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Bug Reports / Re: Global Media Keys not working
« on: March 08, 2016, 08:19:32 PM »
Hi Yakobo15,

Welcome to the forums. First of all you have to know that problems for v2.5 will not be addressed. It's all about v3.0 now. I started using v2.5 about three weeks ago but I'm glad I changed to v3 halfway even if it's a beta. It has it's bugs ofcourse but it also has some very nice extra functionality (not limited to the GUI).

Anyway: why not use the normal (non multi media) hotkey section in MB's hotkey section? I know this is not an answer to your question but it's at least a workaround. If you map a mouse button to a key combination (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+5) en set the same combination in MB to one of the items in the Playback section of the Hotkey prefs, you're done. You can do this for all Playback functions and every possible mouse button.

I realize, if you have those mouse buttons already mapped in otherapps to dedicated "media" functions, you'll have to do some extra work for those apps but I think that's better than using media functions anyway; they are less reliable then normal key combinations IMO.


When I click a folder (in the computer tree) and search it (search box) before the scanning is completed, the scanning will hang (not MB itself).

That pretty much clears it up for me. I guess it's not of much use for me personally in that case.
Thanks for the help Psychoadept.

My question here is specifically about the ticking column in the main panel:

If I remember correctly this can be used to skip files (like when clikcing in the "Playing tracks" panel just before the "#") or am I wrong? (it doesn't skip...).

Also: when dragging some files to the "Playing tracks" panel and  some of them are unticked, they all appear in the Playing tracks (I expected the unticked files not to be queued).

So: if this is not the functionality of the ticking/unticking, what is it? Is it only to be able to "select all unticked files"? (that's the only functionality I can discover here).

Is this behavior (when double clicking the Back & Forward buttons > instant play) intentional?

It's here already since a few versions but I have my doubts about it. It happens quite often, when clicking through the "folder history" (not track history) that the playing track suddenly stops and and one of the folders in the history starts playing. IMO it's not a feature that really adds to the UX (even degrades it if I'm being honest) because most of the time I personally even don't know what's in the history let alone knowing exactly where to double click to start playing a folder. Most importantly I now have to control the pace of clicking to prevent accidental double clicks...

Ofcourse I'm just speaking for myself here; maybe others like this feature? What I really would like is a history list that opens up when right clicking the buttons (like in Internet browsers).

Bug Reports / Re: Tab problems and annoyances are actually a bug...
« on: March 06, 2016, 07:01:18 PM »
Good to hear. That means I don't have to build everything from scratch (I did a lot of customizing). Thanks a lot!

EDIT (1 minute later): You already uploaded the patch. OMG :-) Problem fixed. Wow!
Time for another dollar :-)

Bug Reports / Re: Tab problems and annoyances are actually a bug...
« on: March 06, 2016, 06:38:59 PM »
Thanks Steven, here's a link to my current settings (I'd like to add: if I delete my settings (and startup settings) it's exactly the same).   (expires in 24 hours)

Bug Reports / Tab problems and annoyances WERE actually a bug...
« on: March 06, 2016, 12:55:38 PM »
Hi Steven,

BUG AND (!) ANNOYANCES BELOW SOLVED!!! Thanks a lot again Steven!

I really like the new tab functionality, thanks for that but I just discovered, what started as an annoyance is actually a bug...

First my annoyance: when more than a few tabs are open they get very small/narrow). This degrades the UX a lot (IMO) because I have really no idea what's behind several tabs which renders them almost useless (sorry if I'm being a bit harsh here but that's how I experience it).

Now for the bug:  half of my screen width is now filled with tabs but even if I open up a dozen or so extra, they won't take up more space: the last tabs (even if it's a dozen or more) take up only about 20 pixels space. In other words: they overlap all (!) in the space of about one small folder icon all in the center of the tab bar (with the closing "x" mangled up in it). The plus sign (new tab) also stays exactly center screen from that point on.

It's as if you accidentally designed the whole thing for screens with only half the size of a normal HD screen (1920 wide). I'm not saying that's the case but that's how the tab bar behaves. If you're not abkle to reproduce this bug, I'll gladly provide you a screenshot.

Note: just tried an older v3.0 version and als the latest with a deleted settings file: same results.

original screen size: is 1920px wide, image is resized

Questions / Re: Locking/Pinning Tabs
« on: March 06, 2016, 12:15:48 PM »
Great work Steven! Love it.

Bug below SOLVED thanks to the never ending limitless and superquick efforts of Steven ;-) Man oh man... You're the best!


BUG ALERT (SOLVED):  I just discovered the following: half of my screen width is now filled with tabs but even if I open up a dozen or so extra, they won't take up more space: the last tabs (even if it's a dozen or more) take up only about 20 pixels space all centered in the tab bar. In other words: they overlap all in the space of about one folder icon.

[Just reported this as a bug in the bug forum with a more thorough explanation:]

I started this reply with a complaint about the small tab sizes (when opened about 7 or more text tabs) but that problem seems to be (mainly) due to this bug...

You're kidding me. All within a few minutes time :-) And hey, it's even working ;-)
Thanks a lot.

Hi Steven,

I now see what you did there ;-)

You've changed the whole rectangle dragging behavior into something infinetely better in 3.0! I discovered I now can start dragging just somewhere in empty area (the rating column works nice for this) instead of starting in an ampty area below them (!) like it used to be before I'm using 3.0 for a week now but I wasn't aware of this new behavior.

Great as always! Thanks.

That's weird Steven; I just restarted my PC, disabled all my Autohotkey scripts (ofcourse), patched to 5908 and still the same problem. Deleted the MusicBee3Settings.ini file, restarted MB. Same problem. Tried all old 3.0.xxxx versions, same problem

Version 2.5.xxxx: no problem at all! I get the blue lines that mark the selection rectangle and everything's fine.

I'm on Win7 x64 BTW.

Questions / Re: Launching external applications "dangerous" :-(
« on: March 06, 2016, 09:40:02 AM »
Thanks Redwing: I hope Steven will look into this. For now I wrote an autohotkey script that opens the context sub menu's and moves my mouse pointer to it after a long right click :-)

Thanks Psychoadept: Your tip works with two of my apps so I can still open those via the toolbar without any risk. Great!


It's not possible anymore to select tracks by dragging a rectangle over them (starting at empty space). This applies to the main panel and the "playing tracks" panel.

Questions / Launching external applications "dangerous" :-(
« on: March 05, 2016, 03:03:10 PM »
Hi Steven,

If you forget to select a (few) track(s) and launch an external application via a toolbar button it will open as many instances as there are tracks in the selected folder and it's (sub)folder... (I have subfolders enabled in "manage folders"). This can easily result in a few dozen or even a few thousand (!) instances of the app being opened (if it allows multiple instances). Some apps don't allow this and others open a tab for each file (Soundforge) which also results in a crash and other apps *do* permit this (e.g. Total Commander).

If the "wait" option is unchecked it will open them all at once which causes your computer to crash; I've had quite some crashes when I first stumbled upon this problem and didn't realize what caused it. Only if checked you at least have the possibily to close MB (not a real solution) to prevent "endless" closing of opened programs again and again.

I love the external app option via icons in the toolbar (use them regularly) but I think this is really problematic (that's why I didn't post this in the wishlist forum). Could you please think of a solution to prevent this problem? Maybe there's something I'm missing here?

What are your thoughts on this?

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