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Plugins / Re: LyricsReloaded (Latest)
« on: November 02, 2022, 05:02:09 PM »
Really love your plugin ♫
may I ask a  question ?
can't download and save synch lyrics because it's a musicbee limit or the plugin limit?

this should fix the bug and also now write SYLT tag and also TXXX/LYRICS for synchronised lyrics
unzip and replace the existing musicbee application files
seems to work
Steven , i know I 'm asking a non sense request
could be fixed in 3.2.6827 portable version too?
i'm using the last version , but often there are computer still with w7 at work , disconnected from internet , and in my case i can't udgrade framework 4.7
i know microsoft killed w7 ,but it's nice to have musicbee on a usb3 and play some music at work

this should fix the bug and also now write SYLT tag and also TXXX/LYRICS for synchronised lyrics
unzip and replace the existing musicbee application files
Hi Steven
thanks , I will try as soon as I can , and I will keep you posted

mp3tag and Tagscanner don't recognize the tag SYLT
i don't know other tagger

gaiastar: the Kid3 3.8.7 tagger (the best tagger nobody heard of) supports both adding and timestamp editing of SYLT frames;  download its handbook at and check section 3.1.9, "Synchronized Lyrics and Event Timing Codes" for a detailed guide.

i did not know kid3 , i'm trying right now ,but seems more complicated then mp3tag ,Tagscanner ,musicbee and foobar2000 with mastagger component
i guess i won't use musicbee to rate a song or the tagger even it's very very powerfull

It means that you "make love to" Musicbee!

It's a subtle difference.  People say they're "a lover of xxxxxxxx"  or a "xxxxxx lover," that means one thing (what you meant).  If they say they're "xxxxxxxx's lover," that's another thing.  It's the possessive "'s" that changes the meaning.
hi Frankz
i have changed it  :-[  :-[
thank  you!

mp3tag and Tagscanner don't recognize the tag SYLT
i don't know other tagger
an i know only few audio player musicbee , foobar2000 and aimp (both  read sync lyrics in the tag LYRICS)
musicbee read correctly the sync stored in the tag LYRICS
could be added an option to recognize  as sync lyrics ?
at least i don't lost them


FYI, this means something different than you probably intended.  :)
no , what does it mean ? just wanted to say love musicbee
by the way even mp3tag does not recognize the tag SYLT , even Tagscanner does not recognize the tag SYLT
i don't know other audio tagger
it's really a problem for my the lyrics , because It take a lot to download the right lyrics , think about of an entire collection

this one is a bit grey.
the file had sychronised lyrics but they are not stored in the sychronised lyrics tag for mp3 files ie. SYLT is where synchronised lyrics should be stored but in this case its in TXXX/LYRICS
as such MB treats the tag as unsychronised lyrics on loading
and when saving moves the lyrics to USLT
So the lyrics are not removed, just moved to a different tag.
Even if i added logic to detect its really synchronised lyrics, it would still get moved to SYLT

By the way, if you only rate songs i dont think the tag would have changed - its only when you do a full edit
should I change the tag SYLT for sync lyrics and not LYRICS ?
i guess LYRICS tag is used by foobar and other players and musicbee can read it correctly
musicbee change the tags even when I rate a song
thanks Steven

can you send me a link to a zip of a couple of files with them Lyrics tag still present?
yes ,i have sent via pm
thanks Steven

i'm running musicbee 3.4.7805 , i have ripped Uriah Heep's Salisbury album , mp3 320k encoded with lame
and all the songs have sync lyrics with the tag LYRICS

I have rated some songs and musicbee  3.4.7805  did remove/change the tag LYRICS

i have to re-add lyrics for all the songs i have rated , i guess it does happen with the tag editor too , i'm not 100% sure but i have changed the GENRE of an album and i lost all the lyrics

is there a bug?

here a screenshot of the song after rating and after re-download lyrics

before changed the the GENRE

after change the Genre

You go to MusicBee Settings - Layout (1) and scroll down until you see "Lyris". Then double click on "use costum color for highlightet text" and change the color as you like.

ohh , thank you so much , spend 1 hour to try to edit the skin and the there is the option in the preference :-[  :-[
appreicate it , thanks again

I have lots of songs with syncornized lyrics embeded as tag LYRICS
musicbee can read correctly and show them perfectly
the fonts are black and bold when in "karaoke" mode , i mean musicbee show the lyric in bold when are singed

is there a way to change the the bold "karaoke" color for example red , or the lyrics in gray and black when are singed
or the colors are skin dipendent
and there is nasty musicbee behavior , for example when i remove rating of a bunch of files or change the genre , musicbee does remove the lyrics stored in the tag LYRICS
I have reported but it's still present 
i'm running MusicBee 3.4.7805
sorry for my english
in the screenshot you can see what i mean

Skins / Re: Bitmap based skins
« on: September 09, 2021, 04:51:29 PM »
i know it's old
i'm tring to create a skin
but skin creator does always crash
does somebody know if a w10 pro 64bit last update issue ?
in short if it's not compatible with last w10 version ?

Put the portable version in a folder and share it on your network.
Share the folder with your music files and (if they're different) the folder with your *.mbl library folder
**ALWAYS run MB from the network location EVEN ON THE LOCAL COMPUTER WHERE YOU HAVE IT**  (i.e. all of your links should be to \\SHARENAME\MusicBee.exe, never C:\\MusicBee\Musicbee.exe)
You can't run it on more than one computer at the same time. Make sure it's closed everywhere else before opening it.
i don't know how share a folder in my network , i should watch some tutorials
but if i have an external hard disk or 2 operation system on my comptuer and the AppData folder on 3 partition (so w10 and w7 could read it ) could i create a link of the folder InternalCache , and copy the link should work
i have tried without luck , at least i would like to share the InternalCache folder , because is really huge

maybe is there a way to edit the MusicBee3Settings.ini to set the location of the folder , would be great

Hi gaiastar:  the link to the patch ( appears at the bottom of every post made by global moderators phred and psychoadept, along with the instructions "Unzip into your MusicBee directory and overwrite existing files."  Which means unzip the files/folders contained in the patch (there will just be a few--whatever got updated) into your MusicBee portable folder, and let them overwrite any files of the same name that exist there now.

The patch contents are updated frequently, but the link to/name of the patch does not change.
hi Sveakul
can i share the musicbee database/library with a portable version or using dual boot windows 10 and 7 installation musicbee on the same computer?
may i know which folder should I share ?
i want to share only database not settings
would love to share the folder InternalCache\  , is really huge , can i do it?

The Portable version does not include the W10 Media Control plugin by default (or any other plugin besides Theater Mode), you need to download and add it manually.  That plugin hasn't been updated in a while, and may or may not work with the latest iteration of Windows 10 (now 21H1 as far as a normal release).  It has its own thread in the Plugins forum you can check.

The "cleanest" install is to get rid of everything from any past attempt at installing MB first, then install the Portable version to a folder outside of the Windows control hierarchy, like C:\MusicBee.  Then at first run create your library from scratch, and re-do (not import) all the settings, which may have changed anyway from earlier versions.  Time consuming, but worth it, and you get to discover parts of the GUI you may not have noticed before.

Be sure to whitelist/exclude the entire MusicBee portable folder, and whatever folders your music files are stored in, in Windows Defender.

You should also install the latest patch file from phred/psychoadept's signature line.

Finally, be sure your audio device drivers are updated with the latest package from the manufacturer.  If you later encounter problems with playing some specific file type (for example M4A/AAC), post to the forum, as there are extra steps you can try.
Hi Sveakul , appreciate a lot your help
well , in safe mode i have uninstalled musicbee and i have used a boot live cd to delete all the folder relalted to musicbee , reboot -> search in the registry and deteled some folders
installed the musicbee on a different partition , and detele all the subkeys in the registry of Audio\PolicyConfig\PropertyStore
now musicbee works!! :)  Maybe it could help other users
You should also install the latest patch file from phred/psychoadept's signature line.
what do you mean download from the homepage get musicbee or download from the author Steve's signature (it's the same of the homepage) ?
in the lastest subforum the versions are the same
thanks Sveaku

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