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Questions / Add to Top of Playlist instead of Bottom?
« on: August 11, 2019, 08:27:51 PM »
Hello, is there any way to add new track additions to the top of a playlist instead of the bottom?

Questions / Sort by Date Added, Reverse Tracklist?
« on: July 03, 2018, 12:04:19 AM »
Hello, I am a long time user of MusicBee (since around 2013).

I recently purchased a new computer and am trying to transfer over some settings. I like to sort by Date Added (Descending), so I am able to see the music that was added latest at the top of MusicBee. I've defined this custom sorting on my new machine, and it sorts by Date Added (Descending), but it will display album tracks in the reverse order. If I choose sort by Date Added (Ascending) the tracks will be displayed in the correct order, but my new music will be at the bottom of MusicBee.

On my old machine (version 2.5.5490), no matter if I chose date added by descending or ascending, tracks would be displayed in the correct forward order.

Anyway to sort by Date Added (Descending) in the correct tracklist order?

Thanks for any help!

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