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Though I used to use WinAmp religiously, I use MusicBee now, as WinAmp is obviously very stagnant, and MusicBee strikes me as what WinAmp might have become if development hadn't stopped.

The one thing I keep going back to WinAmp for though, is playing internet radio. I'll typically have about 15-20 radio stations (mostly and whenever something I don't like is playing, or initially when I'm trying to find something playing that grabs me, I'll cycle through the radio station playlist until I'm happy with what's playing.

In MusicBee this is painful.

I don't know why, but WinAmp is somehow able to buffer what's playing very quickly, which means I can switch stations with a minimum of friction. MusicBee seems to take way longer though, and I can only assume it's because MusicBee's internal default is to buffer a much larger amount of data before it starts to play, which means cycling through stations is more of a drag than it's worth.

Is there some way to manually edit the buffer time, and if not, is that a planned feature? (And if not, could it be?)

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