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I don't know what to add much than the title but sometimes only on my Windows 11 pc (working fine on 2 others pc on  WIndows 10), texts on the now playing tab, while a track is played, will flicker (turn invisible) for a few frames and the scrollbar will appears. It looks like it's only doing it if the text is long enough to need a scrollbar like in lyrics, .lrc files or long enough artist bios.

A good way to see that happens was to set the main panel on the Now Playing tab to Large Album, and put Lyrics or Artist Biography  to the Main Panel (Left or right side) and just play a song. It happens like 1 every 25-30 seconds.
Putting the lyrics to the Right sidebar doesn't trigger this bug, looks like it's related to the main panel only.

MusicBee ver. 3.5.8249 but this bug was also in 3.4, I just updated to see this was fixed

MusicBee Version : 3.2.6812

Here is the scenario:

1-Search for something using the search bar on your Inbox
2-Go to your Music Collection and delete something
3-Go back to your Inbox and the search bar and results will change to a previous search ( a search before step 1)

I think the same problem appears if you search something your Music Collection, then delete something in your Inbox.


With albums that have multiple CD, non media files are not moving from inbox to music collection probably because multiple CD albums create multiple folders (CD1-CD2-...). This works great when album has only one CD, or when the CD n° is blank.

I have my collection organise like this :

<album artist>\<Album>\CD<Disk#>\<Disk-Track#> - <Title>


Questions / Question about freedb and auto-tag
« on: August 12, 2018, 12:26:56 AM »

I tried to setup freedb to vgmdb with this adress (I got the adress from here : )

I went to tag (2) and change the freedb server from there but autotag results are the same ( only MusicBrainz's results)

I tried , , ... still no result. I made sure the album I wanted to auto tag has the same title as the one on vgmdb but still no result.

That the first time I deal with databases so maybe I miss something ?

Thanks !

Questions / Custom tags thumbnails
« on: August 01, 2018, 11:22:04 AM »
I have a question regarding custom tags

I have a lot of Games Soundtrack and custom tags are great for me to sort them by Developpers, Editors or even by platforms.

I was wondering if MusicBee can deals with those custom tags like Artist/Album Artist tags, by showing a thumbnails that represent the developpers or editors.

In iTunes i used to just replace the album artist by the developper of the game : for exemple I put "EA Games Soundtrack" as an album artist, a logo of EA appears in the artists list. If i made a custom tag and check the list, the picture beside "EA Games Soundtrack" stay blank.

To resume is this possible for MusicBee to deals with custom tags like they are artist? If no, is this possible to add a thumbnail to a custom tag manually?

Thanks !


I just move from itunes to musibee and the transition is awsome so far.

I like the Auto organised folder to move all the music in a particular folder, but all my pictures like front cover, back cover, artwork, booklet, CD ect... stay in their originial folder and doesn't move automatically.

Is there an option to really move ALL automatically ?

Thanks !

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