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Plugins / Re: LyricsReloaded (Latest)
« on: December 24, 2023, 08:42:53 PM »
Sorry man, I've had a look at the site and I can't seem to get the lyrics in plain text.
The already-available <Deezer> and <Google> providers get their lyrics from Lyric Find.

No problem at all - thanks for checking! And thanks for the tip about Deezer and Google using Lyric Find as their source. Much appreciated!

Plugins / Re: LyricsReloaded (Latest)
« on: December 17, 2023, 06:53:13 PM »
Hi @Mayibongwe, would you be willing to help me with a .yml file for - I really like the formatting of their lyrics, but as far as I can tell there isn't a .yml file for them currently.

Preferably using their own site for the identity url rather than Google... ;)

Hope it's ok for me to ask!

Plugins / Re: Museexmatch - Musixmatch for MusicBee
« on: November 13, 2023, 03:09:03 PM »
It is defaulting to a few source(s) that were "built-in" to MusicBee's lyrics searching by Steven (into the MusicBee.exe file itself) and provided this ability before LyricsReloaded or even Lyrics Fetcher.  They were/are ChartLyrics, LyricWiki, Gracenote, and LoloLyrics.  Most are "dead" in that their search techniques or the site itself is now defunct.  I do know for a fact that one of the internal searchers (Chartlyrics) still is active but usually returns totally wrong results now.  That explains what you are seeing.  When you get a result from it, it will not include a source header from LyricsReloaded if that option is turned on, although the source will show if you right-click the lyrics panel in the greyed-out "Lyrics Source:" entry.

As far as I know there is no way to prevent this on the user end.

Gotcha - thanks for the explanation! Annoying that there's no way to stop this from the user's side.

Plugins / Re: Museexmatch - Musixmatch for MusicBee
« on: November 13, 2023, 01:03:38 AM »
Another strange thing - not sure if this is related to the Museexmatch plugin or MusicBee itself...

In the MusicBee Tags preferences, I disabled all lyric sources except for Museexmatch:

With this configuration, if I search for song lyrics and there isn't a hit from Musixmatch, then it says "No changes".

However, for one song I searched for, it returned lyrics from a different song - ie. the wrong lyrics.

So I checked the museexmatch.log file and found that this particular song wasn't mentioned there at all.

I also manually searched on the Musixmatch website, and they didn't have this particular song there at all.

So now I'm wondering, which lyric source was used to grab these (wrong) lyrics, when I don't have any other lyric source enabled? And why didn't it simply return "No changes" like other songs do when they don't get a hit?

It feels like MusicBee is falling back to some other, default lyric source here, and getting the wrong lyrics as a consequence, but I don't know why or how to prevent this. I only want to use Musixmatch via the Museexmatch plugin, and if it gets no result, then I don't want it defaulting to any other source.

Any ideas?

Plugins / Re: Museexmatch - Musixmatch for MusicBee
« on: November 13, 2023, 12:54:30 AM »
It should indeed and for an unknown reason it doesn't. Make sure to download the latest version again and replace mb_Musixmatch.dll, I've been moving stuff for both Beenius and Museexmatch back in the day and they should now be stored at %APPDATA%/MusicBee/Plugins/ (paste this into your path bar in explorer, by default it's Users/xyz/AppData/Roaming/MusicBee/Plugins/). trim_title is not a default option, maybe your configuration file was not loaded for some reason. Take a look at the first line of the log file, it will say if the configuration file was loaded and which options were applied. If the log states that the defaults were loaded, make sure your configuration file is in %APPDATA%/MusicBee/Plugins/ and that it's museexmatch.conf and not museexmatch.conf.txt or whatever. Ping me if the issue persists.

Thanks for the help! I double-checked everything and found the problem: I had not renamed "museexmatch.conf.template" to "museexmatch.conf" and therefore the configuration wasn't getting loaded. 🙈

Now it's fixed, and the log file shows that the configuration is indeed being loaded, and it's now correctly excluding text inside [square brackets].

One new thing I've noticed now as a consequence: it won't return a hit if the artist field contains a featured artist in square brackets on the Musixmatch website.

Example: I have an MP3 with artist = "Coldplay" and title = "Princess Of China [feat. Rihanna]". I prefer to put the "featured" artist into the title field, rather than the artist field, because I want the artist name to be consistent for all songs by that artist.

However, Museexmatch won't return any lyrics for this song. The log shows this:

2023/11/13 01:45:42.934 | Info | Museexmatch.MusixmatchClient..ctor | Configuration file was used: allowedDistance=5, delimiters="&", ";", ",", verifyAlbum=false, addLyricsSource=false, trimTitle=true
2023/11/13 01:46:16.202 | Debug | MusicBeePlugin.Plugin.RetrieveLyrics | source="", artist="Coldplay", title="Princess Of China [feat. Rihanna]", album="Mylo Xyloto", preferSynced=true, providerName="Musixmatch via Museexmatch"
2023/11/13 01:46:16.202 | Info | Museexmatch.MusixmatchClient.getLyrics | Attempting to search for "Coldplay" - "Princess Of China" ("Mylo Xyloto")
2023/11/13 01:46:16.202 | Debug | | artist="Coldplay", title="Princess Of China", album="Mylo Xyloto"
2023/11/13 01:46:17.068 | Info | | No results for this search

The search results at show that they have the artist field written as "Coldplay feat. Rihanna". Could that be why Museexmatch can't get a hit, because it doesn't match what I have in the artist field?

Having said that, the actual lyrics page at shows the artist as "Coldplay, Rihanna" - with a comma - which should mean that the delimiters config setting should separate the two artists, right?

Any idea why I don't get the lyrics for a situation like this?

Plugins / Re: LyricsReloaded (Latest)
« on: November 13, 2023, 12:15:39 AM »
For some reason, I'm not able to access the website at the moment. So the above change may have to wait.
Are you able to open any of its webpages just fine?

Yeah it's working fine for me at the moment. I hope it's just a temporary thing for you! :)

Plugins / Re: Museexmatch - Musixmatch for MusicBee
« on: November 08, 2023, 10:20:48 PM »
Hi @slonopot, I've just installed your Museexmatch plugin and got it up and running. It works well overall. However, it doesn't seem able to grab the lyrics for songs where I have text inside of [square brackets] in the ID3 song title of my MP3 file.

For example, I have these MP3s, which all have Artist = "Coldplay", and these song titles:
* Miracles (Someone Special)
* Something Just Like This [feat. The Chainsmokers]
* Princess Of China [feat. Rihanna]

I've set "trimTitle" = true in my conf file, like this:

  "allowedDistance": 5,
  "delimiters": [ "&", ";", "," ],
  "verifyAlbum": false,
  "addLyricsSource": false,
  "trimTitle": true

My understanding is that trimTitle=true should remove whatever is inside square brackets in the song title, and only search Musixmatch using the remaining text. Therefore it should search for "Princess of China", for example, without including [feat. Rihanna] - is that not correct?

Yet the log file shows that it isn't doing this:

2023/11/08 23:11:53.448 | Debug | MusicBeePlugin.Plugin.RetrieveLyrics | source="", artist="Coldplay", title="Princess Of China [feat. Rihanna]", album="Mylo Xyloto", preferSynced=true, providerName="Musixmatch via Museexmatch"
2023/11/08 23:11:53.448 | Info | Museexmatch.MusixmatchClient.getLyrics | Attempting to search for "Coldplay" - "Princess Of China [feat. Rihanna]" ("Mylo Xyloto")
2023/11/08 23:11:53.448 | Debug | | artist="Coldplay", title="Princess Of China [feat. Rihanna]", album="Mylo Xyloto"
2023/11/08 23:11:53.598 | Info | | No results for this search
2023/11/08 23:11:53.598 | Info | Museexmatch.MusixmatchClient.getLyrics | Nothing found at all

Any idea why this is, and what I can do to improve it?

Plugins / Re: LyricsReloaded (Latest)
« on: November 08, 2023, 09:42:21 PM »
Oopsie - does this help it?
- [regex, '\n\n\n+(?!\w)', '']

Yeah, that seems to have done the trick - thanks!!!

Plugins / Re: LyricsReloaded (Latest)
« on: November 07, 2023, 08:25:07 PM »
I'm not trying to be "Scrooge," but is there any reason using the existing Musixmatch plugin isn't good enough for you when Mayibongwe has already indicated that this is where "songtexte" is getting its lyrics from?  There is also the "Museexmatch" API-based plugin that can be used simultaneously with his Musixmatch yml version.

Fair question! :)

For me, the problem with using the built-in Musixmatch plugin is that it blocks me after I've fetched just a few song lyrics. If I then go to the Musixmatch webpage, it says that my IP has been blocked, and I need to solve a captcha, however that doesn't unblock MusicBee.

I've read elsewhere that Musixmatch is known to do this, and AFAIK there is no solution.

So far, I haven't been blocked at all with Songtexte, so using them instead is a win for me.

I'm not aware of a Musixmatch yml version though - there wasn't one inside the file. Is it something different to the built-in one?

And I also haven't heard of the "Museexmatch API-based plugin". Where can I find that? Will it allow me to use Musixmatch without getting blocked?

Plugins / Re: LyricsReloaded (Latest)
« on: November 07, 2023, 08:18:43 PM »
Inserting - [regex, '\n\n+(?!\w)', ''] at the end of the yml should fix it. I will make the correction on the uploaded file later on.

Thanks, much appreciated!

I added this to the very end of my yml file:

- [regex, '\n\n+(?!\w)', '']

And it no longer adds the 5 line breaks at the end of the lyrics 🥳 - however, it also now removes some of the double-line (ie. paragraph) breaks from the middle of the lyrics, and puts the first line of the new paragraph at the end of the last line of the previous paragraph:

Compare with the source here:

Plugins / Re: LyricsReloaded (Latest)
« on: November 06, 2023, 10:59:35 PM »
...And a related question, if I may:

The yml file you created for uses a Google search for the "identity url".

You once wrote in another post, that using a Google search for the identity url has "a side effect in which songs that aren't available on the website, would return incorrect lyrics instead."

Could that be a possible risk with the songtexte yml file you've created? Would it be more accurate to use an identity url based on the url instead?

Sorry if this is a silly question...

Plugins / Re: LyricsReloaded (Latest)
« on: November 06, 2023, 10:23:49 PM »
Haven't been able to reproduce that on the songs I've tested this with.
Any specific song we can have a look at?

That's certainly interesting! I have this problem with literally every single song, and I've tested several dozen so far.

Here's just one example: the song "A Head Full of Dreams" by Coldplay.

Here is the lyrics page - there are no extra line breaks or empty lines at the end:

And here's how it looks in MusicBee after importing the lyrics with your yml file - note the 5 empty lines below the last line of text. You can see my mouse cursor on the last empty line there:

In case it helps, here's what I'm doing: on the Music tab in MusicBee, I right click on a song, select "Auto-Tag by Track", then "Update Missing Lyrics".

Plugins / Re: LyricsReloaded (Latest)
« on: November 05, 2023, 11:05:35 PM »
The website mentioned that it sources its lyrics from Musixmatch - a provider that already comes bundled with the plugin.
But I suppose that's already the case with most of the optional providers in that zip file. So, I've decided to add it anyway:

Thanks so much! I really appreciate that. :)

...For some reason, it's adding 5 empty lines at the end of the lyrics for every song. Any idea why?

Plugins / Re: LyricsReloaded (Latest)
« on: November 04, 2023, 07:59:54 PM »
Hi, would someone be kind enough to help me create a .yml provider file for please? I find it to be a really great source of lyrics, but I don't quite understand how to create the .yml file correctly. :)

MusicBee Wishlist / File type support for M3U8 files
« on: August 08, 2019, 11:15:57 PM »
Hi there,

I'm using the M3U8 format for my playlists, and I've enabled "M3U8" at Preferences > Library > "exported playlists", which means that MusicBee nicely uses this format with the playlists it creates for me.

However, I noticed that the list of supported file types at Preferences > General > "file types" does not include M3U8. It only includes the M3U format.

This means the exported M3U8 files aren't automatically registered to MusicBee in Windows, and furthermore they don't use the icon set that I'm using with MusicBee.

I would like to request that M3U8 is added to the list of supported file types on the Preferences > General page, please.


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