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Bug Reports / Some hotkeys not kept when changing the interface language
« on: January 28, 2022, 10:40:14 AM »
Some hotkeys are not kept when choosing another interface language.

Concerned actions:
* (EN) View: Theater mode
    --> (FR) Affichage: Mode Cinéma
    --> (IT) Visualizza: Modalità home theater
* (EN) View: Theater mode - Show list
    --> (FR) Affichage: Mode Cinéma - Afficher la liste
    --> (IT) Visualizza: Modalità home theater - elenco visualizzazioni

Note: I haven't performed an exhaustive check of the hotkeys, so I don't know if other actions are concerned.

* MB version 3.4.8033 portable (but the bug showed up in the installed version, too)
* Win 10 x64

Steps to reproduce:
* Interface language = EN
* Define hotkeys for the two actions above.
* Choose another interface language (I have tried with FR and IT).
* Result: hotkeys not available anymore (unless you revert to the original interface language).

The behaviour also shows up when defining the hotkeys in FR and then switching to EN/IT.

After changing the language and noticing that the hotkeys are not present, if you want to re-assign them, you get a confirmation window.
Warning message in EN: F9 is used for '' - do you want to reassign it to 'View: Theater Mode'?

Screenshots available here.

Anyway, thanks to Steven and the team for their brilliant work: MB is a pure gem!

Bug Reports / CUE with M4A: wrong "Artist" value displayed
« on: April 21, 2021, 02:41:55 PM »
Software: MusicBee v3.4.7764, Windows 10 x64

  • M25.m4a
  • M25.cue

ARTIST value defined in the files:
  • in M25.m4a: ARTIST = "hr-Sinfonieorchester; François Leleux (dir.)"
  • in M25.cue: same, at album level, PERFORMER "hr-Sinfonieorchester; François Leleux (dir.)"

  • The "Artist" value is incorrect when displaying the album data in columns (main screen), or in TheaterMode. The value displayed is that of AlbumArtist (in this case: "MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus"). Repeating PERFORMER for each TRACK in the CUE sheet does not change the behaviour.

  • The "Artist" field value is correct when displaying the fields of a track with right-click -> "Edit" -> "Tags".

The files are available here:

Buggy version:

Latest functioning version:

Actions performed when bug shows up:
- outside MB, copy artwork to clipboard
- in MB, right click on an artist's thumbnail
- select "Paste Artwork"

Error message:
In MB 3.3 upd. 4, you get an error window, reading "Invalid picture",
whereas in MB 3.3 upd. 3, the artist's thumbnail is changed as expected.

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