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I noticed the tree folders  in the left sidebar can not be expanded or collapsed anymore by using the arrow keys on a keyboard. Is this intentional or, if not, is there a possibility this will get fixed? I've written an autohotkey script to collapse the entire tree within a few seconds, run by clicking an app-icon in MusicBee's great (!) toolbar (worked really nice in 2.5.x) but I can't use that anymore and I really miss a "collapse all" option in MusicBee. Apart from that I think it's a plus if collapsing and expanding of folders always can be done with the keyboard from a UX point of view (this is possible in most Windows programs).

Something else: typing the first letter of a folder name brings you to the next folder starting with that letter only once. In 2.5.x you could type again and again for the next folders.

My gut feeling says those losses in functionality are not intentional but some kind of bug (?) or consequences of certain GUI changes...

Another (minor thingy) I noticed: the "line height" of folders in the tree is larger because there's 1 or 2 pixels extra padding above/below the folder icons. Is there something I can do about this? (I already have a small font but the folder size seems to prevent a smaller line height).

If you right click the browse "back" of "forward" buttons you now get the context menu (like when you click in the toolbar itself).
I think it would be very helpful if a right click gives you a list of the "steps" history (e.g. the last 15 or so) just like in browsers like Firefox, IE or Chrome (not to be confused with MusicBee's track history)

Thanks for the reply Steven! It's not a problem anymore since I started using auto-playlists; those are very powerful and much more handy to use (auto update).

MusicBee is new to me (after years of using WinAmp+MEXP) and I've been quite busy the past few days to customize it and finding the workflow that best suites me.
Thanks for this great piece of software!

Thanks Redwing but It's not about "Exported playlists" but "External Playlist" (Right click track > Send to > Playlist > External PLaylist.
I'm not using a library so it's not about importing but just showing the contents of a folder with a playlist in it (.m3u indeed) in the folder tree.

You made it clear to me (in another post) it's of no use to post v2.5.xxxx bugs so it's not really important anymore (although I don't know if this bug occurs in v3). I'll try v3 today.

Version: 2.5.5721

When I create an external playlist (from within MusicBee) and save it in a folder it gets "invisible" after refreshing the folder tree (F5) and also after restarting MusicBee. It only shows up again after closing MusicBee, renaming the folder (in a file manager), and restarting MusicBee again but a restart after that (or refresh of the tree) will make it invisible again, etc.

Thanks Steven but are you sure? According to the manual (see below) and according to my findings, "OR" *is* supported and is the equivalent of +  Not only is it mentioned in the manual: it doesn't matter if I use OR or +, they both do the same and they both work when searching within "title" e.g. but not in said "URL"...

I quote form the manual:
"To include tracks by different artists, one can type in Philter OR Sadistik or "Machinae Supremacy" + "We Are)"

I stumbled upon the following bug in Version: 2.5.5721 (Note: read all the following examples without quotation marks):

I have one folder containing 3 tracks with the word "fantasy" in the URL (i.e. the Path) and 4 tracks with the word "sonata". I search by using the Search box and search in the field "URL" and search only the said folder.

- If I search for "fantasy" I get the 3 results one would expect.
- The same goes for "sonata": 4 results.
- However: if I type "fantasy OR sonata" I get NO results while 7 results are expected.

If I search in another field (e.g. "title"), this bug does not occur. So it is specific for the "URL" field but it also occurs when combining "URL" with other fields like "title"

First of all: Thanks a lot for this sublime music player!

My question: I'd like to search (using the search box) in only the filename + title. Is this possible?

The problem is this: I don't want to "Search all fields" so I have to choose "Search specific fields" and choose title but in that case the filename is not searched and I can not choose filename as a specific field. Am I missing something here or is this really not possible?

I can't use "custom search" because that doesn't search in "computer" folders (I only use MusicBee folder based and don't use Libraries or Playlists).

EDIT: I think I've found a workaround: in "Search specific fields" I have to choose title + URL (!) because URL is the path and includes the FIlename... This is not a real answer to my question but in most cases it works.

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