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Questions / Re: Right panel layout question
« on: April 02, 2017, 11:37:42 PM »
I am indeed.

OK – thanks for the info.

To be clear, you can make the change you were requesting. If you just go the the Playing Tracks panel in the Library (not in Now Playing), you can make the changes there as I described above, and those changes will show up when you go back to the Now Playing view.

Questions / Re: Right panel layout question
« on: April 01, 2017, 01:55:40 AM »
Are there column headings at the top of the window that show what each column is? (i.e #, Title, and Artist in your case) If you right-click anywhere on the headings a menu should appear that has "Set Displayed Fields".

Questions / Re: Right panel layout question
« on: March 31, 2017, 04:40:30 PM »
Is this the Playing Tracks panel? You should be able to right-click on the column headers and see a menu, and if you select "Set Displayed Fields" you can choose which columns to include. From what I can tell it's not possible to make a row display on two lines though.

Questions / Re: Possible to write virtual tags to custom tags?
« on: March 29, 2017, 06:06:56 PM »
Unless you're experiencing a big lag or something, there's no problem with sorting by a virtual tag.  I use a virtual tag, sometimes multiple, for most of my sorting & grouping settings.

You can do what you're asking for with the additional tagging & reporting tools plugin, but for it to be automatically updated you're just adding unnecessary extra calculations for MusicBee
Thanks for the quick reply! I don't necessarily need the custom tag to be automatically updated, I was thinking it would be more of a one-time thing of writing it to the custom tag and then just accessing it from there. But you're right it might not really be necessary since I haven't really had much problem with lag. Thanks for the info though, and pointing me in the direction of the additional tagging plugin. I hadn't noticed that before.

Questions / Possible to write virtual tags to custom tags?
« on: March 29, 2017, 05:41:31 PM »
Is it possible write the result of a virtual tag to a custom tag?

The reason I ask is because I want to sort albums by the name of the folder the album is in. It's easy enough to define the album folder using a virtual tag and splitting the path, but since I'm sorting by this tag it would be nice if it wasn't dynamically created every time it's accessed (I think that's how MusicBee does it?). I also want to avoid having to edit the custom tags of every single album individually, so being able to just write the Album Folder virtual tag to a custom tag all at once would be helpful.

I've searched around and can't find anything about it, but is it possible to display a track's place in the Playing Tracks queue as well as the total number of tracks queued up using tags?

Basically, for the Playing Tracks Text in the player controls I would like it to display <Artist> - <Title> [<Current place in queue>/<Total tracks in queue>]

Has anyone done this?

Bug Reports / Re: 3.1: Bug when stacking Playlist Directory using tabs
« on: March 09, 2017, 09:26:22 PM »
Great! Looks like it's all working for me now. Thanks!

Bug Reports / Re: 3.1: Bug when stacking Playlist Directory using tabs
« on: March 09, 2017, 08:09:45 PM »

Bug Reports / 3.1: Bug when stacking Playlist Directory using tabs
« on: March 09, 2017, 03:00:49 PM »
I currently have 3.1.6275 installed.

I'm having an issue when I try to stack the Playlist Directory and the Thumbnail Browser (or the Library Explorer) in the left main panel using tabs.

It looks fine at first with a tab for each one at the top, but when I click on the Playlist Directory tab the Thumbnail Browser tab disappears.

And then when I click on where the Thumbnail Browser tab used to be I get this error:

MusicBee v3.1.6275.38881 (Win10.0), 9 Mar 2017 9:50:

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at MusicBee.MusicBeeMain.#=qphhfrz8quSFk3hQmNF9m_k0OGeh56z9urEN722S_AE4=(#=q7HkBCArOA_dvN3ttBmmLtEZxVR66jenMhfsm_3_Rog0= #=qzkccbnTa5sBUlwzbrTEcgA==, Point #=qVlMlWV__4xmgFbswWYXZrA==, Int32 #=qqhU0c_p1OvNn_nPjcI6hSg==, Int32 #=qQ_YDkM85v4k83P0QxvO85w==, MouseButtons #=q3dJ7SVAR9uz96xp17kJK$g==)
   at MusicBee.MusicBeeMain.OnMouseClick(MouseEventArgs #=qEIL38o0E_JlXm6oZcGPR8A==)
   at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmMouseUp(Message& m, MouseButtons button, Int32 clicks)
   at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)
   at System.Windows.Forms.ScrollableControl.WndProc(Message& m)
   at System.Windows.Forms.Form.WndProc(Message& m)
   at #=q3vtegDCaXY47Pi8lgPgEzLBEc65IvgHfXdWA7_7sRmI=.WndProc(Message& #=qfwwnxsVakcJBWcpbhKZ5Aw==)
   at MusicBee.MusicBeeMain.WndProc(Message& #=qVqehyXnRc_DyWgTWzTcXWg==)
   at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m)
   at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
   at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

Screenshots / Re: Config/theme show off thread.
« on: March 01, 2017, 12:08:20 AM »
I've just recently discovered MusicBee and can't get over how fantastic it is. I think I've finally found my replacement for Winamp.

This is my current configuration. I have the Playing Tracks panel as a tab underneath the large artwork so I can easily switch back and forth. I love the flexibility of this player.

Questions / AudioBurst FX Output Plugin (Winamp Module)
« on: February 21, 2017, 03:45:17 PM »
Has anyone else tried using the AudioBurst FX output plugin from QO Labs? I imported it from Winamp and it sounds great except for gapless playback doesn't seem to work properly. It seems to cut off the last couple seconds of the track when it seeks to the next track. I've tried adjusting the buffer settings with no luck. DirectSound and ASIO4All both work fine so it must be the AudioBurst plugin. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has tried it. Thanks!

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