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Plugins / Re: MusicBee Remote (Remote Control for Android)
« on: August 06, 2013, 01:18:38 AM »
Hi i tried the new version.

The app is still crashing when opening the settings. Im using Android 4.0.3

Two improvements i would like to suggest:

   1.When youre in Now Playing and Skip to the next song the List does not jump to the new title. You have to go to home and back to now playing to get the song in the List. Would be great to update the list while in Now Playing mode automatically.
   2. When the album cover does not have the same high and width, the missing space is filled white. It would look better if it was filled with black like the rest of the apps background.

The app is so much better in the new version, really great work. Only real thing thats still missing is starting playlists.
So thank you very much for this great app and i hope  you will keep updating it :)

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