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Hi Steven,

Since the 3.0.59xx version I downloaded about 2-4 weeks ago (apr. 16th or maybe apr. 8th, I'm not sure about that but probably it's somewhere in between 3.0.5950 and 3.0.5941), MB suffers sometimes from GUI corruption at the top and the bottom (app. 70 pixels high, full screen width). This happens after I switch to MB (it's already open). In those areas the content of the program I was switching from, shows up in MB (hope I can make myself clear; English is not my native language).

E.g.: I'm in Firefox. I switch to MB (ALT TAB or whatever method) and then I see parts of Firefox in those top and bottom areas.

NOTES: No changes to my PC (same drivers etc.). It's not dependat of the program I'm switching from. Happens about once or twice a day. ALT TABBING a few times does NOT fix it but minimizing and restoring DOES!

Hi Steven,

I always had this problem with MB starting with a v2.5xxxx version.. Just tested 2.5.5721 to be sure and indeed: same snippets.
Also when connecting to my HDMI out > Television (NVIDIA HD Audio) instead of my usual DAC.

All with DirectSound (and hiccup uses ASIO).

It also happens when I play a song, then stop it, and after a few seconds start that same song again.
Same for me.

Bug Reports / Re: Same track playing twice (with small delay)
« on: April 26, 2016, 08:55:54 PM »
Thanks Steven. In use now. I will send you the data as soon as it happens again.

P.S. I'm not using ASIO like hiccup does but Direct Sound and an external DAC (default buffer time).

When I double click on a different track, just before that track starts playing I hear a snippet of the previous track (from the buffer I presume) which is quite annoying (no offence, just saying :-). Is it possible to suppress this one way or another myself? (I guess not...).

@Steven: If not, is it possible for you to incorporate this in the software? (if so, I will place this question on the wishlist). Thanks.

Bug Reports / Same track playing twice (with small delay)
« on: April 26, 2016, 07:57:42 PM »
v3.0.5959 and earlier

Sometimes a track plays twice with a short delay (few hundred milliseconds) between "them/it". I still have no idea how to reproduce this although I have a hunch it only happens after my HDD wakes up (still not sure about that). It's not when skipping songs (like in a previous post about this issue) but if it happens it's right after I double click a track in the main panel to start playback. I have to restart the track to fix it (pause/play is not sufficient). To get an idea about how often this happens, I would say it happens once every other day (twice today).

I found another older (unanswered) bug report here:

(no, there's nothing wrong with my mouse ;-) like someone suggested last week when I discovered the "locked tab > double click in computer tree on folder name > opens and closes the folder"-bug).

Bug Reports / Small bug: saving EQ preset widens the EQ window
« on: April 22, 2016, 12:40:56 PM »
This bug is quite old (at least a couple of months). Still here in latest 3.0.5954

It's only a very small bug: saving an EQ preset widens the EQ window about 180px. This happens with each save so after saving a couple of different presets, you'll end up with a very wiiiiiide EQ window  and the import and reset buttons disappear from view when having the window aligned to the right side of the screen. Closing and re-opening fixes it.

Questions / Re: Launching external applications "dangerous" :-(
« on: April 20, 2016, 08:21:40 AM »
Thanks Steven. Great!

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Extra tab command: "Close all unlocked tabs"
« on: April 18, 2016, 03:14:34 PM »
Thanks Redwing but:

- I don't have a middle mouse button (I have a logitech mouse with a "freewheel": pressing that toggles freewheel mode, so no middle button for me..)
- I wrote an Autohotkey script which closed all unlocked tabs but because of some changes in MB that doesn't work anymore.

HOWEVER: your tip gives me the idea to change my script! I'll let you know if it works ;-)

EDIT: Yeah, thanks again because I changed my script and it works: it now waits for me to click on the first unlocked Tab and then it closes all the unlocked tabs by sending a bunch of Middle mouse buttons :-)

BTW: I meant "unlocked" tabs instead of "unpinned".


Partial navigation is not suitable in my setup (I tried it to be sure) but thanks again for the feedback!

Thanks for taking the time to reproduce it and to reply.

I totally understand your decision; I know how hard it sometimes can be to fix a simple bug and in some cases you just have to leave a bug as-is if it's something (like this) that is just a small annoyance.

Sorry for not being clear: I indeed was referring to computer folders and navigation lock.
Well, your answer is clear and I guess it's a matter of different opinions about the UX. So, let's agree it's not a bug  :-) No problem. Thanks anyway.

Sometimes I end up with lots of tabs that don't close in a logical fashion (already started a topic about that which you answered) but it's only now that I discovered the reason behind this. It was because of testing another bug that this problem occured repeatedly:

1. Click a pinned tab
2. Double click on a folder name in the tree
3. A new tab opens (why not refresh the one that was active before step 1?)
4. Rinse and repeat and you'll end up with a whole series of tabs

So now consider the following (normal behaviour):

1. Double click on a folder name in the tree
2. The active tab refreshes
3. Rinse and repeat and no new tabs are created

So: is what happens in the first example a bug or is this by design?
You see: I would expect the last active tab (the one that was active before I clicked on the pinned tab) to refresh instead of a new tab being created.

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