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Questions / Re: ISRC & Cat Number Fields
« on: May 17, 2021, 09:01:56 PM »
Wow "Thanks" for the replies.  

This reminds me of those threads where someone describes an issue they have with their computer and the only "helpful" posts are "Well I don't have that problem"

instead of "here's how you fix it"....

Questions / ISRC & Cat Number Fields
« on: May 16, 2021, 07:53:49 PM »
Any chance of getting dedicated Catalogue Number Fields (as well as ISRC) now the 2 have been fully separated by all online stores and most if not all standalone ID Tag tools?

Thanks for the best audio player, ever, though.

Questions / Re: Overriding the Original Tags
« on: May 16, 2021, 09:43:59 AM »
working out which version the tag or (most likely) tagS are stored in is a good starting point.

I know it'd be nice to do it all inside MB but... sometimes it's quicker and cleaner to use a dedicated tagger whose developer has spent only time on perfecting their tool (no jack of all trdes)
To which i suggest Tagscanner as it has an option that makes this task of unifying different contradicting id tags super easy by cross referencing from the original tags, writing new tags (acrooss the various versions of id tags &/or in the id format of your choice.
When updating all tags with a simple "save" click it insures 1 id tag version isn't returning a different set off info versus another version, causing you a headache ...  in musicbee (which is an ok tag editor but, i'll leave it at but.)

Tagscanner comes in portable or installable format (x86 or 64bit variants) has a simple, neatly laid out ui and  wont require pages of a manual to do basic things.

Has the usual lookup ooptions at discogs, musicbrainz etc & can also create m3u, cue files and  if you wish to dig a little further even create text (rtf/txt) files displaying the info in your tags via simple scripts all produced at a click of a button to contain similar info you'd find at discogs. Handy for keeping info about the album/ep etc that you don't want to retain in your tags comment section or just wish to have ALL the info for future reference.

Has Discord been updated or something? I've spent FAR too long trying to find this elusive "Add Game" option in the settings of discord clicking every option at least 20 times and "for the life of me" I can NOT find "add game" anywhere, I can add steam, twitter or whatever only because there is an option for it.

I've clicked my profile in chat, the cog in the bottom left next to the mic/headphones icons next to my name - basically just where the f is this option?

Its driving me flippin mental.  :-[

Plug in is installed fine, it opens etc.

p.s. screenshot would begreatly appreciated of where exactly in discord this add game option is.


it's not done by adding musicbee to steam as a game is it? nah there's no mention of that in the instructions....  :-X

As title, I own a massive collection of music having spent over a decade converting my CD's, Tapes & vinyl to FLAC.

Is there a solution to "help" Musicbee form being over whelmed and crashing and could it be installing multiple portable versions of MusicBee on each drive that contains the music? or will this clutter & cause  issues with their linked appdata files or will they remain "happily" independent?

I've tried so many apps and MusicBee is by far the player I prefer to use (I do use "quick access" apps like Boom, OceanAudio, VU Player etc for a quick n dirty album or track play but of course prefer (preferred until crashes occurred) to use MB for longer listening sessions.

Side note, I recently migrated a bloated 2TB harddrives content to a new 4TB drive and in doing so rearranged the drives letters - I then deleted the old playlist and reset monitored folders and rebuilt the playlist, ever since I've had issues.

Is there a way to save my players layout, installed add-ons etc but safely reset MusicBee without loosing the layout (which took days to decide upon). ?

or should I just reinstall completely? or run multiple Portable additions to handle portions of my library (via Genre seems the logical way forward) literally having 3 or 4 portable installs covering grouped genres ie Jazz, Funk, Soul, Blues, Funkadelic etc then another portable MB covering Punk, Rock, Psychedelia etc then another covering Reggae, Dub etc and so on??

or is there a practical way to still have TerraBytes of FLAC files running under 1 instal - maybe no playlist and just have it playing from monitored Locations (harddrives/folders)?

Could it simply be a case of running as admin or run elevated beyond "normal"?

I'm open to suggestions.

if the info is useful, I have 16GB of DDR4, i58600k (6core) and a 1070ti with O.S (Win 10) running from an M.2 + 8 internal drives. (no need to be specific about the (too many) external enclosed harddrives for back up).

The 8 internal drives are :- 6 SATAs to the motherboard & *2 reclaimed drives connected via pcie slot - these 2 are not monitored by Music Bee. Only the 3x4TB drives listed below.
3x4TBs Western Digital Blues for music @5400rpm,
1TB Western Digital Black (for games),
1x 2TB 7200RPM for "other Media" &
1xTB WD Blue for General "work"/storage,

+ *2 crappy scratch drives (ripped out of sky boxes) on a pcie card, 1st used to hold rip's in process of tagging etc the 2nd for downloads of apps & stuff so my "main" drives don't see much read/write busy work other than when accessed by an Audio player.

Dunno if that gives a useful picture.

TYI for any advice especially from those who have the same experience and found the "cure" of a large collection.

Thanks -  I had an inclining placing the image inside the the folder of the skin was part of the process as I had seen skins with images in them but they were part of like the "Dark-Flat UI" skin pack with multiple coloured highlights and only 1 jpg in the folder so I presumed an edit of the xml's "code" pointing to the particular image was the answer thus I left mentioning that out of my question in case (whoever answered) assumed I was too lazy to try, instead I just thought myself out of the idea - it never occurred that simply naming the jpg after the particular would be the logical answer. Unfortunately thanks to Windows 10 "logic and windows 10" rarely belong in the same sentence anymore. (quick jump of that soapbox).

So, Thank you very much for your swift answer and apologise for my gushingly lengthy reply.

"CD Art Display" will do more or less what you require. You can customize it to display the CD art (resizable) What screen to show on (if you have multiple monitors) for how long it appears and of course font style/size and X / Y by pixel to the position on the screen you prefer. Also you can use it to pause, play, and control the basics of MBB.
Worth a try.
Technically it's not made for MBB but that didn't stop someone (Steven : Admin boss man dude) making it work


ps don't worry about the out of date stuff in the thread above, I just listed it fyi - google search "CD Art Display" and download the current version "cad3b1600" - it works perfectly "fine" now. 1 in 50 launches it may hang, barely a crash. big boy pants.

As the title.
Is it possible to lock a background to a particular skin so that when I return to it I don't need to re-select the image/save/restart MBee repeat when I'm in a different colour/background mode (usually the next day)?

Can it be embedded (no idea how to) into the xml skin itself or is there an option I'm missing?


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