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 I just gave MediaMonkey 5 alpha a quick testrun. (and a short one, it's a dev. version and still extremely buggy) While it's recomendable to see the way they are taking new approaches, I am convinced that after MM 5 is released and development of MM 4 stops, a torrent of MediaMonkey users will come running (and crying) to MusicBee. So perhaps he and other developers will also reconsider then.

With all the issues I had with MM4; MM5 seemed pretty solid.  ;D  I agree though, we will definitely see more users here once they release MM5. This is pretty much the only other game in town for people with large music libraries who care about tags.

My .02 FWIW: It will be much easier to write a plugin for the new version. The Good; Lots of plugins. The Bad; Lots of crappy plugins to sort through. The Ugly; They didn't do anything about the database which was the source of all my problems.

Brace yourselves; The Monkeys are coming!

My tags are wildly inconsistent. Some of them have colons, and some have semi-colons as separators. Based on your statement about Colons in 2.3 tags, I figure semi-colons are better separators in general, and it's easy enough to fix in the tags. Also, this way I can actually use colons for album sub-titles.

Just saw the edit; Media Monkey is a strange beast. I would stop using it altogether, but the Discogs tagging plugin is great.
The developer of that plugin has visited the MusicBee forum and showed interest in developing something similar for MusicBee, but he has remained silent for a long time now:

I've actually talked to him on the MM forums, he said he wasn't interested in the amount of work he would have to do to get the same results from MusicBee. The new version of MM is a total rewrite, and he said he wouldn't be porting the script over for the same reason. Not everyone is as awesome as Steven.

Noice! Works perfectly. Thanks!

I'm still going to get rid of all those pesky colons, though.

PM Sent.

Just saw the edit; Media Monkey is a strange beast. I would stop using it altogether, but the Discogs tagging plugin is great. (Well, then again..) I figure I'll have all the damage it's done to my library fixed some day.

Thanks again, hope it helps.

if you are using ID3V2.3 tags on mp3 files, it would be best to avoid using ":" anywhere

Thanks! That seems likely, and easily fixed. Seems like an awesome feature, by the way, if one's tags are consistent.

"Once again, things that could have been brought to my attention several years ago."

It looks like I have a formatting issue as well; I definitely see some inconsistent spacing, and punctuation use. One of the reasons I hate crowd-sourced tags. Not everyone uses the same level of care.

Artist Splitter view of two tracks. The Adam Ant track seems the most egregious offender;

Tag Inspector View for the same tracks.

Mp3tag Extended tags.

TagScanner view of the files.

 I confess that I'm not as experienced with the nuances of tags as I want to be. It is confusing the heck out of my tiny lizard brain. I burn a lot of gray cells at work, and frankly; I'm starting to run out. Sorry if this an obvious one, thanks for your time and patience.

I use the "Involved People" field when I tag my files from Discogs in Media Monkey. (Hate the program, but the Discogs plugin is awesome.) I use a custom tag to show these in MusicBee. Everything is fine in version 3.

I imported some new albums into MusicBee, and now the "Involved People" tag is taking over the Artist field. Suddenly my inbox has things like: <Artist = " Design Concept: Adam Ant"> and <role/ instrument = Art Direction: Adam Ant> (Obviously minus the brackets) I also notice that now I suddenly have a bunch of engineers and photographers listed in my artist field. Many of these are labeled properly; and I really don't want them there, I want them under "Involved People." (or musiciancredits; I want the field searchable, but I don't want to see them as artists.)

Seems like anything tagged with ID3 v2.3 has the issue with weird Artist \ role/ instrument combinations, and somehow I have colons where I should have semi-colons. I did a test, and converted the tags to 2.4 by synchronizing the tags to the database, and now, according to MP3Tag, these are all under "musiciancredits." I'm good with that, but they still show up under artist.

Any ideas on how I fix this? Am I doomed to version 3.0? Open to all suggestions, that don't involve removing tags, or sorting through all 82K files manually. I also want to maintain the tags I've already added by splitting artists manually, so a bulk "Remove anything other than the artist" is out as well.

Thank you, and I look forward to conquering the learning curve.

I have the same issue, except that I don't use Half-stars. I have found two different Auto Playlist settings to work around this;

1.  Single criteria; Match all, and use "Rating," "in range," "one star" to "five stars."

2. Two criteria; Match any, and use "Rating," "is greater than," "one star;" and "Rating," "is," "one star."

This should work the same if you use half stars, just replace "one star" with "half star."

*ninja EDIT. I agree that it would be nice to have a "Greater/Less than or equal to" option, but the "in range" works just as well, if not better. Generally, if I want a "Greater than or equal to" I also set a "Less than" as well. (Or the reverse.) With "in range," I only need one criteria in the auto playlist.

Questions / Re: Getting rid of .cue sheets
« on: February 20, 2017, 02:38:38 AM »
Just before I posted, I upgraded to 3.0.6257.

I am still pretty new to MusicBee, and I am a bit unclear on how to get the latest beta. I'm also not really familiar with how stable the betas are. I'm pretty consistent my backups, so as long as there isn't a major risk, I'm happy to help. Not sure how much help I'd be, though.

Otherwise, It's not a huge deal for me, so I can be patient.

Questions / Getting rid of .cue sheets
« on: February 19, 2017, 09:36:55 PM »
I've run into this before, and I fixed it, but It keeps popping up from time to time, and I'd like to know how to fix it.

I keep the .cue file used to split the original file, in the same directory as the split files. (Mostly because I don't like losing any data. It serves no real purpose.) Everything is fine, unless I have a split file with the same name as the .cue file.

Enigma - Voyageur.cue
Enigma - Voyageur.flac
The original file was called "Enigma - Voyageur.flac." The artist is Enigma, the album is "Voyageur," and there is a track named "Enigma - Voyageur." My file naming scheme is <Album Artist> - <Track>

I've found that in Music Bee, I have all my tracks doubled, because it is reading the .cue, and splitting the file with the same name. (Obviously the duplicates don't play properly.) When I find this, and try to rename the .Cue file, the file is still split. I've rescanned the folder, and even deleted the .cue file, but the split remains in place.

How do I get rid of these "virtual" files without selecting and deleting them from the database? And If I have to delete them manually, why? (How is Music Bee maintaining this information?)

Questions / Re: Artist splitter erasing split artists with Vorbis tag
« on: February 04, 2017, 02:18:14 AM »
PM sent.
Thank you for your patience. It turns out, it was my own fault.

I recall playing with the "Advanced Search and Replace." So I took a look there. I must have selected "Remove all items from multi-item 'Artist' except first one," instead of "Remove all artists from 'Displayed Artist' tag."

I love a good learning curve. On the plus side, I know my backup strategy is fully functional.

Questions / Re: Artist splitter erasing split artists with Vorbis tag
« on: February 03, 2017, 09:54:20 PM »
The External Tag reader agrees with Music Bee. There is no "Guest Artist" field, and the "Artist" and "Display Artist" fields are the same.

I'm confident this isn't a bug, It was working for a while, and I noticed yesterday that it was not working. I can't state exactly how long this has been going on. I upgraded to the latest version as a troubleshooting step.

Should I be looking at configuration issues, or is some kind of corruption more likely? Am I missing some maintenance somewhere? My next step is to test my restore process.

Questions / Re: Artist splitter erasing split artists with Vorbis tag
« on: February 03, 2017, 08:20:25 PM »
Working with an album in my inbox, the Album Artist is "The Runaways" and the Artist is "The Runaways feat. Joan Jett." Using the Column viewer, displaying "Album Artist," "Album," and "Artist." Artist shows the appropriate name. At the beginning of this procedure, The "Artist" colum shows only "The Runaways feat. Joan Jett"

I take the following steps;

1. Right-Click the file, and select "Edit."
    the appropriate windows shows up.
2. Click on the "Artist Splitter" button next to the "artist" field.
    The "Multiple Artist Splitter" dialog box opens as expected.
    The text in the "display artist" box is the same text as the "artist:" box. The "role" is set to "Artist."
3. I click on the "Split" button.
    As expected the "artist:" fields are split, with one box showing "The Runaways," and the other box showing "Joan Jett."
4. I click the down arrow on the drop-down list for "role," and select "Guest Artist" on the line next to "Joan Jett"
    The "display artist" field is not altered.
5. I click the "Update" button.
    I return to the "File Properties dialog box" as expected, and all settings appear correct. The "artist" text box title has a small "plus" next to it denoting that there are multiple values. The text in the box is shaded indicating that it has been changed, but not saved. Clicking on the "Artist Splitter" at this point shows the same status as in step 4.
6. I click "Save" on the files properties dialog box.
    This returns me to the original MusicBee view.
    The "artist" colum briefly shows a third entry, but it returns to showing only "The Runaways," and "Joan Jett & The Runaways"
    When I go back into the properties of the file, the "Artist" field shows only the main artist; "The Runaways" and when I go into the "Artist Splitter" there is no secondary artist shown.
    Checking the tags with a third party application shows no other artist information.

I have no recollection of any changes I have made recently, and I assume that I have made some kind of configuration change that has broken the Artist Splitter.

Since this has started, I have upgraded to the latest MusicBee patch level, and this behavior continues. This happens with Mp3, and FLAC files. I can create screen captures of each step if this is not clear enough. Information in my signature is current.

Questions / Artist splitter erasing split artists with Vorbis tag
« on: February 03, 2017, 10:56:24 AM »
I've realized this has happened with other files, and I've probably lost a good bit of information. I assume that this is a limitation of my knowledge and understanding of how MusicBee works.

I use the "Artist splitter" to pull the guest artist out of the artist field. This seems to work, until I save it. Once I save the tags, the Guest artist disappears. I don't find it in the database, or in the file. The little plus does not show up next to artist to indicate there is more than one artist. The artist field is also updated to show that there is only one artist, having removed the separated "Feat." artist. I can see other values entered in MusicBee using TagScanner.

What am I missing?

I like the concept. I would put the genre categories as columns in the column browser and have no problems playing any genre I wanted, to whatever granularity I want. Way better than using Auto-Playlists to group genres together.
It's very good that you point that out. People might think this would all be some exercise for bored librarians, but I also wish for it to use as a new means to discover music in my library by exploration. Music that otherwise might not be found and 'brought to life' by means of memory, playlists etc.

Exploration has always been my ultimate goal with my library. Basically, I want to be able to find links between the music I like, and music sitting in my library buried in the "Filler" of another album. I envisioned starting with a song I like, and finding a connection to another song, just because I did a search for an involved person to find other albums they worked on. Like a session keyboardist who worked with a country singer, and a heavy metal band.

I got the lists, and they seem like a good starting point. I always tried to keep the main genres extremely limited; Rock, Jazz, Classical, Soul, Rap,  and World. My thought was that as I expanded my interest into a new genre, I would refine those as I needed. (Not much point having an entire main Genre Category dedicated to Reggae, when I only have one album of Bob Marley.) This is a bit of a paradigm shift for me. I'm going to run it around my head for a while, and see if it starts making sense.

No no, I'm on the same side :D I'd love to have a 3 layer genre mapping inside of MusicBee too. What do you suggest though - to have an additional dedicated subgenre metadata field ? I've had a quick play, and as is, one can already multi-cascade genres (i.e. subgenre-> genres -> Genre category [and more/deeper if one would wish from the looks of things...]) as is inside of MusicBee's Configuration.xml too...i.e. and I now have 'Dancehall' as a 'Genre Category', which in turn is grouped under the larger 'Reggae' category as well... and, I've had a file that is exclusively tagged with 'Fast Chat' appear in the 'Reggae' category, passed through the 'Dancehall' genre category definition above. Although interesting (how much this already works, which I would not have expected...), looking at what this produces in some areas in MB, I'm not sure I'm going to go down this route... Is anyone using MusicBee's Configuration.xml in such a way already ? c.

I was not even aware that the configuration.xml could be used to modify MusicBee behavior. I must explore further. Based only on what you have reported, and what I have done with configuration files in the past; I agree with your reluctance to pursue this. It seems like it would cause other strange behaviors that you may not find immediately.

Love the human connections to be made on the internet. It's also nice to have evidence that I'm not the only one.

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