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To me it looks like that pretty much defeats the purpose of having the ReplayGain feature in a player such as MusicBee.
Wouldn't the proper solution be to simply run the files that don't yet have loudness tags through the volume analysis tool?
When running files through volume analysis, there is an option to be notified of any possible clipping when increasing the RG preamp for that operation. The problem is that you have to go through each flagged file and manually set a lesser gain for track and/or album. They also don't all move to the top so you have to scroll until you see the next one.

The proposed solution is to be able to leave the RG tags normalized to "0dB" but still have the option of applying a specified preamp ONLY when using ReplayGain mode, while Also performing a clipping protection option to reduce the gain in such case. Fb2k already does has this feature.


I have even asked about smart playlist to add eq presets or dsp or vst , it will be amazing , there are many users that like to play with foobar2000 just because they can do with it

I am pretty sure that your assumption/suggestion that 'most other players' are doing 'rating' the same way, and only MusicBee does things differently is false.

If you have a reason or desire for manually altering rating values, you can probably setup the AT&RT plugin to do that.
well , it's just there are other player like foobar2000 , aimp and i guess the last winamp i have tried ,and other paid software,  they do use rating between 0 to 5
i have just some audio files rated with musicbee , and other software have problem to read the rating tag and vice versa (sometime musicbee does read corretly foobar rating)
i don't know how to setup Tagging & Reporting Tools to convert musicbee to rating between 0 and 5
but i can live with it
just wondering if there an hidden tweak in the musicbee config , l like and use musicbee and sometime foobar2000

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Custom Eq for multiple albums without presets ?
« on: December 20, 2023, 05:41:22 AM »
No. It is not. Totally wrong. Moreover new thing is AI live equalizing.
No. It is not. Totally wrong. Moreover new thing is AI live equalizing.
Actually it is totally right. Equalization should be used to adjust for equipment deficiencies, and personal listening preference. The actual individual recordings are mastered by the artist or the producer to sound as they intended it to be heard.

And for the record, any kind of AI is absolutely the last thing I want in my listening environment.
what do you think to ask to add Eq presets and Balance in the Auto Playlist/playlist?
Would be great to add Dsp in the Auto Playlist/playlist like VST ,right ?
Maybe Steven could say what does he think about it

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Custom Eq for multiple albums without presets ?
« on: December 19, 2023, 05:51:31 PM »
How bad is the sound quality of those albums that you would need an individualized custom EQ for each file?  Maybe you need better audio sources  :)

EQ is generally used to compensate for deficiencies in playback equipment (headphones that have a frequency hump at an annoying level, for example), not to micromanage individual frequencies in each of 100,000 songs.  There are professionals who do that for us when they mix and master the albums.

Useless request IMO.  -1.
they are all original cds so I guess high quality and flac files , there are different amps , some of them have higher frequencies , some with edge high frequencies and so on , and every user could find useful seeing different amps (different brands and models),  different speakers (different brands and models), headphones (there are a lot of different brands and models)
musicbee is used a lot by hi-end users

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Custom Eq for multiple albums without presets ?
« on: December 19, 2023, 04:54:07 PM »
I do not understand this request.

You can make an unlimited number of your own presets (Save preset button) and then apply those presets to multiple albums right now.  How is this wish different than what can already be done?
so since i have all bob dylan about 60 albums original and remaster, pink floyd original and remasters and so on , so I should create about what 200/400 presets ?
there are uses with huge library with 100.000 files ,not me , and they sould create how many presets?

MusicBee Wishlist / Custom Eq for multiple albums without presets ?
« on: December 19, 2023, 04:29:36 PM »

May I ask to Steven if could be implemented a Custom Eq for multiple albums?
I mean if the code could allowed
I know there are many presets , but would be really amazing controll the EQ for many albums , in a custom way without presets
the settings for album

for custom Eq I mean this

Plugins / Re: Additional Tagging & Reporting Tools
« on: December 18, 2023, 09:48:10 AM »
The procedure I quoted is specfically from and for Boroda's plugin, which was the whole context originally.

I gave you the 100% uninstall procedure for the LyricsReloaded plugin in its own forum thread.  Problems with that one are almost ALWAYS associated with the person having multiple instances of the plugin dll installed from past or botched installs of MusicBee from "Installer" versions that were not properly removed before.  The best way to check for that is with a simple Windows File Explorer search (include "hidden files") for mb_LyricsReloaded.dll.
Hi Sveakul
thank you , appreciate it

Plugins / Re: LyricsReloaded (Latest)
« on: December 18, 2023, 09:47:07 AM »
@gaiastar:  To uninstall (paths reflect having the PORTABLE version of MusicBee):

1.  In MusicBee/Plugins, delete the file mb_LyricsReloaded.dll

2.  In MusicBee/AppData, delete the folder mb_LyricsReloaded and its contents

I can confirm that the readme.txt as currently in the uploaded package is corrupt--Mayibongwe, please take a look!  This is the file's contents when it was originally uploaded with version

Ask any questions you might have here:

- Inside MusicBee, go to 'Edit->Edit Preferences->Plugins->Add Plugin'.
  Then locate and select the 'mb_LyricsReloaded.dll' file.

- Download and extract the 'providers' zip file into the "...\MusicBee\AppData\mb_LyricsReloaded\providers" folder.

- In addition to the built-in providers ... Genius, Musixmatch, Deezer ...
  the contents of this zip file - called YAML configuration files - will appear as additional sources in
  'Edit->Edit Preferences->Tags (2)->auto-tagging->lyrics' , where you can reorder their priority.

- Want your retrieved lyrics to indicate which source they came from?
  Then open the 'Settings.ini' file located in the plugin's AppData folder.
  Change the 'enabled' value of the <showSource> setting from 'false' to 'true'.

- By default, the source will appear at the bottom of the lyrics when the above setting is enabled.
  To have it appear at the top instead, change the 'position' attribute from 'bottom' to 'top'.

- Follow this link to learn more on how to make custom YAML files:
and  will it remove everything from musicbee preferences files ?
thank you so much!

Plugins / Re: Additional Tagging & Reporting Tools
« on: December 18, 2023, 07:25:31 AM »
From the readme:
1 – Open MusicBee. From the menubar > Edit > Edit Preferences > Plugins > Additional Tagging & Reporting Tools > Uninstall.
2 – MusicBee will delete all automatically created files (e.g., settings). You will need to close MusicBee and manually delete file "mb_TagTools.dll" and the subfolders "ru" and "ASR Presets" from "Plugins" folder. The "Plugins" folder is located in MusicBee application folder if you are using the portable version of MusicBee. If using the installer version of MusicBee, it's in the folder "%AppData%\MusicBee".
but does this procedure work with other plugins?
just because it could be very useful to perform it if a plugin could crash
I don't to be offtopic but I had some issues with LYRICSRELOADED (LATEST) plugins to uninstall it at 100% , it was used to  crash sometime musicbee

Plugins / Re: Additional Tagging & Reporting Tools
« on: December 18, 2023, 06:29:29 AM »
@gaiastar, ASR/LR preset auto-execution is now disabled by default (you will see a warning message about this at the top of ASR/LR windows). you can enable auto-execution in plugin settings.
Hi Boroda
+ support for MusicBee font (only when "use skin colors" option is enabled in plugin settings, otherwise "Segoe UI 9 pt" font is used).
can I ask you a question ?
if skin colors is enabled , the plugin does not need Segoe UI 9 pt ,doesn't it?
you can enable auto-execution in plugin settings.
great news , is  it easy to uninstall it ? I mean does it leave files (configs in musicbee configuration files) or registry?
just to perform a clean uninstall of the plugin and re-install it
thanks Boroda , I really appreciate a lot your effort

Plugins / Re: Additional Tagging & Reporting Tools
« on: December 17, 2023, 04:52:25 PM »

i'll do this, but why a sad smile? have you suffered from this feature?
Hi Boroda
well I would like if you will add it "i'll do this" :)  :-*
about the sad face -> I did some disasters with  automatic execution

Quote from: phred
I think most of us have "suffered" from the auto-apply feature at least once. Speaking only for myself, I learned from my mistake and when selecting a preset I always click in the middle or right side. Never on the left.

thanks Boroda

Plugins / Re: LyricsReloaded (Latest)
« on: December 17, 2023, 02:42:29 PM »
beautiful plugin  :-*
I have tried to download several times with different browsers and used 7zip and winrar
and the file ReadMe.txt is corrupted  , is in this file ReadMe.txt how to uninstall correctly ? I mean remove the settings from musicbee settings file and in short make a clean uninstall
i'm asking about a clean uninstall just if something goes wrong and re-install from scratch

Questions / Re: several issues regarding playlist
« on: December 17, 2023, 10:21:20 AM »
Try right-clicking any song in the playlist and select List > Restore Manual Order.
And using the Enter key.
Hi Zak

may I know where is List > Restore Manual Order ?
I have the last version

Questions / what do you use to remote musicbee with android ?
« on: December 17, 2023, 10:16:34 AM »

I would like to use firefox for android since it can use extension  like the desktop version

May I ask a question ?
what do you use  to remote musicbee with android ?

Plugins / Re: Additional Tagging & Reporting Tools
« on: December 16, 2023, 07:19:23 PM »
Be careful to not ACCIDENTALLY tick some "Advanced Search & Replace" or "Library Reports" presets for AUTOMATIC EXECUTION!
Hi Boroda

do you think could add a feature (a sort of safety ) to disable automatic execution ?  :-[
to enable/disable automatic execution
beautiful plugin

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