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There is an official naming schema for lossyflac and lossywav files.

See the following where the author of LossyWAV describes the naming schema repeatedly;

MusicBee is not following this schema consistently, particularly when moving or copying files to an organised folder. It does follow the schema when ripping files in the first place.

The expected behaviour in this case would be that the official naming schema of .lossy.flac or .lossy.wav would be followed without dropping the .lossy part of the double file extension as described on the hydrogen audio wiki and various other places, or to give the option to drop the .lossy part of the filename extension, but only as an opt-out option.

See also the following discussion, which was an attempt to submit this as a bug that was moved to questions;

Steps to demonstrate bug
1. Rip files to FLAC using the lossy wav option to make files named {track name}.lossy.flac
2. Select Track/s
3. Right Click and select "Send To" -> "Folder (Move)" -> "Move Files to Organised Folder"
4. In the "File Organiser" dialogue, select folder, use naming template "<Album Artist>\<Album>\<Track#> <Title>" or similar.
5. The ".lossy" suffix will disappear from the file name in the preview, and from the actual file name if you proceed

1-3. Same as above
4. In the "File Organiser" dialogue, select folder, change the naming template to "<Album Artist>\<Album>\<Track#> <Title>.lossy"
5. The file suffix remains .lossy.flac for the preview and subsequent folder move

Same with Folder (Copy) -> Copy to Organised Folder

Using MusicBee 3.2.6760 on Windows 10. Don't know if this occurs in earlier versions.

Questions / Shortening file name in playlist
« on: July 27, 2017, 06:38:54 AM »

My Roland drum kit will only play MP3 or WAV files that have a 14.3 file name format or shorter.

When syncing to a USB stick, I have figured out how to shorten the file name to the 14.3 character format using this formula;

This currently shortens songs like "Like, Wow - Wipeout (Live).mp3" to "Like, W-(Live).mp3"

I am using some characters from the left and some from the right to avoid duplicates when I have both a studio and a live version.

However, I would like to also filter out special characters like brackets and inverted commas so I get more of the filename - e.g "Like, Wow - Wipeout (Live).mp3" to "Like Wo-t Live.mp3"

Any ideas?

I used the following pages to get me this far...

Any help appreciated!

Cheers, Rygle  8)

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