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I show the checkmark column (for private purposes).

Unfortunately when I add a new song (by drag & drop) the checkmark in the song line is always automatically set/enabled.
Can I somehow tell MB leave this column empty by default?

Questions / Re: How are songs identified in Music Library?
« on: December 06, 2020, 01:22:37 PM »
Ok, thank you

Preferences > Library > monitored folders > continuously monitor.

was the key info. Before I only scanned files only at startup

Hmm, with this settings I delete the context menu AND the file associations.

But when I double click on a *.mp3 or *.m3u file then MusicBee should be lauched. Thats my intention

I just want to get rid of the context menus.

Any solution?

Questions / How to disable MusicBee entries in WinExplorer context menu?
« on: December 01, 2020, 05:01:51 AM »
When I right-click on a folder in Windows Explorer then there appear 3 entries:

Play with MusicBee
Queue Next in MusicBee
Queue Last in MusicBee

How can I disable these context menus?

There seems to be a bug in MusicBee:

When I assign/click a 1-star rating for a song then sometimes a value of


and other times


is written.


A 1-star should generate exactly one pre-defined value and have not an arbitrary value

As far as I can see the first value MusicBee|1|0 is not really useful when trying to convert it to stars

In MusicBee I enabled in Preferences--->Tags (1) the checkbox "store ratings in the music file" and
"save Mp3 tags as ID3v2.3"

Now I changed the rating for a certain song test.mp3 from 2 to 3 stars

Afterwards I exit MusicBee, then launched the well know tool Mp3tag v2.04 and opened the just change *.mp3 file
Much to my surprise the Mp3tag column "Rating WMP" is empty.

So the rating is NOT stored by MusicBee. I think its only stored in Music Library

Whats wrong?

Maybe the two header fields "Rating POPM" from MusicBee and "Rating WMP" from Mp3tag are different?

If yes: How can I store the Rating in the more general, more often used "Rating WMP" header field (in addition)?

Questions / Re: How are songs identified in Music Library?
« on: November 19, 2020, 01:25:14 PM »
Any changes to a file, such as copying a file with the same file name, done from outside MB, such as dragging or copying from Explorer or changing tags, will require you the do a file rescan from within MB. Otherwise MB won't know that anything has changed.

At first thank you for the comments.

However your statement that MB won't know that anything has changed is NOT true.

When I drag a *.mp3 file onto a Playlist in MB then MB inserts the new song into the playlist.
BUT when MB inserts (=do) something means that it gets notified about an addition.
And when MB gets notified it could automatically append a file rescan.

Having to trigger it manually every time I drag a new file is tedious and leaves room for improvement :-)

So may I ask you to add an auto-rescan for every dragged file?

Thank you

Whenever I double click on a *.mp3 file in Windows Explorer another player is started but not MusicBee.

Currently I always have to mark the *.mp3 file right click, select "Open With", "Choose default program" and then MusicBee to get MusicBee as the player.

Even if I tick "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" it does not help.

The next time I have to go through the same procedure again.

So is there a way from inside MusicBee to adjust the file associations and use MusicBee as default player?

Maybe there is an option "check for MusicBee as default player"?


Questions / How are songs identified in Music Library?
« on: November 16, 2020, 01:14:37 PM »
How are songs identified in Music Library?

Is it

1.) by (exact) file name?

That would mean I could replace a song by another file (with better quality) as long as both have the same file name

Does capitalization (upper/lower case) matter?


2.) by (exact) hash value/binary content of a file

That would mean I could rename the file name without loss of entry in Music library


So whats then the difference between monitoring and scanning?

Can one say:

Is monitoring = scan + add to Music Library?

But whats then the purpose of scanning at all?
Simply checking for presence?

How can I look into the current content and state of Music Library?

Ok, and how can I (manually, after adding to Playlist) add such a file  to Music Library?

Questions / "Date Added" column empty even after "Send to-->File rescan"?
« on: November 12, 2020, 04:27:46 PM »
I drag a new *.mp3 file from Windows Explorer onto an existing Playlist.

The Playlist column "Date Added" remains empty even if I click on context menu

Sent To--->File Rescan

As far as I understand the context menu is the exact manual equivalent to the automatic auto-scan (at startup) from Preferences.
So a date added should be filled after manual file rescan.

When the *.mp3 file is located inside a monitored folder then "Date added" is filled.

In other words: How can I force MusicBee the fill (column) "Date Added" when the *.mp3 file is OUTSIDE a monitored folder?

Even more:

I understand that MusicBee should/can not permanently monitor and rescan all possible folders of my whole partiton
But when I drag a file onto MusicBee the trigger comes from outside and it refers to only ONE *.mp3 file.
So useless rescanning is not necessary. Instead MusicBee knows what happened and a single file rescan could take place without loss of performance. AND without a manual user File Rescan action

Questions / Print or snapshot Playlist into PDF or *.png file?
« on: November 11, 2020, 11:58:21 AM »
Is there a way to print the current playlist into a *.pdf file or snapshot into *.png file?

This function must have an auto-scoll feature to capture all songs even on long playlists.

Furthermore only the columns which are currently active in Playlist table should be captured/printed.

How can I achieve this?

Assume I added a *.mp3 song to a playlist and assign a Rating of lets say 3 stars.
As far as I understand the Rating is automatically stored in IDv3 header of file (sync enabled) AND in MusicBee Library.

(Days) Later I changed the Rating in IDv3 header of *.mp3 file NOT by MusicBee but another (!) external player.

For simplicity lets say e.g. in well known MP3tag.exe program

When I now start MusicBee there is a conflict between the Rating value in IDv3 header of *.mp3 file and the Rating in MusicBee Library.

Which one has priority (=is shown) in Playlist column?

Can I force MusicBee to sync the Rating values and copy all Rating values (only) into direction Music Library?

Questions / Re-numbering songs in playlist on-demand possible?
« on: November 08, 2020, 07:33:49 AM »

The "#" column in playlists show a number for each song.

Is this number assigned in the sequence of adding?

Can I sort a playlist e.g. for Artist+Title and let MusicBee re-number (without number gaps) all the songs according to their current order?

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