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At first I was like; "What book could he have possible been thinking of, my username was a nickname I didn't hate from twenty years ago."
Then I was like; "How the heck did you get my user name as a reference to that book?"
Now, I'm like; "Oh, yeah, I got to use my first choice for username on this site."

Yes, I love that book and revisit it every couple of years. I think I first read it in junior high. It was on my parents bookshelf, and I was always reading books that were way more advanced than my age. I often wonder if that book has shaped me more than I have realized...

I like the concept. I would put the genre categories as columns in the column browser and have no problems playing any genre I wanted, to whatever granularity I want. Way better than using Auto-Playlists to group genres together.

I'm sure you aren't surprised, but I agree 100%. Both how it's possible now, and that your idea for implementation would be awesome. Seriously, are we sure we aren't twins separated at birth? I was born in Detroit Receiving Hospital...

Where is that list available? It may be helpful.

I like you. You are absolutely correct about the distinction between genre, form and style. I had forgotten about that.

A few years ago, I spent a lot of time researching music and genre in an effort to come up with a way to scientifically analyze and categorize music. I probably had enough information for a Masters degree thesis, if not a doctoral dissertation. I never came to solid conclusion I could use, because I kept finding songs that would challenge my interpretation.

I started at the artist level, and began to classify my way down through albums, and finally to individual songs. Once I got through a good portion of my library at the time, I realized that my definitions were way too granular for my library. At the time my software was unable to deal with multiple genres, so I had to fake it with custom genres like; Rock; Blues; Memphis; Acoustic. I shudder when I think about "Electronic." They ended up mostly useless, because many genres ended up as one-offs, and rendered Genre almost useless. I punted, and compressed them down into more generic genres.

Now, I'm at a point where I pretty much don't even care anymore. My genres are a hot mess and the result of auto-tagging from Discogs, with no filter. I've spent so much time screwing around with files, that I don't even recognize albums anymore. Now, I'm trying to clean up the library itself by organizing my album types into Folders by type of album. (Official Studio, compilation, Soundtrack, Live) So I have some way of breaking my file organization into more bite-sized chunks, so I can manage the raw files more efficiently.

Once I'm through that, (It's surprisingly quick.) I plan to start just listening to my d--- music, and enjoying it. I have all the songs I like rated at 3 stars, and mostly put an auto-playlist  of those into Auto-DJ. If I'm listening critically, I look for a an album by an artist that seems intriguing, and skip songs I don't like, or rate songs I do. I find that using the multiple genres as assigned by Discogs to be close enough for background noise.

Basically, I have embraced the chaos, and roll with it. Someday, somewhere, somebody will come up with a canonical genre / style system, and I will leap for that software, paying whatever it takes so that my music is finally properly tagged. This is not that software, and I accept and love everything about it.

I was using Media Monkey until a few weeks ago, and I've had to bite that bullet more than once. I'm slowly coming to the realization that I'm going to have to bite that bullet again, because that $@&#^$ software has damaged my tags and some of my files. I don't know what they did to my Flac tags, and a good portion of my MP3 tags are reporting as corrupted in a couple of utilities I've used. I'm at the point where I think I'm going to have to nuke my extended tags, and start over, again. Seriously, words cannot describe my dislike of that software. I digress, and apologize for ranting; I feel better now.

I agree, genres can be highly personal, and I believe this is why they are always such a hot mess on the sites. My problem has always been in the meta area. Which main genres to use, how to deal with gray areas. How granular do I go? Do I assign a main genre by artist?  How will I use Genre for creating playlists, Do I need to go to the song level, or is Album genre good enough? Since I never really came up with a good answer to these questions, I came up with a different tact, and it seemed to work the last time I did it.

Auto populate the genre with a bunch of stuff. Discogs Genre / Style seemed to be closer to how I think about the music than the other sites. With the Genres auto-populated, I was able to work through each of the sub genres and refine those tracks to be more accurate for my taste. The big thing this did for me was to break me out of the paralysis by analysis. I ended up with a pretty good set of genres, and my library was still pretty usable while I was doing it.

I have realized that the name of the genre is less important than what it means to me. As long as I know what the genre term means, I can play a genre and understand what kind of music it will be. I always wanted to use some type of standard, because I found that my idea of what a genre is changes as I listen to different kinds of music. Bjork is a good example. If I've been listening to rock, I tend to think of her music as more "pop." If I've been listening to pop, I think of "Electronic." If I've been in classical or jazz, I tend to think in terms of "Experimental" or "Avant Garde." I really like the Wikipedia genres, but there is no way to do that automatically. That only goes to the Album level and honestly that is usually close enough for me.

I like this, but am not sure about going through all 70k files to play with genres. I started in the early days as well, and now my tags are such a hot mess, I literally can't even.

Unless I'm missing some way to auto populate with a good set of genres. I found Last.FM to be right next to useless for the majority of my music. I'm all ears if you have a suggestion.

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Request for some Keyboard Navigation issue fixes
« on: January 10, 2017, 12:07:13 PM »
I forgot about not being able to use tab to open the "Splitter" in the tag editor window.

Be mindful of artists with a "/" in the name, like "AC/DC." Fortunately it was an easy fix using the same tool and method.

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Request for some Keyboard Navigation issue fixes
« on: January 09, 2017, 03:58:25 PM »
I'm lucky enough that most of the time I have no problems using a pointing device. Doing this testing has clarified for me the challenges some people face using a computer. I can tell you that relying on a screen magnifier, screen reading software, or even just not using a pointing device can sometimes just plain suck.

In fact, I challenge everyone to rely on some type of accessibility software for a few hours. It will not only give you a different perspective, it will improve your skills as you are often forced to learn new ways to do things.

I hope Steven finds the time to look into this as well. Since I'm the first person to bring this up, I suspect that this isn't a huge issue. It sure would be helpful, though.

MusicBee Wishlist / Request for some Keyboard Navigation issue fixes
« on: January 09, 2017, 05:18:39 AM »
I'll preface this by saying that I do 508 compliance testing as part of my work as a contractor to an American Federal Agency. 508 compliance is a set of requirements that software must meet as part of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The part I usually work with is software. Most of the items in the list have to do with alternative use of the software for people with low / impaired vision, or physical access challenges. Part of this is that you have to be able to navigate the software without relying on a single method of input.

I find myself being unable to use a mouse sometimes, and still want to play with my music. I think this is how I got stuck with doing the 508 compliance in the first place.

Anyway, I've noticed these issues with using the keyboard as the only means of interaction. I have very little customization, and am using version 3.0.6190. The first items are individual key navigation items that I can't get to work. The tab order issues can probably be explained. Thanks for your time and attention.

--Can't open the context menu anywhere using the Keyboard's "Menu Key."

--Can't open the main menu using the Alt key.

--Left/Right keyboard navigation does not move the focused tag field in the track view.

--"Ctrl + F4" does not close an unpinned tab.

--In "Artist View," can't tab to the list of artists.

--My obvserved tab order in Music view with colum browser
1. Colum 1
2. Colum 2
3. Colum 3
4. ? I can't change anything on the keyboard, but a few arrow key presses moves the cursor in the Library panel on the left. It then resets the tab order so that the next item is "1."
5. Without pressing arrow keys, Now Playing List
6. Main track list.
7. Back to one.

--My observed tab order In Music Explorer View,
1. Filter Panel. If I "Up Arrow" past the top list
2. Unknown, can't change anything with Arrow keys, enter or Space.
3. Album Thumbnails
4. Top Tracks by Rating panel
5. Unknown, can't change anything with Arrow keys, enter or Space.
6. Playing Tracks
7. Single tab, with Arrow keys, seems to be the same as number 5.
8. Double tab returns to item 1.

Questions / Re: Album Grouping and the Music Explorer Question
« on: January 09, 2017, 04:33:18 AM »
Thank you so much!

I think I just fell in love with Music Bee a bit more.

Questions / Album Grouping and the Music Explorer Question
« on: January 09, 2017, 03:49:07 AM »
In "Sorting/Grouping," I have the radio button for "files for each album are organized in their own folder." I have no sorting options set, except to ignore "The" when sorting by Artist, Album or Title.

I have a few "various artist" albums I've created that do not have the same year, but all the files are in the same, distinct directory. When I view them in the "Music Explorer," I have entries for each distinct year, instead of only one as I would expect.

Is this a hidden feature in Music Explorer, an option I've missed, a bug, or just the way the "Music Explorer" is designed?


I discovered Highlighting, the context menu item "Use the selected file to replace another file," and the ability to delete files from the playlist and computer. Now I'm even closer.

Still looking for a way to prune items from my playlist where one of the matches are not in my "Separates" list.

As I've covered in previous posts, I have some duplication in my library. As far as I'm concerned these are legitimate duplicates and I don't want to remove them. Drive space is cheap.

My problem is that auto-tagging from multiple sources has left me with some titles which are similar, but not duplicates. Prime example is Phil Collins "A Groovy Kind of Love." The proper title is "A Groovy Kind of Love," but I have it listed on one album as the improper "Groovy Kind of Love." I'm looking for a way to locate duplicates of this nature, so I can sort through and fix the improper ones. Titles with Parenthesis are the worst offenders, but compilations are a close second.

I'm looking for some assistance figuring out how to approach configuring a fuzzy search based on titles, so I can generate a list of tracks which are "Fuzzy" duplicates.

My other question is how do I set the default behavior of the Duplicate Manager. I would like it to default to "Save to Playlist," and not "Delete."

What I am looking for is the ability to use the "Duplicates Manager" to compare one playlist against the rest of the library or another playlist, and return all tracks that meet the duplicate criteria where one of the tracks is in the specified playlist.

My specific use case;

I have a folder which contains a bunch of individual tracks I call "Separates." These are tracks which are not part of a specific album, because they came form other sources like YouTube, individual purchases over the years, or friends. I use it as a sort of shopping list when I look for new albums. I would like to compare an auto-playlist containing these files, to the rest of my library, or another playlist to check for duplicates.
I envision a playlist that contains only duplicates where one of the duplicate tracks is part of this "Separates." This way, I could compare tracks from "Separates" to the other tracks. I would then either delete the file from separates, or rename it because it is a different remix, or version. As long as I'm wishing, it would be cool if it could be incorporated into an auto-playlist. I'm perfectly happy with creating a new static playlist every time.

With the current Auto-playlist options, I can get to the point where I have a list of duplicates which are "Separates," but I really miss the other tracks from the rest of the library in the same list.

Hopefully, that came out as clear as it is in my head.

Questions / Re: ASIO Problems
« on: January 03, 2017, 01:33:03 PM »
Man those are frustrating issues. :-X

I can't really help directly, because I'm still too new, but I am a troubleshooter by trade. Here are some things to think about to help track it down;

What type of file is playing when the problem occurs? (Flac, Mp3, etc.) Does it happen on the same track everytime? Is this an auto-playlist, or static? Other applications running on the computer? Background process on the computer triggering when the issue happens? Reboot? File Corruption? (If it happens with the same file.)

There's a pattern in there somewhere. You'll find it eventually. Good Luck!

Because of the way MM was designed, it would separate the matches by groups. I don't think that would work in Music Bee, but if it can be incorporated as an auto playlist, it becomes a bit easier to manage. You wouldn't have to manage a static playlist to keep track of where you left off; If it's in the list, it needs to be addressed. Handy if you have more than a handful to work through.

I'll work on making an official request in the Wishlist. I want to make sure I word it well, and I have to go to work, now.

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