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Bug Reports / Re: bug in version 3.1.6345 - stops working
« on: May 18, 2017, 12:03:48 PM »
problem is there is nothing in the logfile since march 2017.

that´s why i asked how to enable debugging.

but it seems it has nothing directly to do with this new buffering option.
even when i disable the option the same happens. just not after 2-3 minutes, it takes longer then.
but after a few songs are played MB just stops playing.

im back to the earlier version that runs fine.

i have installed 3.1.6345 and activated to buffer the whole song in memory.

MB stops working after some time. songs stops playing. MB becomes unresponsive (stop, play, pause commands don´t work anymore).

i can repeat this error.
when i disable the option to buffer the whole file all works fine.

i see there is a error log option in musicbee but how do i enable debugging?

i run win10 64bit with 24 GB ram.

mhm.... any idea why firefox and chrome play the video then?

i only want to watch the videostream, not sound.

i guess it is possible that it always was that way in IE.
i just changed to wasapi with my latest soundproblems (when coping files over network) a few week ago and normaly i don´t use IE.
so it is possible i just never noticed this behavior with IE.

but why is IE/edge not playing the video at all while firefox and chrome have no problems playing the videos?
i could understand when IE is not playing sound. but why is the videostream black?

normaly i think it is this way:

when you have two videoplayer apps running and sounddevice in exclusive mode, you get sound from only one player.
but both player play the videostream.  i am wrong?

i have updated yesterday to the latest MB fix (3.1.6275).

today i noticed that internet explorer (and edge) is not playing youtube or vimeo videos anymore when MB plays a song.

when a video plays already and i start playing a song in MB the videos immediately wents black.

when i play a song in MB and start IE and try to play a video, i only see the black youtube window and a spinning loading symbol.

when i close MB the video runs again. stop playing a MP3 does not help, i have to close MB and refresh IE.

i have already tried to reset internet explorer to defaults and rebooted... did not help.

chrome and firefox are playing videos fine when MB is running.

don´t know what causes this but i only installed the latest MB version yesterday.

any idea how to fix this?

ps: i thought i may disable the exclusive control in the sound settings but then i get this:

11.03.2017 13:04:26 - 10.0.14393.0 - 3.1.6275.38881 - #=qTkxmKDVk1P_qSPYjlpQsa0bZaLNhZigzFDVn2oGBcHY=: Unable to initialise the output device (error=BASS_ERROR_FORMAT)
   bei #=qOwCCbnzHdvZLPlORL_dHm$urqIYpgBgDxt9wslSFPRM=.#=qT5xdmD8RIqL9eGVeoMCLRQ==.#=qbNQVLZy_fv_EfyRMSPHvHgFi8x5xBwrnMIYVVoeuOhk=(Int32& #=q9NXs9OPeNuJ34wRGJFM_1A==, Int32& #=qeIpKcgLLeINuwMi7ZZHWmQ==)
   bei #=qOwCCbnzHdvZLPlORL_dHm$urqIYpgBgDxt9wslSFPRM=.#=qT5xdmD8RIqL9eGVeoMCLRQ==.#=qRW9aqKSdhGe6vbkJlVgkdA==(Boolean #=qbgxSWK$QsQ0$2VzByHT3dQ==)
   bei #=qOwCCbnzHdvZLPlORL_dHm$urqIYpgBgDxt9wslSFPRM=.#=qT5xdmD8RIqL9eGVeoMCLRQ==.#=qi5XJrPuLVocTbrWmWfqzNg==(Boolean #=qJ9GaAHPC9Q8d8BLv920Rug==)
   bei #=qOwCCbnzHdvZLPlORL_dHm$urqIYpgBgDxt9wslSFPRM=.#=qQKYIyV7voAHMU8drf_FStg==()
   bei #=qOwCCbnzHdvZLPlORL_dHm$urqIYpgBgDxt9wslSFPRM=.#=q8KmS8DCN8AsHRDceqDMT3A==(#=q2sGKCOWdzr_yCzzIDLlQCaIgOLV41iWoOfHZR_U2cZM= #=q2zKV8PkSVhfQkBL6rBkbHg==, String #=qwtWaWxdQyDfjuucDoSrW2Zrwn23UDT1$Axrj6lYw0ok=, #=qiPYSiIg0Dbc4j9d$Ydp5Zg== #=qXpTgYMxlr05Ltk3u$eAB9n_lX8BjbLbIGYkrSARiG6s=, Int32 #=qUKALoZrXO170pup_MD7x_A==, String #=qbKsIeCSaw2ahwS2w6JVfSg==, IntPtr #=qGrdw91eyzN4txKMM4jvLsA==)
   bei #=qMzwKJiDPzFlyeEPPffJBPPzgrkywt7SQ5JldGKUBhTpFp0Yhmxn7k_iqDiL84rV9.#=qO6iuuvSg5qbj3LHT8ixoDBxGL3VlIuAseKQLJgXy1VI=()
   bei #=qwkrVdaPEWx5KtOKiV$DzEeSXAHFA6JVcxImb3wSg_q4_M_Mj9y5gFpLWnMuCiSmH.#=qYE98pDbnlusFSRbyR6TCGQ==()

so i have to enable exclusive control or MB will not play at all (error message : unable to initialise the output device BASS_ERROR_FORMAT).


playing videos work in IE and edge when i set the MB output to "direct sound".... but not when i use wasapi.

Bug Reports / Re: bug with filtered folders that are deleted
« on: March 07, 2017, 09:58:43 PM »
it should and it worked fine for me so i wasnt able to reproduce what you said

you deleted a filtered folder outside musicbee and then deleted the filter entry in musicbee and it worked?

i can reproduce this here with the latest musicbee.... filtered folder will not be be deleted from the panel if they don´t exist on the harddisk anymore.

Bug Reports / Re: bug with filtered folders that are deleted
« on: March 07, 2017, 09:52:23 PM »
I'm pretty sure this is not a bug.
Deleting/moving MB files/folders should always be done from within MB and -not- with File Explorer. Doing it outside MB is asking for trouble (as you saw) since MB has no idea where it went.

well when i press delete in musicbee it should delete the filter entry in musicbee... not?

that i have to create that folder again only so musicbee can delete it is a bit silly. ;)

but it still showed up in the folder panel. even when i deleted it from the folder panel, on the next start it was there again

that musicbee wont find moved files is clear as crystal but in my case it only should remove a folder from the filter list.
but instead it shows a folder that does not exist anymore and ignores my delete command from inside musicbee.

Bug Reports / bug with filtered folders that are deleted
« on: March 02, 2017, 11:16:51 PM »
i have deleted a folder with the windows explorer that i have set as filtered folder in the MB folder panel.

but it still showed up in the folder panel. even when i deleted it from the folder panel, on the next start it was there again.

to get rid of it i had to choose the unfiltered view in MB and i had to create the folder on the harddrive again.
only then i was able to delete the folder in MB (and on the harddrive).

latest MB version.

Questions / Re: what is the best way to store musicbee settings?
« on: February 17, 2017, 01:17:44 PM »
At this point I'm pretty sure you can't save your layout, unless it's stored along with the settings folder

thanks for your answer. but im not sure if i get what you wrote in the quote.

i want to save the UI layout but also all the other stuff i changed in the preferences.

so in case i do a fresh installation i don´t have to do all the tweaking again.
last time it took a good hour until everything was the way i wanted it.

so there is no global settings file that stores all the musicbee related settings?

i am not concerned about downloaded lyrics, artist pictures etc.  just the musicbee settings.

Questions / what is the best way to store musicbee settings?
« on: February 17, 2017, 12:35:50 PM »
what files do i have to backup when i want to save the musicbee settings (interface changes, preferences etc.)?

i spend a lot of time configuring musibee.
how do i best store these settings?

Bug Reports / Re: Playback stutter when coyping files.
« on: February 02, 2017, 07:26:15 PM »
unfortunately wasapi does not fix my problem 100% but it´s better. playing the song i only noticed one glitch.

wasapi log:

direct sound log (heavy audible errors):

Bug Reports / Re: Playback stutter when coyping files.
« on: February 02, 2017, 11:15:19 AM »
i just tried wasapi instead of directsound and ... no errors during filecopy.

then i tried direct sound again... immediately errors.

then i even tried much heavier copying then i normaly, do with musicbee set to wasapi.
from 3 disk on system A to 3 disk on system B at the same time while my backup program was scanning for file differences.
no errors.

Bug Reports / Re: Playback stutter when coyping files.
« on: February 02, 2017, 10:51:03 AM »
@Gothmoth, the bass developer has asked me to get some debug info so are you happy to run a debug version?
- what musicbee version are you using currently?
- and what output mode are you using as set in the Player preferences (eg. DirectSound, WASAPI, ASIO etc)

sure i would do that.

i run the portable version right now (build 3.0.6190).
would prefer if the debug version could be portable too.

i use direct sound and output over my graphicards HDMI connection (970 GTX) to my AV receiver (see picture above).

not sure if ASIO or WASAPI would have any big influence on quality when my external AV is doing all the work and no internal soundcard.
so i choose direct sound but i can switch if you recommend it.

Bug Reports / Re: Playback stutter when coyping files.
« on: January 28, 2017, 11:48:45 AM »
thanks for that.

just to make it clear... i NEVER play audio files over network.

the audio files reside on a local SSD. only other files (photos mostly or 4k video files) are copied too a backup system.
and this copy process is causing the glitches.

Bug Reports / Re: Playback stutter when coyping files.
« on: January 28, 2017, 09:11:10 AM »
For systems used as a professional DAW it is a common advice to change priority to background processes.
I can't give you exact details how and why, but I assume that some Windows low-level audio or timing processes might benefit from it.
It would be worth a try at least, and might help to find the source of this issue that pops up every once in a while for some users.

tried it but did not help.

i recorded the error with my phone and upload it here:

ignore the cracks and pops that´s from my phone. the error is the two repeating sounds.

it´s only a small mp3 file (215kb). i cut it down to the parts where the two errors that happen when i copy files appear.
the first one happens more often. the second longer one happens not that often.

this happend when i copied a 8 GB file from on PC to another over LAN.
it also happens when i copy in the other direction.

please remember that i have set buffering to 30 seconds already and the first error happend a few seconds into the song.

but i have to admit that it happens way more often when i copy over LAN than directly from harddisk to harddidk in a single system.

Bug Reports / Re: Playback stutter when coyping files.
« on: January 27, 2017, 02:35:23 PM »
You could try if it perhaps makes any difference when you set Windows priority to Background services?

System properties > Advanced > Performance > Settings > Advanced > Background services.

you mean for the backup program?

that runs already on below normal priority.
i have set that to low.

but if you mean what i think you mean then i would steal away even more performance from muscibee, not?
i would prioritize all background task instead of applications.

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