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Questions / Re: Has PDF
« on: September 17, 2023, 05:06:45 PM »
(...) I just can't find the "track details" to click the pdf box. I currently have the main pane set to "album + tracks", but I have tried other views such as "tracks" but I still can't see the relevant panel. Sorry, I must be missing the obvious. I hope you can help guide me through this.

"Track details" and "Track details (2)" are not accessible in the main panel, but you can have them in other panels:
  • left sidebar,
  • left main panel,
  • right main panel,
  • right sidebar.

This is how you can add them to your panel arrangement:
  • Select MusicBee's main menu -> View -> Arrange panels...
  • From the right pane, drag and drop "Track details" to any of the four panels mentioned above.

The "left main panel" and "right main panel" are shown when they are not empty.
If the "left sidebar" or "right sidebar" are invisible, simply use the icons at both ends of the status bar, showing an arrow next to a rectangle.

Questions / Re: Ripping To AAC
« on: September 14, 2023, 06:47:04 PM »
Hi OWEI and welcome to the forum!

If you use MusicBee's installed or portable version, you're just a few clicks away from playing your .aac files.
(As for the store version, I don't know...)

  • Download this .zip file:
  • From the root of that .zip, copy bass_aac.dll to MusicBee's main application folder
    (if you use the installed version, it's most probably C:\Program Files (x86)\MusicBee)
  • Restart MusicBee and rescan your collection (Main menu -> File -> Scan folders for new files)

Bug Reports / Re: The MusicBee can't play some wav files
« on: September 14, 2023, 05:30:00 PM »
I've just tried playing the file with bass_dts.dll (after changing the audio file's extension to .dts), in vain.
I suspect that this version of bass_dts.dll cannot manage more than 2 channels.

Related github project:

Questions / Re: Is anyone using the tag LYRICIST?
« on: September 13, 2023, 12:39:03 PM »

There's a common question to ask yourself for any piece of information: will you need it? Or is the piece of information important to you?
From a practical point of view thus, if you are not likely to filter out your songs by LYRICIST (or even COMPOSER), why would you populate those tags?

In the past, I recorded LYRICIST for a few songs based on works by famous writers, but I've almost never used the field since.
As for COMPOSER, I populate it mainly for classical music, and to some extent for jazz, or works for big bands.

Tips and Tricks / Re: Tag Mapping: MusicBee, mp3tag, Picard
« on: September 12, 2023, 02:21:40 PM »
Thanks, guys for your support!

* Added: the matching mp3tag IDs are now included in (4c) Tags written to the audio files

Bug Reports / Re: Column Browser: virtual tag "Musician Credits" incomplete
« on: September 07, 2023, 04:35:49 PM »
Okee, thank you, Steven!

Questions / Re: Incorrect audio output on Dolby Atmos files
« on: September 06, 2023, 04:05:30 PM »
I've just tested with a few ac3 files.

I could play a YT video (sound OFF) while MusicBee was playing an ac3 in WASAPI exclusive mode,
and this with any of the 3 browsers I have on my computer (running Win10 x64): Firefox, Vivaldi and Edge (latest versions for all of them).

Another weird observation, though:
for one of the files, MB plays it correctly in WASAPI shared, but it's distorted in WASAPI exclusive, thus the opposite of GoroUgur's experience.

MusicBee could play the ac3 files even without adding bass_ac3.dll to its main folder.

Bug Reports / Column Browser: virtual tag "Musician Credits" incomplete
« on: September 03, 2023, 02:42:11 PM »
Hi Steven,

I presume the following behaviour is not intended in the Column Browser:
after using the Multiple Artist Splitter on an .mp3, virtual tag Musician Credits is available,
but it shows only the last artist present in TMCL (2.4) or IPLS (2.3).

MB v3.5.8631.34314 (latest patch).

Test file available in this cloud folder,
with the following tags entered through the Multiple Artist Splitter:

display artist
Sonny & Cher

Artists In text mode:
Sonny Bono: Artist
Cher: Artist
MyTestPerformer23: Performer
Jennifer Kae: Guest Artist
MyTestRemixer23: Remixer
Mike Rubini: piano
Al Pellegrini: conductor
Dean Parker: guitar
Matt Betton: drums
Bert Fanette: organ
David Hungate: bass guitar
Dahrell Norris: percussion

Single value shown in the column browser under "Musician Credits":
Dahrell Norris

Tips and Tricks / Re: Tag Mapping: MusicBee, mp3tag, Picard
« on: September 03, 2023, 01:46:05 PM »
@hiccup @Dizza17 Thanks for your compliments and keen comments!

These are the resulting additions, after fumbling deeper in MB's entrails:

(4b) Split up between:
- Main panel  /  Track information  /  Virtual tag formulas
- Thumbnail browser
- Column browser

(4c) Added: IPLS (ID3 v2.3) and TMCL (ID3 v2.4)

Tips and Tricks / Re: Tag Mapping: MusicBee, mp3tag, Picard
« on: September 01, 2023, 04:12:05 PM »

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: "multiple artist splitter" improvement suggestion
« on: September 01, 2023, 10:36:00 AM »
Out of curiosity (since I'm preparing a post on the tags involved in the Multiple Artist Splitter ... stay tuned), I have performed some systematic tests in the Multiple Artist Splitter dialog box.

These are the possible options I've recorded:

display artist + button [Split]
  • roles/instruments are NOT recognised in this text box (at least not with these separators: = : (...) {...} [...] as)
  • artists can be separated by: , ; / ) & and ft. feat. featuring v. vs. with

artist: role/instrument (TEXT mode)
  • you must separate the artists by a newline
  • artist names and instruments are parsed correctly when separated by a colon (e.g. John Smith: guitar)

artist: role/instrument (GRID mode)
  • select in the drop-down list between (Artist/Guest Artist/Performer/Remixer)
  • or type the exact role/instrument you wish (such as guitar)
  • or type a part of it (such as gui), then select from the drop-down list,
    provided the role/instrument you wish is
    - either included in Configuration.xml, between <Instruments>...</Instruments>
    - or already present in some other track.

re-added the separator list removed by the forum editor (bug showing up with nested lists)
artists can be separated by: , ; / ) & and ft. feat. featuring v. vs. with

Questions / Re: How do I use these File Type Icons?
« on: August 21, 2023, 07:40:28 PM »
Welcome to the forum!

Three methods are shown in this page:

1) regedit.exe
2) Default Programs Editor (3rd-party tool)
3) FileTypesMan (3rd-party tool)

I remember using FileTypesMan, but it must have been a long time ago.

Skins / Re: One Dark
« on: August 16, 2023, 06:53:50 PM »
Nice colours, thanks!

TheaterMode / Re: Theater Modes / What Are They? / How Do They Work?
« on: August 16, 2023, 02:16:12 PM »
Warm thanks for your presentation, and kudos: both content and layout are very clear.
There must have been a mass of work off-stage (fiddling around, and writing).

The only TM I wrote for myself was a mere adaptation from an existing one.
Now I know where to look for detailed information about the possible features.


i have changed it to 50,000 chars
Thanks, Steven!

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