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Yo guys. I just got MusicBee and it annoyed me that it didn't have WMP's forward and back playlist stuff, so I made a plugin for it.

Say you open Playlist A, and then Playlist B, if you click back you can go back to Playlist A, on the exact song you left off on, at the exact timestamp. And you can progress like this forever, you can go back through 500 playlists and forward again if you want.

Likewise since it stores your history if you mess up your playlists you can manually fish back through the file and recover your playlists (or just cycle back).

Here's the download link.

Bit hard to show a music plugin in a gif but you might get the point from this:

If you still don't get it, I uploaded a video here that describes the functionality.

I'm vanishingly unlikely to respond here so if you need me for whatever reason, I'm AlexRoseGames on twitter. Enjoy! <3

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