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So I recently migrated from foobar2000 to musicbee - overall, I'm EXTREMELY pleased by the functionality mb is delivering, it's really quite amazing & I'm only sorry I didn't discover it sooner.

That said...  ::)  :P

One thing I really liked about f2k was the so-called "title formatting" syntax:

Not that mb necessarily needs to geek out to quite that level, but it'd be nice to be able to at least resize text, change fonts, change colors in the customizable panels (now playing, notification, etc.) and maybe be able to use a few of the logic functions as well.

Of course, if any of this capability exists already & I'm just missing it, please administer the appropriate clue-bat. BTW, am happy if these things can be added to the skin XML instead of "inline" in the customize panel dialogs, I don't really care about the how (within reason...).

Thanks for listening!  :D

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