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MusicBee Wishlist / Extra tab command: "Close all unlocked tabs"
« on: April 15, 2016, 12:53:04 PM »
Because of a combination of factors (Steven explained this in another thread) it's now often quite cumbersome to close multiple tabs in a row (e.g. by repeatedly pressing the hotkey Ctrl+W). Because the focus often shifts to a pinned tab (and you first have to manually focus the next tab you want to close, etc.).

So: wouldn't it be handy and awesome to have a simple command "close all unpinned tabs"? Yes, it would :-)

Hi Steven,

I can now finally reproduce this bug:

1. Go to a locked Tab (you don't have to do anything else there)
2. Now Double click a folder name (! i.e. not icon or arrow) in the folder tree you haven't double clicked before.
3. (Optional): Goto step 1 to repeat ;-) (but in that case be sure to choose a different folder in step 2 because each folder misbehaves only once!).

Easy as that. The behaviour I was describing occurs everytime you do this: folder opens and immediately closes again.

Thanks Hiccup,

The problem is I can't reproduce it myself: i.e. after it happens it never happens again UNTIL (!) MB is in a particular kind of state but I still don't know what state that could be. I think it only happens if I return to MB after I let it sit for a while (?), maybe only after the HD spun down (?) or some other (non) event? I really don't know. I have no issues with my mouse and particularly the fact it only happens after [...??] makes me think it's some kind of bug.

So thanks again for spending time with this but I don't consider it a real problem, it's just a tiny bit annoying, that's all.

No I didn't. I can even reproduce a double click and > 8px movement in between the clicks quite easily (without dragging ofcourse; I'm old, but not thát old :-) but even that results in the folder ready to be renamed and not in the behaviour I was describing (opening and closing).

I still consider this a bug but like I said: no problem because it's such a tiny one. Thanks.

Hi Steven,

I have to disagree about the behavior you're describing: if I *would* click not fast enough, something else happens (mind you: I always double click on the folder name and not on the folder icon): in that case the folder can be renamed but that's not what happens, so yeah, I certainly don't agree and I still think it's a bug but I respect your decision.

Questions / Close tab: what's the logic in tab focus after closing
« on: April 13, 2016, 05:48:24 PM »
Can someone tell me what the logic nowadays is behind closing a non-pinned tab with regard to the change/shift of the tab focus?
What I mean is this: quite often after a tab close the focus shifts to a pinned tab (instead a neighbouring non-pinned tab) and if I'm not mistaken this used to be not the case in previous 3.0.xxxx versions.

In other words: often it's not possible anymore to close a bunch of neighboring non-pinned tabs by just repeatedly pressing Ctrl+W

A tiny bug since numerous 3.0.xxxx versions:

"The first time" (after what? I don't know), when I double click a folder in the tree it opens and within a fraction of a second it closes again. After that I can open it without any problem. I still don't know how to reproduce it. MB must be in a certain "state" for this to happen. It happens quite regularly but not often (a few times a day) but, like I said, after it happened everything is fine for quite some time.

Bug Reports / Re: Songs playing twice at the same time
« on: April 13, 2016, 01:51:53 PM »
I also have this problem not necessarily when skipping tracks however but when my HD is not spinning and I click one or two times to many on a track the exact same thing sometimes happens. Well, at least that's what I think is the situation but it happens quite rarely so I'm not perfectly sure.

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Spectrum Visualizer faster refresh rate.
« on: April 10, 2016, 01:07:25 PM »
That's what I expected. You're not experiencing a low frame rate (15fps is quite snappy BTW as you can see in the video in my post above) but you're experiencing a much longer delay (yes, a delay!) due to the use of Direct Sound.

Please read my reply above (which starts with "I suspect users mentioning this might actually confuse the refresh rate with the delay." (including the tiny movie that demonstrates that 15fps is quite fast in itself) and also this topic:

Please +1 the following topic in the wishlist (I made for this purpose):

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Spectrum Visualizer faster refresh rate.
« on: April 10, 2016, 08:19:40 AM »
Hi Gravymix,

Do you use DirectSound or WASAPI as output?

I have no answer to your first bug but you could troubleshoot by narrowing it down using the 50/50 method.

Uncheck the D partition to begin with (in MB tree > choose filtered folders) and create a new TEST folder on D and check that one (if that's not possible because it crashes in the first place, just close MB first and move your music to a different folder; ofcourse you have a backup of everything I presume, just to be sure. Use a portable MB, very handy. Well, do it your way but that's just a tip).

Then, copy (or move) half of your music content to that folder. Try it and see what happens. After that you either add or remove (in case of a crash) half of the folder until you found the culprit. If you do this the right way, it's a very efficient method and you will find the problem probably within 10 minutes or so.

This also happens with HDD's. I never considered this to be a bug (just bad behavior :-) but who knows, maybe it is...
It ís a bit annoying though so if this can be fixed that would be nice.

Regarding your second bug: did you check the checkbox?

So yeah, the title says it all: I would welcome a compensation for the delay when using the visualizer and the waveform cursor when using DirectSound and WASAPI

Thanks Steven.

I already tried WASAPI earlier with the same results so there's not much left except ASIO (but I'm afraid with ASIO I will have other problems with other sound output like my browser's or media player classic; I once used this PC also for my music production (I now use a laptop for that) and I remember I had to constantly switch between ASIO and "default audio").

I guess most of you guys are using MotherBoard sound or a sound card... I'm using a DAC so I guess that's why my choices are limited.

So yeah, I will put this on the wishlist but if you or someone else have other tips, please feel free to share :-)

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