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Questions / Re: changing the color of lyrics in the right panel ?
« on: April 01, 2024, 09:19:57 AM »
Thanks for the feedback!

An external lyrics file
- must be in the same folder as the matching audio file
- must have exactly the same base name (only the extension differs).

Questions / Re: Small Caps Tags
« on: March 30, 2024, 03:19:01 PM »
Then, what you need is a custom font with a 'small caps' feature.
A few (free) ones that I know:
  • Alegreya SC
  • Alegreya Sans SC
  • Vollkorn SC
  • Ysabeau SC
They all include the three European scripts (Latin, Cyrillic and Greek).

But be aware that custom fonts used in virtual tags are taken into account in the main panel,
not in the thumbnail browser or the column browser.

Questions / Re: changing the color of lyrics in the right panel ?
« on: March 30, 2024, 03:06:36 PM »
Synchronised lyrics include timestamps, one before each line.
If you only add "[00:00.00]" at the very beginning of the lyrics, they will be considered as synchronised lyrics, thus displayed with the custom colour.

External lyrics files have the .txt extension, whereas synchronised lyrics files are stored with extension .lrc.
But the extension is not sufficient: an .lrc file without any timestamp inside won't trigger the use of the custom colour.

If you want to convert all your .txt files, it will require some programming work to produce a batch script that:
- scans you music folder tree(s) for .txt files;
- inserts "[00:00.00]" before the 1st line;
- renames the file to .lrc.

I don't know about lyrics stored within the audio files, since I always use external lyrics files.

Or try posting in the wishlist tab if you can't live without a custom colour for the non-synchronised lyrics.

Questions / Re: space before dash
« on: March 30, 2024, 02:34:54 PM »
I guess that there's a bug causing MusicBee to remove the space before the centred dot when using "color" clauses,
since the album sub-header fields are displayed correctly (with space, dot, space) without "color" clauses.

Until correction of the bug, there are 2 options:

(1) Use one integrated virtual formula:
{font: Segoe UI Symbol;Regular;10}{contrast: 100}{color: 0,118,59}<Year>{color: default}" • "{color: 176,0,0}<Grouping>{color: default}" • "{color: 0,0,220}<Genre>

(2) Go on using the 3 virtual formulas, but append the following at the end of each:
" "{color: default}
In this case, the dot is not exactly centred, though.

Questions / Re: changing the color of lyrics in the right panel ?
« on: March 30, 2024, 01:59:56 PM »
is it possible to change the color of the lyrics in the right
No. There's no setting for that in the interface.
There isn't a specific ID for that in the skin XML either: lyrics are displayed according to <element id="ElementPanel.Default" ... />.

besides, i don't understand the option for lyrics in Layout (1)  
"use custom colour for highlighted text" ?
It's used with synchronised lyrics, to highlight the current line.

Questions / Re: space before dash
« on: March 30, 2024, 01:46:47 PM »
Can you post your current virtual tag formula?

Questions / Re: Small Caps Tags
« on: March 30, 2024, 01:37:52 PM »
That's quite a mess, and it contains many syntax mistakes.

Indeed. Detailed remarks about @aktor's formula:
  • Each function name must start with $.
  • The double quotes are misplaced. They must surround literal text only.
  • Function $Substring does not exist. Use $CutLeft or $CutRight instead.
  • No string concatenation symbol (+) is needed.
Corrected formula:

But @hiccup's suggestions ($TitleCase and $SentenceCase) are better, provided you have installed plugin "Additional Tagging & Reporting Tools" first.

Perhaps it already exists but i didn't find it
so it would cool to use the A-Z bar to move in the left panel at the first letter of the Artist ?

The current A-Z jumpbar is for the main panel only.

A fast workaround, though: when the left main panel has the focus, typing any letter on the keyboard places the selection on the first name starting with that letter.
You can also press several keys in a row (eg. B A C, to get to the first artist whose name starts with BAC).

Skins / Re: silvestreccf's skins
« on: March 23, 2024, 09:38:32 AM »
I also noticed the Purenight Blue 2.0 skin may have some flaw(s):
E.g. nothing happens when left-clicking the hamburger menu button top-left.

On my computer, the hamburger menu responds, with Purenight Blue 2.0.xmlc alone, or with a piggy-back based on it.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<root dependsOn="PureNight Blue 2.0.xmlc">
<element id="Content[TrackDetail].Body.Default" bg="040,042,052" fg="170,170,170" bdr="100,60,80" />
<element id="Content[TrackDetail].ListAlternating.Default" bg="044,049,060" fg="170,170,170" />

Skins / Re: silvestreccf's skins
« on: March 22, 2024, 06:36:49 PM »
Thanks for this karbock.
As an echo to your epigraph:
       Little drops of water,
       Little grains of sand,
       Make the mighty ocean
       And the pleasant land.

(From "Little Things", by Julia Carney)

Localization / Re: French translation
« on: March 21, 2024, 07:08:54 PM »
[EN] Minor changes (2) for MB v3.5.
[FR] Changements mineurs (2) pour MB v3.5.

Localization / Re: French translation
« on: March 21, 2024, 06:56:17 PM »
Well spotted, thanks!

FYI, this is the regular thread for the French translation:

Skins / silvestreccf's skins
« on: March 18, 2024, 05:40:07 PM »
Skins by silvestreccf

New common download link
for the following skins created by silvestreccf (deactivated account),
with the author's prior approval:
  • Aura Dark
  • Aura Light
  • Aurora
  • Purenight Blue

The download links used in the respective skin pages are now valid and up-to-date (thanks, Steven).

Aura Dark

Version2.0 "Newlights"
DeviantArt pageHere, to view the latest changes and additional screenshots

Aura Light

Version6.0 "Newlights"
DeviantArt pageHere, to view the latest changes and additional screenshots



Purenight Blue


Silvestreccf's homepages

Questions / Re: Nach Lautstärkenanalyse werden Dateien nicht gespeichert
« on: February 25, 2024, 11:22:19 AM »
Hallo, A. aus dem Harz!

Two years ago, you presented the same issue in this thread:

Was the problem solved back then?
Is the situation different now?
Does it concern audio files with .CUE sheets?

Questions / Re: Possible to do multiple sort categories per artist?
« on: February 23, 2024, 10:32:26 AM »

Just to rephrase your first post, you would like to group your Frank Zappa albums by album type:
1. Canon albums
2. Tribute albums
3. Bootleg albums

A simple way to achieve this is to store the album grouping category in an unused tag, for all tracks of your albums by Frank Zappa.
You could use for instance tag 'Grouping' (standard tag) if it is not used in your collection,
or create a custom tag, say 'AlbumType'.

  • Create the custom tag if needed.
  • Populate the album grouping tag with '1. Canon', '2. Tribute', or '3. Bootleg'.
  • When browsing your collection with the 'Albums' view,
    right click on the 'Albums' header, and within 'Group By' select the album grouping tag.
    The sorting order can remain unchanged: by Album, Year/Album, etc.

With this method, special sorting values based on the artist name are useless.

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