looked for an album and started the track (or the entire album). Tracks were opened through Aimp. I have been using this method of playing for a long time.
But now my collection has become large and I decided to reorganize it and set up convenient access. Decided that MusicBee has many advantages.
There was a problem: I am so used to control via Total Commander that it is not convenient for me to use MusicBee.

Please tell me how you can customize the view so that it is as similar as possible to the view in Windows Explorer or Total Commander?
To clarify a little, how the music is organized inside these main folders:
when I find new music it goes to the Inbox Music folder. From there I listen to it and decide what to do next. If I liked the album, I define it in some kind of folder of genre and sub-genre
within the "super genres" the structure is as follows: Artist / Album - Year / №.Title.mp3
Why can't I use folders from the "computer" section?
Because as soon as I go into any of these folders (main folders that contain tens of gigabytes of information) MusicBee scans. It sometimes lasts for several minutes. Moreover, every time it starts scanning from the very beginning .. But I have 27,000 files in these folders. If you click immediately on the "expand" arrow, then in such cases you can open the desired album immediately. But the fact is that even if you click on an artist that contains 10 albums, this folder also takes a long time to load.

Is there some way to disable or avoid this scan?
Don't get me wrong, maybe I'm a newbie, but I tried using the "music" and "music explorer" sections, but did not find something similar in the settings.
The thing is that in these sections "music", "music explorer" everything is displayed by artist, album. But I would like to access my these 4 mega-folders (the supergenres that I indicated at the beginning of the post) so that I can navigate there like in a file manager. How can you customize this?
I've tried grouping or sorting by "folder name" but these folders don't appear there, only their contents are mixed up. I'm not used to when everything is random.

Perhaps you would advise using genres, but it won't. The fact is that if I display the list by genre, firstly they will all be in an expanded state (so you have to scroll for a very long time to the desired genre), and secondly, there are so many unnecessary clarifications, like Progressive / Neoclasic / Power Metal ... All this is good. But this is confusing. Therefore, I store several genres and subgenres combined in one folder.
Again, I need a view in which I could navigate through these mega-folders without any problems (and constant scanning) in order to access any album.

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