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I have bought an album via apple store , and i have played with musicbee last version , and it did play with a low volume , i have checked the preferences and normalize of tracks with replaygain tags was off
I used tag inspector to check it
I have tried to play with foobar2000 and it does play loud "normally"

I removed the soundcheck tag and musicbee did play all the song loud

my question is does musicbee apply apple soundcheck tag even normalize of tracks with replaygain tags is off ?
can somebody give a short test?

I don't want to double the same question , but may I ask 1 question and a request?
Selected an album -> edit ->setting

1) here could be added maybe some crossfading setting or silence settings

2) these settings are saved in tag or musicbee database?

So the silences are there when ripped both with EAC, dBpoweramp and MusicBee.
So there is a problem with that CD or with your CD drive.

If you are already using Audacity it is very simple to remove the unwanted silences.
why not just do that?
That seems the logical thing to do, and is a lot simpler compared to asking for MusicBee to have some 'ripping fading' feature—that would not even be a good solution for simulating gapless—for a specific problem you are having with your CD or optical drive.
i mean crossfade and remove silence for the player
musicbee has some dsp effect like the screenshot , would be great have in the list a crossfade (maybe with some option) and remove silence (maybe with some option)
thanks , hope i was clear ,english is not my native language sorry

I have ripped Thin Lizzy's Live and Dangerous with Musicbee and with Eac and I gave a shot to dBpoweramp cd ripper , ripped in mp3 lame last version 320kb and AAC (itunes qaac 256kb)

with audacity i have checked the files and in some tracks there is an amount of silence at the beginning of some tracks , not all the songs
This did happen with several live

I can hear the silence between the tracks , would be great have a cross fade in the Dsp with some options like fade duration and about  remove silence some options , at least this will let some albums live and not play better for many users
it's very annoying listen some albums , can't use always an audio editor , and many users can't use and don't know how do it
musicbee is the best audio player for windows
thanks , take care

Questions / Re: replaygain and adjust calculate replaygain question
« on: February 28, 2023, 03:56:46 PM » increase the volume of the songs with replaygain according the clip , so they could sound all loud  or at the same volume but not weak/low volume...
This defeats the purpose of Replaygain. The concept is to provide somewhat similar reference levels to each song in your library, if you have calculated Replaygain for all songs (I recommend it IMO). Part of that concept is to also ensure the tracks keep their dynamic range intact (Track values) and also maintain their range versus tracks from the same Album (Album values).

Setting the target reference levels too high can cause clipping. The default is -18dB which may be a touch too low for the average user. But raising this to -6dB or higher is probably where you are finding the clipping. I also wouldn't recommend moving the Replaygain slider to an additional +6dB for these tracks that have already been set too high. This could also be the reason other tracks that do not have the Replaygain values sound much quieter for you.
Hi MotleyG
I got the purpose of Replaygain , but there are other players that can do it on the fly using the replaygain values , for example aimp can play all at the same volume and not so weak
I 'm big fan of Musicbee , I would a feature like it

Questions / Re: replaygain and adjust calculate replaygain question
« on: February 28, 2023, 07:49:43 AM »
so i can have some albums with "adjust calculate replaygain values" set at 0.0dB and others +2.0dB and others albums at +5.0dB ?
Yes, that's correct.
Hi @phred
I really appreicate it a lot
may I say one thing ?
would be very cool have some global settings in the dsp settings
like increase the volume of the songs with replaygain according the clip , so they could sound all loud  or at the same volume but not weak/low volume
i have asked but I guess Steven doesn't want to add such feature
best regards

Questions / Re: replaygain and adjust calculate replaygain question
« on: February 27, 2023, 05:50:35 PM »
Thanks for clarifying. The adjustment is global until you change it. "Global" in the sense that albums/tracks that already have some adjustment, or no adjustment at all, will -not- be changed unless you specifically select them and run the analysis.

In your example, you select ten albums and adjust by +2.0. ONLY those albums/tracks will be adjusted. Nothing before doing this will be changed. If after adjusting the ten albums you want to apply an adjustment to another five albums, they will also be at +2.0 UNLESS you change the adjustment before hand.
hi @phred
so i can have some albums with "adjust calculate replaygain values" set at 0.0dB and others +2.0dB and others albums at +5.0dB ?
the problem could be clipping , and some albums with "adjust calculate replaygain values"  at 0.0dB do sound very weak , very low volume
thanks a lot , sorry for my very poor english  :-[

Questions / Re: replaygain and adjust calculate replaygain question
« on: February 27, 2023, 03:09:24 PM »

is there a way to invoke  the calculate replaygain (red arrow) ?
Not completely sure I understand the question. In your screenshot you can set the gain adjustment you want and that becomes the default for each time (thereafter) that you analyze the volume.
my question is about "adjust calculate replaygain values" , in the screenshot with the red arrow
1) is a global setting ? It does "adjust calculate replaygain values"  for all the songs I want to scan ? For example 10 albums
2) is a setting of a bunch of songs (album) selected  to scan replaygain
3) can I change "adjust calculate replaygain values"  for all the songs with replaygain or do I need to do with all the songs i have used "adjust calculate replaygain values" + 5dB?

to make simple , let's say I want to scan 10 albums and set  "adjust calculate replaygain values"  at +2.0dB and I want to scan anther albums and set the "adjust calculate replaygain values"   at 0.0dB ,and other albums at -1dB
4) is  "adjust calculate replaygain values"  a global settings or work each time i scan volume and set the + or - dB
hope I was clear , i have used google translator
sorry for my poor english
maybe would be nice to ask to Steven , because i have searched and does seem not very clear for many users

Questions / Re: replaygain and adjust calculate replaygain question
« on: February 27, 2023, 06:35:01 AM »
MusicBee should only add ReplayGain values to the tracks you've selected to process.
Hi The Incredible Boom Boom
but what i have never understood is the calculate replaygain (red arrow)
does musicbee save in the tag or database for each time i change the calculate replaygain (for example different preamp everytime i san for volume)?
is there a way to invoke  the calculate replaygain (red arrow) ?
can't find an answer
seeing I can't find the "adjust calculate replaygain values" (should be like a preamp) in the global settings or can't find how change it
and in the help/guide there is nothing Analyze_Volume
screenshot just an example

Questions / Re: is there a way to synch the rating?
« on: February 18, 2023, 03:11:35 PM »
Surely saving the Rating to the file itself would accomplish this.
i have for example 3 version of the dark side of the moon , first release, second and remaster
seeing they have the same songs, I would like to know if i have rated "time" with 5 stars
if there is a way to let synch all the songs of pink "time" with 5 stars
i have just maded an example
think about many bands and albums with reiusses ,remaster and so on

Same as most modern audio players, MusicBee fully supports gapless playback.

And considering that (far as I know) nobody has reported such an issue before, and that foobar2000 also does not play your cd rips gapless, makes me think there is something else wrong. (assuming that the original CD does play the tracks gapless)

Perhaps a problematic cd-drive?
I'm not sure if it could be related, but have you set the correct offset value for it?

yes the read and write offset are right
the point is that foobar could use this component foo_dsp_nogaps , that let you to set the ammount of silence
I will try to re-rip in flac , but I wanted at mp3 join stereo 320k or V0
maybe I should add a command line for lame to encode gapless

i would love a better skip noise dps
for example i have ripped the album Live and Dangerous's  Thin Lizzy with musicbee and lame64 last version and the last qaac + the most updated itunes encoder
and i can hear the silences between tracks , i have ripped even with exact audio copy , same results
the only way to listen it without gaps is foobar with the Gap Killer DSP foo_dsp_nogaps

would love to play all albums with musicbee

best regards

Questions / is there a way to synch the rating?
« on: January 13, 2023, 03:13:18 PM »
is there a way to synch the rating?
I have rated many songs , but i have original version , remaster , some in flac other in mp3 and aac

would be nice to synch rating , in short have synched
at least for example Deep Purple 's Son Of Alerik i have reated 5 , i have the non remaster ,the remaster , flac , aac and so on
would like to have all my songs rated synch
i have searched in the forum and the help , but i haven't found any answer , i have found how synch between musicbee and android aps


Questions / replaygain and adjust calculate replaygain question
« on: December 29, 2022, 09:45:35 AM »
in past I was used to normalize (with audacity ) or amplify (with goldwave ) volume at 98% or 99% , let's say -0.10dB

when I invoke Analyze Volume i have calculate replaygain i can set between -6db to +6dB

can I ask you if i set +3dB  does it adjust only to the album in the dialog or is it global for every replaygain tracks?

do you use calculate replaygain values (seen they don't sound  so loud like a song normalized with audacity at -0.10dB )?
happy new year

yes thats right. You can only sort an auto-playlist by clicking on a column header or using a defined sort
Searching i have found this topic
I have many auto playlist , and i haven't ever understood how sort them
should I sort each autoplayst ? I mean does musicbee remember the settings for each autoplaylist ?
and for simple playlist (i don't use very often) should sort separatly
thanks , take care
here a screenshot of an auto-playlist

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