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Portable Devices / Re: tranfering playlists to sony walkman
« on: June 16, 2018, 11:51:52 PM »
@ silvertriclops: You're absolutely right about the baseline encoding of the artwork, however I create/edit all my artwork in Photoshop, each image is 602 x 602 pxls and embedded in the music file; I don't resize them for the Walkman and they show up just fine.

And yes, the Playlist Path is absolutely critical; I must have missed that step half a dozen times and it was driving me crazy!  :'(

The one thing I discovered after I posted the above is that the Sound Leveling doesn't work; at least I haven't been able to get it to.

After trying multiple times and posting questions asking for help I finally just duplicated by library and permanently changed the volume of the files to the Replaygain Track values, as I listen to my music in Shuffled Playlists, whether on my PC or Walkman.

As far as I know the only DAP's that support Replaygain Tags are Android devices, and even then only with a 3rd party app/plug-in.

Paul:  If your FLACs are made from the original source, I would think twice before permanently altering them unless you plan on backing them all up first.

I am transferring my music to a DAP, unfortunately it doesn't read Replaygain tags; as far as I can see it's mostly Android devices that will work with the tags, and even then only after the installation of a 3rd party plug-in.

I've duplicated my music library and need to permanently change the volume of the files before transferring them.

It doesn't do volume analysis. The source files should already have RG tags.

Got it, thanks.

Hi All

I'm trying to permanently change the volume of my FLAC files instead of writing  Replaygain tags.

In the File Converter I check the "permanently adjust volume" box and click the "tracks to same volume" button but it's not working.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


"level volume" option in sync setting does not mean doing volume analysis and adding ReplayGain tags but permanently adjusting volume in the converted file according to the existing ReplayGain tag values in the source file.
If you want to just transfer ReplayGain tags from the source files to the target files, then do not tick that option.

Nope, doesn't work, it just writes the Replaygain tags on-the-fly, it doesn't permanently adjust the volume of the file.

Hi All

I recently bought a Sony NW-A45 DAP which, unfortunately, does NOT work with the Replaygain tags in my FLAC files... Sony's own "normalizer" setting is pretty worthless.

When transferring the music/playlists to the Sony, checking the "Level Volume" box just writes the tags on the fly, it doesn't permanently alter the volume.

After trying a few other options I've decided the best thing to do is duplicate my entire library and permanently change the volume of the tracks to the Replaygain values, an option I think MB allows.

Does anyone know how to make an exact duplicate of my library; albums, tracks, playlists, metadata, layout etc? I really don't want to have to rebuild it from scratch.


General Discussions / Re: So how big is your music library?
« on: May 02, 2018, 04:55:09 PM »
378 Albums *
1497 Tracks **
10ds, 9hrs, 41mins

* Once I decided to move on from iTunes and mp3's I spent a couple of months going through my CD collection and re-ripping everything to FLAC. What I have in my library now is a little less than half my total collection... the rest of it I just can't listen to any more! LOL!

** 1 track for me could be "Pretty Vacant" by the Sex Pistols, or the complete "Dark Side of the Moon" edited into a single track; I've been ripping my CD's since before the days of gapless playback and Track/Album leveling! :)

Hi Steve

I only use MusicBee to edit my files... the only thing I've done differently recently is to do with transferring my music and playlists to a Sony NW-AR45 DAP.

I couldn't get the MB Playlists to work on my Walkman and eventually installed Sony's Music Center software, which worked, but meant I had to duplicate everything, which sux!

I then went back to MB and finally figured out what I had been doing wrong, erased everything off the Sony and transferred my Playlists and music from MB.

It was after this that I discovered the corrupted Format Tags... could the Sony software have somehow messed with MB?!


Questions / Formatting Tags corrupted across entire music library...
« on: April 21, 2018, 07:46:57 PM »
Hello All

The Formatting Tags have become corrupted across my entire music library, but it's not consistent, as you can see from the two Mike Oldfield albums below.

And even where I have an album with just a single band name, such as "Air" below, because of the extra spaces that have appeared in the text fields, the Tag is still corrupted.

Needless to say, every album was manually tagged as it was entered, and was 100% correct. I discovered this when I was backing up my FLAC files and my backup software told me it was backing up the entire collection, instead of just the two new albums I had added.

Does anyone know what has happened here?


Portable Devices / Re: newbie questions
« on: April 17, 2018, 02:06:05 PM »
Sorry, I don't use my phone to listen to my music so I'm afraid I'm out of ideas.  :(

If you can edit the title of your post to reference your phone, "MusicBee not seeing my Galaxy S7," hopefully you'll get a response from other S7 users.

Portable Devices / Re: newbie questions
« on: April 17, 2018, 01:22:08 AM »
Hi Phoenix, when you go to Edit\Preferences\Devices, have you checked the "detect MTP devices" box?

As far as I know this is required when you're transferring music and playlists to a phone, as opposed to a DAP.

Good luck!

Portable Devices / Re: new sony walkman playlist problem
« on: April 15, 2018, 07:22:23 PM »
my old sony Walkman's battery is shot, so I got a new one.  But while I download the playlists and the music successfully, when I go to play the playlist, it says there is no songs available to play.

anyone else have this problem?  Some yutz from sony tells me the new players can't take m3u playlists now.


To configure MusicBee to be able to sync playlists to your Sony NW-A35 Walkman: Select edit preferences\devices\Walkman\configure\settings
Leave everything to default except: Music Files: Music\<Playlist><Artist><Title> (You can arrange this to your liking but don't omit the arrow characters)
Storage Path: F:\  Make sure, use naming template, is checked
Playlists Path: MUSIC\
Check the box for: Create a subfolder for each playlist and its tracks.
Save as M3U
Now MusicBee will recognize the Sony Walkman. To send a playlist, created in MusicBee, to the Walkman, right click the playlist and select send to device WALKMAN
Make sure, when you are done in MusicBee, that you right click WALKMAN in the lower portion of MusicBee and select safely remove. That's it. Kiss MEDIAGO goodbye. ENJOY and you're welcome.

Works a treat, the "Playlists Path" messed me up, I'd missed that step a bunch of times before I read your post!  :'(

Portable Devices / Re: tranfering playlists to sony walkman
« on: April 15, 2018, 10:46:23 AM »
WARNING: do NOT install and run Sony Music Center!!! I did and the Sorting Tags for my ENTIRE music collection were corrupted. If you have installed Music Center check your Sorting Tags for albums, and every individual track on the albums, and edit appropriately.

To synchronize Music and Playlists on your Walkman, with leveled sound and embedded artwork, first connected it then select: Edit \ Preferences \ Devices.

Click on your Walkman, or its internal SD card if you have one, depending on where you want to store your music and playlists.

Click on Configure.

On the default “Music” tab select the Playlists you want to synchronize; do NOT check “synchronize music.”

Click on the “Settings” tab.  

Under “media storage” the “storage path” should be the drive letter of your Walkman’s storage, either internal or the SD card.

Check, “use naming template.”

The “music files” template should be: Music\<Album Artist><Album><Title>, plus any other information you want to display.

Under “on the fly conversion” check, “convert to” and select the File Format and degree of Compression you want to use, even if your files are already converted on your PC.

Select, “only convert files not already formatted as…”

Check, “level volume” and then select either Track or Album leveling.

Under “playlist storage” the “playlists path” MUST be: MUSIC\

If you don’t set the Playlist path correctly the Playlist will be created but will NOT work!!! (I missed that step a bunch of times!  :'( )

Do NOT Check, “create a sub-folder for each playlist and its tracks,” IF you have tracks that appear in multiple Playlists; see Note 1.

“save as format” should be: M3U

Under “artwork storage” select, “embed artwork in the music file.”

Click, Save \ Apply \ Save, and you should be good to go!

Next go to one of your Playlists and, Right Click \ Send To \ Device \ your Walkman’s internal storage or SD card.

Once the transfer is complete go to the Sony’s main screen and click on “Playlists” and you should see the Playlist you’ve just created with the number of individual tracks it contains, then go to the Folder view, and you should see all the music that has been transferred to the device; see Notes 2 & 3.

I've just transferred over 10 days worth of music onto my NW-A45 using the above settings so I'm pretty sure they work... good luck!

NOTE 1: If you have separate tracks from Band X in Playlists 1 & 2, but would also like to have a Playlist of JUST Band X, if you check “create a sub-folder…” MusicBee will create 3 folders on your Sony, Playlist 1 and 2 and Band X. The Band X folder is a duplicate of all the music already in lists 1 & 2, taking up unnecessary space on your device.

NOTE 2: According to Sony you can have a maximum of 999 tracks per Playlist. Obviously if you have a Playlist with over a 999 tracks in MB you'll have to split it... which sux, but it is what it is.

NOTE 3: With the Sony still connected, if you look at the “Music” folder in Windows Explorer you’ll see all the transferred FLAC files and M3U playlist files.

Thanks Guys! I noticed that the files hadn't been "normalized" but haven't had time to investigate, I'll make the changes and transfer the files again when I get back from the office.

Questions / Permanently "normalize" FLAC files for transfer to DAP?
« on: April 08, 2018, 11:08:35 PM »
Hello All

I recently bought a Sony NW-A45, but didn't realize it doesn't support Replaygain tags... a not unusual situation by all accounts; the player has its own "Dynamic Normalizer" setting but it's worthless.  

I went to Edit/Preferences/Devices, highlighted the SD card, clicked Configure/Music and selected Synchronize All Music.

I then went to Settings, and here's where I'm not too sure about how things should be.

All my music files in MB are FLAC files with Track Level Replaygain tags and embedded Artwork, so I don't need to "convert" them, I just need to permanently adjust the volume for use in the DAP.

So, in the On-the-fly Conversion section I left the "Convert to" box unchecked.

I checked Level Volume/Tracks at same volume, as well as Embed Artwork in the music file.

Is this correct?

Also, is MB only permanently adjusting the volume of the files transferred to the DAP, and not the original files on my HD?

I know I'm not messing with Playlists as yet, I just want to get the track volume thing squared away first!  :)


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